10 Gallon Fish Tank – 6 Tips & information

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Let us start with the obvious, why would anyone need a fish tank?

We don’t like being kept captive, so we shouldn’t expect the fish to like it either. But on the flip side is that an aquarium helps preserve some of the distinct types of fish that are in danger of extinction or the ones that are very rare and don’t occur on many rivers and streams naturally. 

The reason why anyone would want to invest in a 10gallon fish tank is simple; some people love to keep fish as their hobby and will thus make sure that everything that the fish needs is provided for in the tank. An aquarium is also a good way to enhance the look of your living room and lastly is that aquariums offer therapeutic benefits to both the children and older people.

Benefits of a 10-gallon fish aquarium 

For a while now it has been known that pets such as different species of dogs, and cats do have therapeutic effects on their keepers. Dogs especially are considered man’s best friend because they can be trained as service dogs or for security purposes such as the sniffer dogs.  Fish are no different and have thus been found to be of great health benefit to human beings some of which are discussed below. 

Calming kids

We all know how hysterical kids tend to get sometimes and absolutely nothing can calm them down, but if you have a fish aquarium in the house and one that has the friendly type of fish that come to meet people at the glass window then you are lucky because they could help calm a child, due to the fish’s playful nature. 

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Anxiety reduction 

A 10-gallon fish tank will help reduce anxiety and stress, they have the ability to suck your mind in with their beauty. Remember this size of a fish tank has the capability of holding a wide variety of fishes including the schooling fish. The colorful fish and the rhythmic synchronization of the schooling fish combined with the bubbles produced therein, helps release the mind of stress and offer a calming feel.  

Offer therapeutic effects 

Have you ever been to a doctors office and noticed a fish tank, well it is not there for beauty only but rather for therapeutic purposes. An aquarium is believed to release stress and pain, watching the fish as they move from one point of the aquarium helps in pain reduction. What happens is that the view takes your mind off the pain, and once it’s off the mind then it becomes bearable. 

The gurgling sounds in the aquarium have also been found to have therapeutic effects on agitated patients. 

Helps in creating a pleasant mood, reduces the heartbeat and lowers blood pressure

Just by watching the fish in the aquarium there are high chances that your heartbeat will go back to its normal pounding rate as you become calmer. What’s more, is that your moods will change and become more pleasant and if you find the friendly fish or the fighter fish then you can be sure that your day will end with a smile or even better a giggle. 

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6 Tips for Your 10 Gallon Fish Tank 

Before choosing a fish tank there are some basics that you have to put in place, the first one being the space that you have planned to store your fish tank, and whether the type of fish that you have in mind will comfortably fit in the gallon tank with all its requirements met. Remember some types of fish do well in 2-gallon tanks. 

1. Equipment for your 10-gallon tank 

A water heater is necessary for the dwellers of your aquarium, therefore, when shopping for a heater check for the manufacturer’s recommendation as they normally indicate the type of aquarium that they would be best for. Lighting is also necessary for the aquarium dwellers, they are thus made to suit different size tanks so, check for one that has been made to precisely fit the 10-gallon tank. 

Filtration for an aquarium is a must and you will thus be required to invest in one, a hang on the back filter is one of the most utilized filters. Besides most aquariums filters stay on the entire time of the day and night, as it helps in removing the unwanted excess food, the free-floating particulate, fish waste products, the decaying organic matter and the dangerous chemicals from the tank. 

2. Glass or Acrylic 

The advantages of the glass tank out weight that of the acrylic tank in more ways than one. For example, a glass tank is scratch proof, so you don’t have to worry about it being unclear because of too many scratches. A glass aquarium tends to be much cleaner than the one made from acrylic material; this is because acrylic attracts scum and at times forms a yellow buildup, especially when exposed to the sun. 

3. Stocking tips for your 10-gallon fish tank 

So we want the fish in our 10-gallon tank to interact and live happily with enough space, this therefore, means that you have to invest in the small-sized pet fish. A 1 or a 2-inch fish will suffice for a 10-gallon fish tank. The most likely candidates for your tank, therefore, are the guppies, the dwarf corydoras, the Neon Tetras and the Shrimps. 

4. Purpose of the fish tank

How you want to set up your tank directly relates to the purpose that you want to use the tank, this is because the tanks are used for different purposes, first we have the grow-out tank that is usually used by the smaller fry, we have the planted tanks that contain plants only, the breeding tank and the species tank. What’s more, is that the above require different setup practices. 

Planted tanks tend to require gravel, substrate and lighting, a breeding tank on the other hand, requires spawning mops, and some fish species do need substrate for effective breeding while others require enough plants for the hatched fry to hide in. Plants in an aquarium are necessary for egg-laying, because there are some types of fish that will attach their eggs on the underside of leaves. 

5. Cycling the fish tank 

When setting up your aquarium remember that cycling is the most important process, as it ensures that your fish live a fulfilling life in captivity. Besides there are  a lot of toxic waste that occurs in the aquarium, some from the fish and others from the floating particulates or the food particles. The accumulation of waste therefore, leads to an increase in ammonia that is detrimental to your fish’s health. 

Water cycling will therefore, help get rid of excess ammonia in water thus make the environment conducive for your fish and other aquarium animals to thrive. 

6. Adding fish to your 10-gallon fish tank

Remember after cycling your tank especially if it is still new, you don’t just get all the fish that you have been admiring and dump them inside the tank. You have to first check on the water temperature whether it is favorable to the type of fish that you want to add, you will then turn off the lights and acclimatize your fish to the tanks water parameters then you can use a net to transfer them to the aquarium.

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