6 Cat Breeds That Dont Shed

cat shedding

If you want a cat that isn’t high maintenance in terms of grooming and shedding, there are plenty of options.

The more time you spend learning about some of these breeds, the better of a decision you will be able to make.

Each of these cats has its own unique set of characteristics.

1. Donskoy


The Donskoy or Don Sphynx is not completely hairless but rather has a razor thin layer of down hair. These cats come from Russia and offer a charm and personality that you won’t find with any other breed. It is capable of dealing with the heat by sweating. These animals are like mini breathing furnaces. They are perfect to cuddle up with.

Rubber Bald Donksoys are bald from the time they are a kitten, whereas the Flocked variety just has an extremely short coat. 

There is also the Velour, which has a thin coat that is virtually come by the time they are two years of age. The Brush Donskoy has wavy fur and loses a significant amount of its hair over time.

These cats tend to be very affectionate, though they don’t get along great other cats. They love to interact with people and don’t do well when left alone for long periods.

2. Peterbald


The Peterbald also comes from Russia. It is the result of selective breeding between the Oriental and Don Sphynx Cats. These cats have a dominant bald gene, which is just one of the many interesting things about them. This basically means that just one of their parents must pass on the gene for it to be completely bald.

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There are different types of these cats, including the Flock, which has very short down hair like peach fuzz. The Velour also has short hair that is five millimeters long at the most. The Brush coat variety has hair that ranges from 5 to 15 millimeters in length. Finally, the Straight Coat has a regular coat.

Peterbalds are very loving animals that make for great overall pets. They are also known for their remarkable intelligence. You will always find these cats snooping around curiously through your home. They tend to be very vocal as well. Don’t be surprised if you get woken up by their affectionate yowling once in a while.

3. Devon Rex


The Devon Rex has extremely short hair that is also incredibly fragile. Grooming is not only unnecessary, but also potentially harmful to these cats. They typically weight less than 8 pounds and come in a variety of colors, including cream, white, black blue, champagne, seal, lavender, cinnamon, chocolate, fawn, red, brown, and frost.

This is a great breed for those who are allergic to cats. They have a triangle shaped head and pointy ears that kind of make them look like a feline elf. These cats are high-energy, which means they are always jumping and bouncing around.

If you get one of these cats, you will need to give it lots of attention on a daily basis. They do well with other cats and even dogs in most cases. Some of these cats don’t have any hair at all on certain parts of their bodies due to self-grooming.

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4. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a medium-size cat that weighs anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds, depending on if it is male or female. These cats can be white, black, solid white, blue, lilac, cream, or even red. They have extremely short coats that very rarely shed.

You can expect one of these cats to live anywhere from 15 to 18 years, making them excellent long term companions. This is due to the fact that they aren’t prone to many health problems at all.

The generally sociable nature of the Japanese Bobtail makes it a great pet for almost anyone. It tends to get along very well with children and other pets. You might notice that this cat acts more like a dog a lot of the time, wanting to play fetch and even go for walks.

While this cat has a bit of a silly personality, it is a lot of fun to own. This is definitely one of the best non-shedding cats you will ever find.

5. Oriental


The Oriental is essentially a Siamese cat but with a completely unique coloration and different color eyes. These cats have short coats with a nice glossy sheen that require very little maintenance. They are also known for their sharp green eyes that have an interesting oval shape.

You can expect this cat to be very playful and engaging on a daily basis. It will most likely want to play with you a lot. They don’t do very well when left alone for long periods. If you are gone for most of the day, you should consider getting your Oriental a companion.

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6. Bengal

Bengal 2

The Bengal cat resembles its wild African counterparts, sporting a very short spotted coat with some striping on the legs and tail. These cats love to follow their owners around wherever they go and are extremely curious creatures. Don’t be surprised if you look down while brushing your teeth, only to find them staring up at you inquisitively.

This cat is incredibly agile and fast, leaping up onto high surfaces in a single effortless bound. They can weigh anywhere from 11 to 13 pounds and have green, yellow or even bluish eyes.


  • The Donskoy is a completely hairless cat that gets along very well with other cats as well as children.
  • The Peterbald comes from Russia and has four different varieties, most of which have very short coats.
  • The Devon Rex doesn’t really shed at all, and in fact you shouldn’t even try to groom it.
  • The Japanese Bobtail tends to have a silly personality and live for a long time, making it an excellent long term companion for just about anyone.
  • The Oriental cat has a very unique overall appearance with green oval-shaped eyes and a glossy coat that is extremely low maintenance.
  • The Bengal cat also has an interesting look that is very similar to its wild counterparts. It has short fur that rarely ever falls off.