Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? Do They Shed a Lot?

Are French Bulldogs hypoallergenic Do they shed a lot

No, the French Bulldog is not a hypoallergenic breed of dog. They don’t shed very much, but they do shed more twice a year when they change their coats.

 But they do produce too much dander for a person with allergies to have them in their home. French Bulldogs are the toy version of the Bulldog family.

Are French Bulldogs Hypoallergenic? 

The French Bulldog is a cute miniature version of a bulldog and one of the nine Bulldogs in the Bulldog family. They are a very popular small dog, but people with allergies must not have this dog in their home. French Bulldogs are non-hypoallergenic, and their dander and fur will trigger the allergies of anyone who has issues with pet dander. 

If an animal has too much pet dander, then that means they are not hypoallergenic, and they are unsuitable for people who have medium to severe allergies. It is pet dander that triggers allergies and not the fur itself.

But an animal’s fur can contain skin flakes that carry pet dander. Animals that produce very little pet dander are hypoallergenic. There is no animal that is 100% hypoallergenic because all animals produce pet dander. 

Fortunately, bulldogs are not a family of dog that sheds a lot of their fur, but you will have to clean up their excess fur during the spring and fall months.

Characteristics of a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are a popular toy dog breed in America and in Europe. Their tiny stature and adorable squished-in faces are irresistible to many people who prefer small dogs. The French Bulldog is practically irresistible when they are a puppy, and many people adopt them at this stage.

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Since the French Bulldog is a companion dog, they must stay in the presence of humans. But having other dogs as their companion will work as well. The French Bulldog is a perfect dog for people who work at home or who are home all day.

french bulldog blue puppy


Although they may be cute and cuddly, French Bulldogs have a high amount of genetic diseases. In fact, all Bulldogs tend to be genetically predisposed to serious diseases like cancer and breathing problems. For French bulldogs, they have ear infections regularly issues and diarrhea and skin problems as well.

Like the American Bulldog, the French Bulldog lives around nine years. They have a shorter lifespan than other toy size dogs, who tend to live around 14 to 15 years.

Do They Shed a Lot?

Like other Bulldogs in the family, their French Bulldog does not shed very much. They are simple to take care for as long as the presence of fur does not aggravate a person’s allergies. They can be brushed several times a week, but in order to keep their coats soft, it is good to brush your dog every day. Brushing also helps catch any loose fur strands that are about to fall off.

Twice a year, usually during the fall in the spring, their shedding increases because they are growing in their new coats and preparing for either the winter or the summer. You may need to check your furniture and bedding for extra during these times.

Advice for People with Mild Allergies

Because of their short fur and light shedding, people with mild allergies may be able to have the French Bulldog as a pet. As long as their caretakers brush them every day and clean their brushes to remove the dander, their french Bulldog should not aggravate their allergies.

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french bulldog and the gierl

It is also an excellent idea for people with allergies to regularly bathe their dogs. Bathing a dog not only keeps them cleaning removes the dirt from their fur, but it will also break down excessive pet dander. Pet dander is a substance that grows on every animal’s body. Whenever a person is allergic to an animal, it is because they are allergic to their dander. There is no method to cut down on the amount of dander and aloe produces. It is made from either their skin, or it is a component of their fur. 

Another way you can lower the amount of fur that a French Bulldog sheds is if you cloth them. The clothes should not be tight or loose. Animal clothes should be able to stay on their body without rolling up or causing them to trip. The clothing will help catch any loose fur.

Alternative Hypoallergenic Dogs

If a person has a French Bulldog, they will never be alone again. These dogs are lovable, love to sleep, and enjoy being with there aren’t or with other dogs. But if you have allergies to an animal dander, then this is not the right dog for you. But there are many other toy dogs that are hypoallergenic and just as friendly. 

Here are a few hypoallergenic dogs:

  • The Brussels Griffon – with a cute little face all its own, this shaggy dog has a very soft coat and is bursting with energy. They love to be around other people or other dogs, and they do not shed much fur.
  • The Shih Tzu dog – with the name meaning Little Lion, the Shih Tzu dog is one of the cutest toy dogs in the world. They originated from Tibet, and they only weigh around 12 pounds. These dogs can live to 14 years and older if they get plenty of exercise and eat a healthy diet.
  • The Cockapoo – labeled a designer dog, they are the perfect breed of cuddly and energetic. Bread from a poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, the Cockapoo doesn’t shed very much even though they have extremely sick fur.
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  • The French Bulldog is a toy breed of dog that is related to the Bulldog family.
  • There are nine different Bulldogs in the Bulldog family
  • The French Bulldog is not a hypoallergenic dog
  • They do not shed very much, but their fur does fall out a bit more during the changing of the seasons.
  • They’re prone to genetic diseases, ear infections, and conjunctivitis.
  • These dogs are perfect for someone who works at home or stays home all day.