Are Savannah Cats Good Pets?

Are Savannah Cats Good Pets

Savannah cats are very sought after as pets, but few people take the time to learn about them before getting one. 

If you are interested in owning one of these cats, you’ll need to get the facts first. While these cats are certainly beautiful, they can definitely be a handful.

History of the Savannah Cat

The Savannah Cat is a hybrid breed that was created by combining African servals with the domestic shorthair. There are also ocicats as well as the Egyptian Maus tied to this breed, going back thousands of years.

The primary goal of creating the Savannah cat was to introduce a breed that resembled the serval while still retaining characteristics of domestic cats. F1 Savannahs have direct serval lineage, while F2s only have a serval for a grandparent. These classifications are important to consider when looking for this type of cat.

Consider Your Experience Level

Those who have never even owned a cat before should probably not get a Savannah. The fact is that these cats can be challenging for even experienced cat owners. They retain much of their wild instincts, so you need to have a good amount of experience to deal with them properly. If you have spent a lot of time training cats in the past, you might be able to handle a Savannah.


Savannah cats are outgoing, mischievous creatures that definitely keep their owners entertained (but not always in the best way). They love attention and are very affectionate overall.

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The hyperactive nature of these cats can make them difficult to live with at times. This is definitely not the kind of cat that is going to be content curled up on your lap. You can expect it to run and jump all around the house throughout pretty much the entire day on a consistent basis.

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While Savannah cats are very intelligent, training them can pose a bit of a challenge. These cats are known for being very stubborn, and their wild instincts don’t help at all. This is one of the major reasons that you should rethink getting this kind of cat if you don’t have lots of experience with training these animals.

With a lot of patience and consistent efforts, you can get your Savannah to understand numerous commands. It is crucial that you avoid negative reinforcement, which includes yelling at them. You might be surprised at just how effective some delicious treats can be when training your feline friend.


The short coat of the Savannah cat means that you won’t have to deal with constant grooming. This also means that shedding isn’t much of an issue either. Even some people who are allergic to cats will find that they can keep this breed without any problems.

If you let your Savannah outside sometimes, you will most likely have to groom a bit more. Your cat’s coat will naturally become more matted and tangled as a result of being exposed to the elements. You should, however, be able to groom them yourself at home without any help from a professional.

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Are Savannah Cats Good with Children?

The gentle nature of the Savannah cat makes it a good choice for people with kids. It is important to keep in mind that the younger you introduce your cat to children, the better they will get along with them.

You will want to keep a close watch on your kids when they are playing with the cat, especially if they are still small. While these cats are not inherently aggressive, their wild instincts can take over very quickly. You’ll, therefore, want to instruct your kids on how to interact with the cat.

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Some of the best things about owning a Savannah cat include:

  • They are beautiful: The unique and exotic aesthetic of this cat is one of the main reasons they are sought after by so many all over the world. There is simply no other feline breed on the planet that looks like this one.
  • Playful demeanor: If you want the playfulness of a dog but without all the barking, this cat breed is a great choice. These cats absolutely love to play with their owners.
  • Laid back personality: A lot of people who own Savannah cats often describe them as being laid back. This is partially because they get along so well with most people and other animals.
  • Loyal: You will be hard pressed to find another cat breed that is quite as loyal as this one. If you want a devoted long term feline companion, you can’t go wrong with a Savannah.


You’ll also want to consider some of these potential drawbacks of owning a Savannah:

  • They can get big: The average Savannah cat grows to anywhere from 14 to 20 pounds and 14 to 16 inches long. These cats are fairly big when compared to other domestic breeds.
  • They are stubborn: These cats are also known for being quite stubborn, which can be extremely frustrating at times.
  • Not great for small pet owners: If you have any hamsters, gerbils or other small furry pets, you’ll want to think twice about getting one of these cats.
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  • The Savannah cat is a combination of servals and domestic shorthair. This cat also has ancient ancestors that go back thousands of years to ancient Egypt.
  • Only those who have a good amount of experience owning and training cats should consider getting a Savannah.
  • These cats are incredibly playful and affectionate, but they won’t want to lie down on your lap.
  • The hyperactive nature of Savannah cats can be a bit much for some people.
  • While these cats are very intelligent, their stubbornness can make them challenging to train.
  • The short coat of these cats means that regular grooming is not necessary unless you allow them to go outside.
  • Even some people who are allergic to cats can keep this breed.
  • Savannahs are great with children, but it is important to introduce them when they are still young.
  • Many people love the loyal and playful demeanor of these cats, but they can get fairly large.
  • If you own hamsters or other small furry pets, a Savannah cat might not be a great choice.
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