Basic Lizard Care Guide & Info

green lizard

Pets make great companions! Life gets interesting when you have unique companions.

Out of the diverse options available, Lizards are considered appealing. As they are small and easy to care, beginners feel relatively comfortable. It will undoubtedly be an effortless learning experience. 

When we look into the critical aspects like the habitat, temperature requirements, and food patterns in the right manner, the lizards tend to live longer and healthier with all the joy! Conservation of lizards is considered to a large extent in the world today.

Here is an essential guide that helps you nurture a pet lizard effectively!

Basic Lizard Housing

There are a variety of pet lizards that exist in the world. Before setting up the habitat at home for them, have a word with the pet retailer on the natural environment that they used to exist. This will give you a fair idea!

Generally, lizards stay comfortable in a thick rainforest, especially in the tropical regions. At home, aquariums, in the form of terrariums, serve as a convenient place.

The enclosure should be sufficiently big with proper locking features. The lizards are very energetic and try to escape naughtily anytime! A 20-gallon aquarium is ideal, and to be precise, the size should be twice the maximum length of the lizard species you are purchasing.

Desert lizards feel comfortable on a sand substrate, while woodland species require wood and barks within to get the real-life feel. The arboreal lizards prefer sphagnum moss. Along with this substrate arrangement, additionally, the lizards require places for hiding.

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You can add artificial plants, barks, logs, and other branches for letting them climb hide and enjoy their stay! Ensure to keep the interiors clean and hygienic. Please do not add any toxic materials that harm their natural lifestyle.

There are also some benefits to housing a lizard. Compared to other pets like dogs and others, they do not make any noise. They don’t disturb you unless you go handling them! They do not go into the shedding process seasonally as well. There is no tedious cleaning process to be undertaken at home for your children’s safety. They do not damage any of your belongings anytime. 

Basic Lizard Temperature and Humidity

Lizards require a warm temperature throughout the day. Under tank heater and heat, pads are suggested for consistency. Lizards living in the desert environment prefer 85 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a thermometer to keep checking the temperature regularly. Woodland species need 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit and Lizards from rainforest regions survive in 75 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lizards also need a day and night life cycle pattern. Incandescent bulbs can be used inside the enclosure. An Ultra Violet Bulb is also an imperative necessity. They are necessary for the effective synthesis of Vitamin D. Additionally, basking lights can be placed inside and turned off during the night time. Set a timer and let it switch off and on as desired. 

Basic Lizard Feeding Pattern

Lizards are mainly of three types, namely the herbivores, omnivores, and the insectivores. Each type has specific food habits. Insectivores like feeding on crickets, wax worms, and mealworms. The herbivores kind generally feed on vegetables and fruits.

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They prefer greens carrot, dandelion, papaya and berries. We will have to provide them with feed rich in calcium. Insects can be dusted with calcium powder. The omnivores have a combination of fruits and veggies, along with insects and small animals. They can eat eggs and mice. The feeding time varies based on the species.

Generally, juveniles will be fed three to four times a day while the adults will have to be fed less frequently to avoid excessive fat content. Plan and provide fresh food always. The lizards can eat live crickets easily!


Water is an essential requirement. We will have to fill a shallow dish with fresh water every day. Regularly mist the enclosure to retain the moisture content. The barks, logs, and other branches kept inside should have droplets of water on it always! Some pet retailers suggest a drip system exclusively designed for reptiles that can be kept inside.

When your lizard is not eating or drinking water sufficiently, you can probably check the temperature levels and alter it if necessary. Even if they do not recover, do not hesitate to consult a vet.

Keep inspecting for any irregularities and get sufficient knowledge in this regard. Regular visits can also help in case of any health issues. deworming your lizards at the right intervals, as suggested by the vet, is very important. Do not miss that! 

Handling the Basic Lizard

Lizards are easy to handle and cooperate to a great extent. Newly born lizards and juveniles get stressed on frequent interaction. They get nervous and feel frightened and tend to escape.

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If they try to move away or if you pull them towards you using their tail, they tend to lose their tail. It will grow again with the right temperature provided; however, never look the same. It takes some time for them to get accommodated to the new environment.

The touch and feel of your hands can be uncomfortable initially. However, with frequent soft interaction, they get used to your warmth. Give them sufficient time to get contented with your home and their living environment and then start handling them often.

We have seen how simple and easy it is to captive breed a lizard at home. It will be a fascinating experience as you handle them with care. They get very friendly and feel comfortable in your touch! When all their food and housing needs are accomplished correctly, they stay active throughout their lifetime.

We will have to take immediate action when their eating habits get abnormal. It might be a severe health issue, and the treatment from a vet becomes highly crucial.

Ensure you know the basic features of the breed primarily to maintain their physique and other functionalities. Now that you are complete with the essential knowledge, you can go and enjoy a fruitful tenure with your per lizard. Get one and start nurturing healthily and happily!

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