25 Best Male Dog Names

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Choosing the right name for your male dog can be tricky with so many options.

It is important to select a name that fits perfectly.

25 Best Male Dog Names in 2021

1. Bear

This is a good “tough guy” name that is well-suited to big male dogs like Pitbulls. It communicates strength and courage.

2. Trouble

If you have a dog that always seems to find new ways of getting into trouble, this is a very appropriate name.

3. Moose

“Moose” is another great name for larger dogs that are completely fearless. It can also be a good ironic name for little dogs. Your friends will be sure to find this funny.

4. Shadow

This name has a nice mysterious edge to it, and it’s perfect for dogs that have a dark colored coat. It is a personal favorite of mine, but I am a big fan of the Homeward Bound films.

5. Blue

“Blue” is a classic male dog name that is associated with loyalty. It’s also a good choice for dogs that have a very calm and mellow demeanor.

6. Thor

If you are a big fan of the Marvel Comics character or just want a strong name for your dog, this one is worth considering.

7. Puck

“Puck” is an ideal name for smaller dogs like Scottish Terriers and Jack Russells. It has a playful and whimsical sound that is great for these kinds of dogs.

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8. Copper

If you have a dog that has a light brown coat, “Copper” is definitely a name to think about. It has a naturally masculine sound to it.

9. Charlie

This is a classic name for male dogs. It is a good choice for friendly and affectionate breeds. There is just something wonderfully wholesome about it.

10. Tank

When it comes to strong names for big dogs, you simply cannot go wrong with “Tank”. It is a good choice for any of the giant breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs.

11. Gizmo

“Gizmo” is a very cute name for smaller dogs. It is also a reference to a classic movie with an adorable little pet. Just make sure that you don’t feed him after midnight!

12. Winston

This is a solid name that is ideal for smaller dogs, especially ones from the UK like the English Springer Spaniel. You can tell your friends that it is short for Winston Churchill, but they might think you are a little weird.

13. Ozzy

This is a cute name and a good choice for anyone who likes the rock n’ roll legend. Just make sure that he doesn’t bring the head of a bat into your house after going outside.

14. Chance

If you are a big fan of the popular dog movie “Homeward Bound”, this name should be especially appealing. It is an excellent name for big goofy dogs like Boxers.

15. Apollo

One of the great things about this particular name is that it works well for any dog breed, regardless of size or temperament.

16. Elvis

You can’t go wrong when you name your dog after one of the most talented rock artists of all time. It is also a great choice because it has a nice catchy sound to it.

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17. Harley

This is another name that is good for big dogs with a tough look to them, such as Rottweilers.

18. Bo

Short but sweet, “Bo” is a name that is cute and rolls right off the tongue without any effort whatsoever.

19. Finn

This name has a nice playful sound to it, and it’s one that will always remain cute throughout the years.

20. Rex

This is perhaps the most classic male dog name in existence, but it is quite solid nonetheless.

21. Prince

“Prince” is a very cute name that is great for smaller dogs.

22. Ash

If you have a dog with an ash colored coat, this name is very appropriate and adorable at the same time.

23. Smoky

“Smoky” is a nice timeless name that is excellent for all sorts of dogs.

24. Titus

This name is well-suited to larger breeds that have an overwhelming stature.

25. Wagner

“Wagner” is a nice play on words, but it has a cute overall sound to it as well.


  • “Bear” is a name that is perfect for large breeds, and it exudes masculinity.
  • “Trouble” is very fitting for dogs that are particularly mischievous.
  • “Moose” is another excellent big dog name.
  • “Shadow” works well for almost any dog, but especially ones with a darker coat.
  • “Blue” fits well for dogs that are extremely loyal and devoted.
  • “Thor” is a manly name that is good for big dogs.
  • “Puck” is great for dogs that have an upbeat and playful temperament.
  • “Copper” is well-suited to light brown colored dogs especially.
  • “Charlie” is a name that is perfect for friendly dogs that always look like they are smiling, such as Golden Retrievers.
  • “Tank” is a name that was made for huge dogs that stand tall.
  • “Gizmo” is for cute and cuddly little dogs, especially the fluffy ones.
  • “Winston” is a cute name for small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers.
  • “Ozzy” sounds good for just about any dog.
  • “Chance” is a name that goes well with medium size dogs with floppy ears.
  • “Apollo” has a strong but cute sound to it.
  • “Elvis” has a nice ring to it and is perfect for playful dogs.
  • “Harley” is a tough name that is perfect for the bigger more serious looking breeds like Doberman Pinschers.
  • “Bo” is a short but charming name that works well for just about any dog.
  • “Finn” also has a playful sound, and it is worth considering particularly for smaller breeds.
  • “Rex” is great for bigger dogs and will never go out of style.
  • “Prince” is a cute name that sounds good for any type of dog at all.
  • “Ash” is for the darker colored dogs.
  • “Smoky” is best for dogs with a mellow demeanor.
  • “Titus” is the epitome of masculinity and great for big dogs.
  • “Wagner” is perfect for goofy dogs that end to act silly a lot.
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