The Best Toys for Your Pet Mouse

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No matter what type of mouse you are caring for, it is essential that you provide your furry friend with plenty of different toys so they can learn, have fun, exercise, and not be bored.

Like humans, mice need to be stimulated and have a variety of activities throughout their day, or they will become depressed and lose their appetite, which could lead to a whole host of health problems. So here is a list of the many types of toys they need to have in their cage so they can stay healthy, happy, and active.

1. Chewable toys

Like dogs and cats, mice need toys that they can put their mouth on and chew. Not only are chewable toys fun for your mouse to play, but these types of toys improve the health of your mouse as well. Mice need to chew on their chew toys to clean their teeth and remove stuck food pieces, bacteria, and other unwanted things that are lodged between their teeth. Chewing on toys also helps promote tooth strength and density. Mice can also use their chew toys to clean their tongue.

Chewing toys are popular to purchase for small rodents, like hamsters and mice. One type of chewable toy is a rice pop chew. These toys come in packs of 6 or more, and rice pop chew looks like they are cut off pieces of the water-worm toys commonly seen in pools. These rice pop toys allow rodents to chew on them for long periods because they are semi-resistant to damage. These types of toys are by no means meant to last years. They are eventually damaged, but when they are damaged, these toys are very cheap, so it is no problem to replace them. 

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2. Toys that mice can climb

Toys that were built for mice to climb over and around are another form of exercise. These types of toys can increase the strength of their front and hind legs. You can buy tunnels, ropes, stairs, and hammocks, and more. Just be sure not the crowd the mouse’s cage. It is also a smart to add these toys to mazes, especially if the mouse has performed in their maze a few times and now knows what to expect. Add climbing toys and rerouting the maze will teach the mouse to anticipate new situations and solve problems in new ways. 

3. Maze toys

Mice need different stimulation forms to learn new tricks, find new ways to scavenge for food and water and cooperate with other mice to achieve goals they can benefit every mouse involved. Not only do mazes provide your mouse with exercise, but it also lets the mouse use its brain to figure out how to exit the maze and how to memorize the maze’s route for later. 

Studies show that mice remember how to solve mazes even more than a week later after solving them. For even more mental exercises, mazes are among the best ways to improve your mice’s intellect. Place their food dish in the middle of the maze and put them at the beginning of the maze. By doing this, they will have to figure out where their food is and how to get to it. But make sure that the walls are not small enough for the mice to climb over!

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4. Exercise toys

Like humans, mice have to get plenty of exercise every day to stay healthy and happy. They also need to let out excess energy, especially if they’re in a small cage where there is not too much room to run around. However, if you have a hamster wheel, do not place it in the mouse’s cage. This type of wheel was not built with mice in mind. It was made for a hamster. Hamster wheels are too large for mice to push, or the toys could be too rough. The mouse can be harmed while using the hamster wheel. Only be wheels that are meant for mouse usage.

5. Movable toys

Mice like to perform various types of activities throughout their day. No matter what type of activity it is. They like to climb walls, dig holes, push objects in different areas, and store their food up for later. It is important as the caretaker of a mouse to purchase objects to exercise their storage and nest-building abilities. If you give them a large toy in the middle of their space, they will try to move them to a different place to make their home more comfortable. 

Movable toys help them burn energy, but they can also build their strength as they push the toy around from corner to corner. So be sure to buy them an easily movable ball or a light, but they can move around with their head.

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6. Toys that can shred apart

Just like chewable toys, mice need toys that they can shred apart using their paws. By purchasing shreddable toys, you can provide the tools to your mouse to clean underneath your fingernails, work out their excess energy, build new nests in different parts of their cage, and provide them with new nesting material and decorations. It is not often that mice receive new toys that are easily shredded by their claws. 

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They type of toy is meant mostly to encourage foraging and destruction of damaged wood so mice in the wild can find their food. Even if you never plan on setting your mouse list, be skills are critical for its development and how is intelligence forms. You don’t want to have a mouse who cannot defend itself or forage while the other mouse does all the work. Even mice know that making one mouse do all the work is a poor idea.


  • There are a few reasons why mice need to have toys in their cage
  • Toys can promote learning, fend off boredom, and they can have fun.
  • Mice need chew toys because these toys can clean their teeth
  • Mice like to solve problems, so they like to work their way through mazes
  • Exercise toys help mice stay healthy and fit
  • It also helps mice burn off excess energy
  • Shreddable toys promote nest building and remove dirt from their paws
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