Blood & Short Tailed Python Care Guide

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Are you craving to pet snakes at home? The Blood and Short tailed Python scientifically crowned as the Python Brongersmai is just an ideal choice.

It is a general thought that had been developing for many years that captive breeding Pythons are difficult.

However, these particular species have redefined this notion. It is certainly easy to grow them healthy, maintain, and bring about a unique relationship bond as well..!! It is definitely great support and mimics safety well..!! Let us try to understand more to get a fair idea.

Brief Description

Before getting your favorite Python, you should certainly know how it looks like..!! They can grow up to a length of 10 to 15 inches in length. Factual information in this regard proves interesting. They build up a massive body, and females are larger compared to the males..!!

They are generally found in three colors; yellowish-orange, brownish-red, and the normal reddish. There have yellowish and black blotches and spots throughout, making them look majestic. The head is huge and distinct. Its appearance gives a majestic look that is indeed sought after any time. They require a specific habitat and severe living conditions for thriving. 

Taming the Blood & Short Tailed Python

Juveniles are defensive and cannot be handled with ease. It is quite common that they tend to bite as you get near them. We will have to stay patient and spend some time with them almost every day. They get to calm down in the meantime. If they are pretty much sure that you are not going to disturb them or harm them in any way, they get used to your touch.

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They are just too clever..!! Hold them well and support their bodies correctly. Avoid touching its head, as it is difficult for the Blood Pythons to tolerate it. You will get to witness their fierce reactions if you try to do so. 

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Blood & Short Tailed Python’s Habitat

Like any other reptile, the Blood Pythons like to hide under the leaves or the debris. So, we should ensure either a glass aquarium or a plastic cage that will hold such natural leaf and other debris within. Keep in mind to increase the size of the gallons as the Pythons become adults. They require plenty of space as they grow larger. Get a wider and longer size to let them move comfortably. 

Make sure you give some damp moss in it for providing that extra humidity as desired. Juveniles look for cold areas, and adults prefer hiding in the warmer regions. The hotter areas can be set at a temperature of around 88 degrees, and the colder regions around 72 degrees. As they are dependent on external light for thermoregulation, this can undoubtedly help them balance their body temperature correctly.

There are exclusive bedding options available for purchase. The Pythons spend longer hours comfortably on them. However, cleaning and maintaining the bed becomes necessary. It would be best if you clean the specific places as and when they defecate. The entire bedding can be washed just once in a month to keep it hygienic.

Blood & Short Tailed Python’s Nutrition

Young Blood Python needs to be fed once every 5 to 6 days. They like feeding on mice regularly. The size of the prey can increase as the Python grows in size. Look at the entire length of the snake and choose the prey that is not larger than the largest place on Python’s body.

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Adult Pythons can be provided with larger rats every two weeks. They don’t like getting touched or moved before they feed on their food. Baby blood eats during winters. However, the adults tend to skip their meals once in a while during the winter season. Keep them hydrated by providing fresh water regularly. Not to be surprised is the fact that they love being soaked all the time..!! 

Please do not get yourself down on their shallow eating habits. If you feed them more, they will go obese..!! Their metabolism is just so complicated that they do not defecate regularly. There are Bloods that poop only 4 to 5 times in a year.  

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Personal Care

The Blood and Short tailed Python should be managed very carefully. We have discussed various parameters on housing, nutrition, and feeding patterns. The house and the necessary properties are crucial. If the temperature and the habitat are not maintained properly, they get affected due to the gram-negative bacteria.

This will cause severe respiratory infections in them. It is very dangerous and can also prove fatal. There is also the caution on mites. These parasites tend to get on to the snake’s body and go sucking the blood. Keep an eye on your pets and prevent them from these deadly mites.

Choosing the Blood & Short Tailed Python

Generally, the Python is captive-bred to hatch. Once the juvenile comes, it is transported via seas and other sources. This can cause certain types of stress and other deformities that a first-time pet owner may not recognize. It is not well pronounced as well. So stay informed and research thoroughly before you choose your pet.

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Some professional breeders offer the best snakes and as desired and at the required age. However, you can always approach pet stores and online shops for the type and color you prefer. Ask sufficient information and know the complete details before you get the pet..!! They are neither aggressive nor dangerous when they are handled and brought well. So get it from the right source and give the best care..!! 

Now you know that captive breeding a snake can be very easy once you know the facts well. The bonding and the love that develops from snakes are undoubtedly unique. You should feel it for yourself..!! It is simpler to get a housing system well established and maintain it too.

Feeding and taming them can also be done with patience and so much passion for getting along with them. Once you get to see them grow according to your aspirations, you will undoubtedly feel the satisfaction within. They are non-venomous, and so you can take your time to get friendly anytime. Try engaging with such different pets to make life go interesting..!!

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