Can Dogs be Gay?

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Homosexuality has been observed in a number of animals throughout the world, but what about dogs?

Your dog’s sexual preference probably isn’t clear, but most people have no idea about the possibilities.

If you’ve noticed your male dog becoming especially close with another male in your home, this is something you’ll want to learn more about.

Same Sex Behavior in Animals

Over the years, animal behaviorists and researchers have observed what appears to be same sex behavior in lots of animals across the planet. One of the more famous cases of this occurred in 2014 when two penguins at a zoo in England raised little ones together. These penguins cared for another’s eggs as a couple, raising the offspring as parents. 

When you consider the historical precedent, it is certainly possible that dogs can be gay. Many people all over the world have posted online about this type of behavior with their dogs. It is certainly not unheard of.

Even certain species of birds have shown what appears to be a romantic or sexual affinity for members of the same sex. This is also the case with dolphins, though it could just be a case of sexual indiscrimination rather than a conscious choice. Female dolphins have very strong mating instincts, so this could account for some cases of this type of behavior.

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Some sources claim that over 1,500 different animal species have demonstrated same sex behaviors. While we may not know how common this behavior really is among various members of the animal kingdom, it does appear to be quite widespread.

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Mounting Behavior in Dogs

It can be easy to conclude that your dog is in fact gay if it humps another of the same sex, but this might not be the case. Animal researchers state that mounting is more of a playful behavior as opposed to being strictly sexual. There is lots of room for misinterpretation when it comes to these things. Unless you are an expert in the behavior of dogs, it is difficult to tell the difference.

There are actually quite a few different reasons that dogs hump each other. You will need to keep these reasons in mind when questioning your pet’s sexuality.

It’s Just Play

There is a good chance that your dog’s humping is just a manifestation of its desire to play. Most of the more playful breeds tend to hump more than others. The fact is that there are lots of different ways that dogs play with each other, and this is just one of them.

They are Establishing their Dominance

It’s also possible that your dog is humping members of the same sex as a means of establishing its dominance. This is very common behavior, especially when you introduce a new dog into the household. Your other dog could be humping the new one as a way of letting it know that it is the alpha.

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They Haven’t been Neutered

A lot of adult dogs that have not been neutered tend to hump just about anything, including other dogs of the same sex. This is often a display of dominance, though it can potentially be sexual. The problem is that it is very difficult to tell the difference.

Affection for the Same Sex

Just because your dog is cuddling up with members of its own sex doesn’t automatically mean it is gay. This is extremely common among both cats and dogs, and it’s certainly not a definitive indication of sexual orientation. It could just mean that two of your dogs have formed a very close friendship. When combined with sexual/mating behavior, however, it is much more of a possibility. It is important that you keep this in mind when trying to determine whether your dog is gay or straight.

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Factors to Consider

There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to determining just how likely it is that you have a gay dog. 


One of these factors is exclusivity, which is means that your dog chooses to engage in mating behavior with only members of the same sex. So if a male dog has access to females but chooses to do this only with other males, there is a chance that it could be gay.


Longevity is another factor to consider when determining the sexual orientation of your canine companion. This is basically the length of time that your dog stays in a “relationship” with a member of the same sex. Dogs rarely have long term partners like we do, which makes this more than a little tricky.

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What does it Mean if Your Dog is Gay?

While it can be very difficult to determine if a certain dog is gay, it ultimately doesn’t matter at all. This isn’t something that is going to affect your pet’s mental or physical health whatsoever. It is important that you not try to discourage same sex behavior with your dog, as it could cause them unnecessary stress. As long as neither animal is being harmed in any way, you should just let them do their thing. This is definitely not something that is a cause for concern.


  • Same sex behaviors have been observed in many different animals, including dolphins, birds, penguins and even primates.
  • Just because a dog is mounting a member of the same sex doesn’t automatically make it gay.
  • Dogs often hump each other as a way of being playful rather than expressing sexual urges.
  • A dog will sometimes hump another of the same sex as a means of establishing dominance.
  • The exclusivity and longevity of an animal’s same sex behavior must be considered before determining if they are gay or not.
  • It is perfectly normal for dogs to cuddle up and be affectionate with members of the same sex. This could just be a very close friendship between the two animals.
  • It ultimately doesn’t really matter if your dog is gay. There are no mental or physical health concerns associated with homosexuality in animals.