Can Dogs Eat Corn on the Cob?

dog eat corn on the cob

Just because your dog loves the taste of certain foods doesn’t mean they are safe for them to eat. 

Before you give your pooch corn on the cob, it is important that you learn the truth about how it affects these animals. What you learn about this particular food might surprise you.

The Problem with Corn on the Cob

The main issue with corn on the cob for dogs is not the corn itself, but rather the “cob” part. If your dog consumes a big piece of it quickly, it could cause serious problems. In fact, this food is known for causing intestinal blockages, which can be fatal.

Dogs are typically pretty good at digesting most foods safely, but the cob part of corn on the cob is not one of them. It could be too much for your pet’s digestive tract to handle. This may result in an obstruction, which can be incredibly serious.

Small to medium size dogs that are given corn on the cob are more likely to develop an intestinal blockage due to their size. It is, however, still dangerous to give larger breeds this food.

There is also the possibility that your dog will have a negative reaction to the corn. While this is not a very common food allergy, it is still something to consider.

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Corn on the cob has a somewhat abrasive texture that could cause damage to your dog’s intestines. Even if it does not cause a blockage, it can still result in injury.

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Don’t Take Any Chances

It is not a good idea to give your dog corn on the cob, regardless of its size or appetite. If you are enjoying this food yourself, you’ll want to make sure your dog can’t get to it. You also need to make sure that your dog can’t get it out of the trash after you throw it away. A highly motivated dog is definitely capable of getting food from a garbage bin.

Take it Away

If your dog ever gets a hold of corn on the cob, you should snatch it away as soon as possible. The longer you let them chew on it, the more at risk they are. It can be difficult to get food away from a dog, but you have to make the effort. You can always try bribing your dog with a taste treat. There is a good chance that they will drop the corn on the cob in favor of what you put in front of them.

What to do if Your Dog Eats Corn on the Cob

If you see your dog swallow a piece of corn on the cob or suspect they have done so, you need to get to the vet immediately. The sooner you do this, the less likely it is that your dog will suffer any serious bodily injuries.

Some of the common signs of an intestinal blockage include:

  • Dry heaving
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive drooling (from discomfort)
  • Sluggish behavior
  • Sudden loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
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If you ever notice any of these things with your dog, you should definitely take notice. This is especially true if your dog has eaten even part of a corn on the cob. It only takes a relatively small piece to cause an intestinal blockage, particularly with smaller dogs.

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Can I Give My Dog Corn At all?

You can give your dog corn once in a while, but there shouldn’t be any salt or butter on it. This food is packed with protein, healthy fats, and other things that are beneficial to your pet. It also has antioxidant properties that can keep dangerous toxins from harming them.

In fact, it is an excellent way to supplement their diet. Just make sure that you keep it to a minimum. Too much corn can definitely take a toll on your dog’s health over time.

Don’t Reinforce Bad Habits

It might be tempting to give your dog a little piece of corn on the cob during a cookout, but it’s not a good idea. Once your dog tastes this food, it will basically learn that it is delicious. This could lead to it trying to steal corn on the cob from the trash or off the table. You don’t want your canine friend to discover just how great this food tastes.

If you want to give your dog some of your corn on the cob, take some of the corn pieces off the cob and put it in their bowl. You should only give them a little bit, and only on occasion. This food can benefit your dog’s health, but only in small quantities. This isn’t something that you want to give them every single day.

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Can I Give My Dog Popcorn?

Popcorn is acceptable for an occasional treat, but make sure there are no hard kernels when you put it in their bowl. You can avoid this by thoroughly popping the corn in your microwave. Check the bag to make sure that no kernels are left inside. You should never give your dog more than five or six pieces. It is not a food that you should give them as a regular treat.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of different reasons that you should avoid giving your dog corn on the cob. First and foremost is the danger of a large piece causing an intestinal blockage. This can quickly become a very serious problem, and it is sometimes fatal. If you want to give your dog corn, you can give it pieces without the cob in its bowl.

You should always avoid giving your dog any corn with butter, salt, or anything else on it. You also don’t want to give them too much at once or too often. Moderation is the key when it comes to people food, including this one. Corn is not inherently toxic or poisonous for dogs, but you still need to use common sense when giving it to your pet.

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