Can Goldfishes Eat Betta Food?

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Am I the only one baffled by this? Aren’t animals supposed to live longer and thrive in their natural habitat, and isn’t that the reason we have game parks?

Well apparently this fact is not applicable to goldfish, when kept in a pond, the fish will give you a clean 25 years max and when reared in an aquarium you should expect at least 10years but in the wild, the fish will not live any longer than they would in an aquarium. 

While in the wild the Carassius auratus (goldfish) feeds on detritus, zooplankton, mosquito larvae, plants, small crustaceans and insects. They are also a delicacy to other aquatic animals that find them appealing or can fit them in their mouths. In captivity, goldfish will do well when fed, lettuce, daphnia, brine shrimp, tubifex worms and Bloodworms. And to supplement their diet, commercial foods can be included such as the pellet and dried foods.  

Can Goldfish eat Betta food?

Betta food is a source of protein for the goldfish, but despite its high nutrition content, it should not be fed solely as the main food.

You should therefore, consider feeding it at least once every week, which therefore, means that the food can come in as a special treat; we therefore, conclude that goldfish can indeed eat betta food. 

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Goldfish diet

As a rule of thumb, the amount of food that you feed your goldfish should measure to the size of its eye, that’s interesting. A mixed variety of foods tends to offer different nutritional values and that is why goldfish food should be supplemented. Apart from the once a week betta food supplement, ideally, it is recommended that you feed your goldfish at least 2 to 3 times a day. 

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Aquarists are familiar with the different levels of feeding as we have the bottom feeders, the mid feeders and those that love to dwell at the top area of the aquarium. But luckily for you, goldfish do not have a specific feeding place, you can, therefore, drop food pellets at different levels of the aquarium. 

However, you should avoid feeding the fish too much food because after metabolism the tank might experience higher levels of ammonia. Goldfish also experiences problems with digestion when the water temperatures are below 8 degrees. 

Besides foods that contain the mammalian fats should be trimmed off all the fats, as they are not wholly digestible with temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius. Also, try to incorporate other foods when feeding meat to your goldfish. 

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Tips for correctly feeding your goldfish

Golf fish enthusiasts and beginners will love this part of the excerpt because we give you details to help train your goldfish on proper feeding, the tips will also enhance the health of your tank.  Goldfish are very friendly and if you can learn how to establish a bond with them then you will have an easy mealtime. 

For starters, ensure that you offer food to your goldfish at specific times every day, don’t confuse the fish by feeding it when you are free or when you remember. Sticking to a specific time will train the goldfish to come to the surface whenever it sees you approaching, and with time you will notice that they might try to snatch the food that is in your hands as you feed them. 

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For the health of your aquarium, you can get rid of the leftovers after 15minutes of feeding because the uneaten remnants will rot and lead to a spike in toxins. What’s more, is that when you remove the leftovers, the fish can learn to stick to their feeding routine

Problems that may arise because of poor goldfish feeding

Initially, we talked about providing your fish with food that can be consumed in less than 2 to 3 minutes, the reason being that the goldfish tends to poop a lot. So, the more you feed them, the more they poop and this will affect your tanks water quality and inadvertently affect the fish. 

And with too much food they will grow very fat, and your small tank may soon run out of space. Water quality will have negative effects on your goldfish behavior, and on its physical structure. So how do you know if your fish is sick?

Constant hiding

In humans sickness is one thing that you cannot hide or wouldn’t want to hide because of the pain, well that’s not the case for the goldfish because the moment they become sick they go MIA. In general therefore, there are three reasons as to why you will not see your fish, first is because of incompatibility, when they have just been introduced to a new environment or when they are sick. 

Lack of appetite

Goldfish behaves like the shrimps and can spend the whole day eating, so unless you have kept them on a strict diet, your fish should be feeding failure to which it might be sick. Also, check on its body structure, if it seems to be getting lean and losing weight fast then that is enough sign to tell you that there is trouble in the waters. 

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Constant air gasping at the surface

Goldfish can feed at all levels of the aquarium but when it is constantly gasping for air at the surface of the aquarium then it is sick. High levels of toxins in water will affect the aquarium’s oxygen supply and that is one of the reasons why your fish has to keep coming to the top for air. Also, if the water is too warm your fish will not keep calm or when its gills are infected.

Clamped fins

Goldfish fins should be spread out all the time especially when in motion, therefore, a sick goldfish will rarely move, and if you check closely you will notice that its fins are not fully open. This would, therefore, be the best time to seek the services of a vet or risk losing your precious pet fish. 

Check the swimming patterns 

A goldfish with swim bladder problems will exhibit an upside-down design during swimming or just swim off balance. And when it is infested with worms it will become quite irritable and start rubbing itself against the items in your fish tank.  Lastly, be sure to maintain good water quality because with poor water quality you will find the fish swimming erratically.

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