Celestial Pearl Danios Care Guide – Diet, Breeding

Celestial Pearl Danios in an aquarium grass

Celestial Pearl Danios are freshwater fish that a lot of people love to keep as pets for many reasons. 

They are quite colorful and could be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to putting another fish in your aquarium.

Celestial Pearl Danios Appearance

The Celestial Pearl Danio measures an average of about an inch long. This fish has orange and blackfins on the top and bottom of their body, as well as on the tail. Males are mostly dark blue with some white spots on the sides of their bodies. They have a bright red stomach and in some cases a stripe of red on their back that they can “flash”.

Females tend to be mostly blue with white spots all across the sides of their bodies. Their stomach is more of orange color, while their ventral fins aren’t nearly as colorful. A distinctive dark area appears on the anal fin of these females when spawning time rolls around.


These small fish are extremely standoffish and sometimes spend a lot of their time hiding away in crevices, especially if kept with much larger fish. The best way to keep these fish active is to keep them with other fish that are around the same size.

Natural Habitat

You can find these fish in Southeast Asia in fairly small ponds among the mountains. They spend most of their time in bodies of water that are rich with vegetation.

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Celestial Pearl Danios Care Guide

1. Tank Setup

You will require a tank with a minimum 20-gallon capacity to keep these Danios. While these fish can be fairly shy and hideaway at times, they are also big swimmers. A moderately powerful filter is just fine, as these fish are accustomed to slow-moving water in the wild.

You’ll need to put lots of plants in the tank before putting any of these fish in. They thrive in areas with thick vegetation, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. You also want to have lots of rocks, caves, and even driftwood in the tank. If there aren’t enough plants in the tank, your fish can quickly become stressed out.

It’s also a good idea to have bright lights in your tank. You can get away with using LEDs without any issues, but UV light is ideal.

2. Water Conditions

The temperature of your Celestial Pearl Danio’s water should be kept at 73 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH of 6.8 to 8.4. These fish tend to thrive in water that is more on the alkaline side. It is a good idea to keep testing the acidity of the water each week to make sure that the conditions are just right.

You’ll also want to have a thermometer in your aquarium to ensure that the heater is doing its job properly. These fish are fairly sensitive to changes in temperature, so you need to keep a close eye on it. The water level should be somewhat shallow, as this is what these fish are used to in their natural habitat.

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3. Celestial Pearl Danios Tank Mates

You can put these Danios in with lots of other species without any issues whatsoever, as they are not aggressive fish by nature. They are known for getting along particularly well with Neon Tetras, as they tend to stay near the top of the tank.

Keep in mind that if you are going to keep males and females together, the males might fight amongst themselves. This is basically rivalry behavior in an attempt to get mates. The females should outnumber the males greatly if you keep this particular species with its own kind.

Any aggressive fish like Oscars or Cichlids should be avoided, as they are far too aggressive. You shouldn’t have any problems finding tank mates for these fish, but you’ll still want to choose carefully. This will ensure that they remain happy and healthy.

Common Health Problems

fin rot tends to be a fairly big problem with Celestial Pearl Danios. This typically results from not changing the water on a regular basis. Water that is too acidic can also damage the fins of these fish fairly quickly.

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Celestial Pearl Danios Breeding

It is fairly easy to breed these fish, but there are certain steps you must take to ensure that it is successful. You should set up a separate tank that is specifically for breeding. Make sure that it has lots of plants and very little water flow. This will mimic the fish’s natural environment, which encourages breeding.

Female Celestial Pearl Danios are capable of laying as much as thirty eggs at once. These eggs have an incubation period of about two to four days. Make sure that you take the eggs out and put them into the breeding tank so they are kept safe from the other fish.

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You should give the offspring in the breeding tank micro fish food for the first seven days. The offspring can start to eat baby brine shrimp after the initial weeklong period has passed. Keep in mind that the fry grows quickly.


  • Celestial Pearl Danios are very colorful fish that have distinctive looks for each sex.
  • These fish are generally very docile and not aggressive at all.
  • With a maximum length of around two inches, these Danios tend to be very shy around larger fish.
  • It is important that you put these fish in a tank that is at least 20 gallons.
  • The fish’s tank should have lots of vegetation as well as places for them to hide, like rocks and caves.
  • The temperature of the water should stay within the 73 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit range.
  • Make sure that you do not put any significantly larger or aggressive fish in with these.
  • Fin rot can be a problem with these fish, so you will need to keep their tank water clean by changing it out regularly.
  • Breeding these fish is fairly easy, but you need to remove the eggs from the main tank into a separate breeding tank to keep them safe.
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