Do Cats Fart? – What You Need to Know

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Cats can have issues with gas just like humans, so you might occasionally notice some farting from your kitty. 

While this is perfectly normal for these animals, it can be a sign that something is wrong. The more you learn about this, the easier it will be to keep your cat healthy.

What Causes my Cat’s Farting?

When excess gas accumulates in your kitty’s digestive tract, it is eventually expelled through its rear end. There are lots of different things that can cause this to happen. It is crucial that you take a look at some of these explanations for the sake of your cat’s health.

1. Allergies

A cat that is exposed to something it is allergic to can develop issues with flatulence. This can be anything from pollen to household chemicals. Farting is actually not an uncommon sign of allergies in these animals.

Sometimes a cat will have an allergic reaction to fleas. If this is the case, you will most likely notice them pawing and biting at the affected areas. A medicated bath or topical treatment is usually effective at getting rid of these parasites.

2. You Are Giving Them the Wrong Food

The food that your cat is eating is something else to consider when it comes to matters of flatulence. If you’ve just put your cat on a new food, it could have a negative reaction of some kind to it. This can manifest in the form of bad gas. Keeping your kitty on a good diet with a proper cat food would decrease the gases.

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When you are looking for the right food product for your cat, it is imperative that you take a look at the ingredients of each one. This will help you to find a food that will benefit their overall health and wellbeing. Even one wrong ingredient can trigger some pretty bad flatulence in your feline friend.

There are also lots of different human foods that can cause a cat to begin farting. Make sure that you don’t give your cat any food that is toxic to them. When you do give them human food as a treat, you should only let them have a small amount. This is especially important if they have never had the food before.

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3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBS is a fairly common medical condition among cats, but it can cause these animals a lot of discomforts. While this condition is not life-threatening, it does need to be addressed and managed with treatment.

There are a number of other IBS symptoms that can manifest in cats, such as bloating of the stomach, straining to pass stools, and vomiting. You might also notice your cat yowling or vocalizing due to discomfort.

4. Parasites

Some parasites that feed on the inside of a cat can cause gas, cramping and bloating. This includes certain worms, which can cause a lot of damage to your kitty if they are not treated soon. A parasitic infection can become quite serious within a very short amount of time.

You might be able to see the worms in your cat’s feces when it defecates. They can appear as white specks or long stringy things. A few of the other symptoms of internal parasites in cats include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargic behavior. You might also notice your cat scooting across the floor.

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When to See Your Vet

It is important that you know when to take your cat to the veterinarian. You should do this if you notice any blood in your cat’s stool, vomiting, diarrhea, scooting, excessive drooling or gas. The sooner you get your cat to the vet, the sooner they can get the necessary treatment. Severe gas can be very uncomfortable for your kitty, so you’ll need to keep this in mind.

How to Prevent Gas in Your Cat

There are certain ways that you can prevent gas from becoming a problem with your kitty in the first place.

1. Be Careful About the Food You Give Them

One of the most effective ways to prevent gas in your cat is to be careful when it comes to the food you give them. Whether it is their regular everyday food or the occasional piece of human food, you’ll want to do your research first. There are some foods that have a tendency to give these animals bad gas.

2. Make Sure They Get Plenty of Exercises

Believe it or not, providing your cat with ample exercise on a daily basis can also help with reducing gas. This is because physical exercise keeps their body active, so they are less likely to have these issues. The faster a cat’s metabolism is, the less likely they are to start farting.

3. Start Feeding Your Cat Differently

If your cat has major problems with farting, you might want to try giving them three or four smaller meals each day. This could take some of the strain off their digestive system. This way your cat won’t eat too much at once, which can cause issues with gas.

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This can also help your cat maintain a normal weight, which will keep them healthy. Overweight cats are more likely to develop a wide range of really bad health problems.


  • While it is true that farting is normal behavior for cats, it could indicate a problem with their health.
  • Certain types of human food can cause farting in cats, so you’ll need to be careful about what you give them.
  • Take the time to find the right cat food for your pet by looking at some of your options very closely.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease or IBS is one of the more common causes of frequent farting among cats.
  • Your cat’s farting could also be due to internal parasites/worms, which you may be able to identify in their stool.
  • It is important that you take your cat to the vet to get looked at if they are farting a lot.
  • Breaking up your cat’s meals into smaller portions three or four times each day can help with preventing farting.