My Dog Has Bad Gas Suddenly – What’s Wrong?

bad gases from pomeranian

Flatulence can be a major issue with a lot of dogs, and it is definitely unpleasant for their owners to deal with.

 If your dog has suddenly developed a bad case of gas, you’ll want to explore some of the possible explanations. This could be a sign of a serial health issue with your pet.

Signs of Gas in Dogs

There are a number of signs that your dog has serious problems with gas, including:

  • Foul-smelling aroma due to flatulence
  • Bloating of the stomach
  • Gaseous noises or strange sounds coming from the stomach
  • Loose stool or diarrhea

Stomach bloating is a sign of very bad gas that may need to be treated due to an underlying condition. While it is normal for dogs to fart occasionally, it can be indicative of a serious medical problem.

Causes of Sudden Gas in Dogs

There are numerous possible explanations for your dog’s sudden gas that you’ll want to learn about. This information will help you to come up with a definitive solution that is truly effective.

1. Change in Diet

If you have recently switched your dog to a new food/diet, you might want to consider choosing another one to give them. It is likely that this abrupt change in the dog’s diet is the cause of their bad gas.

It is absolutely crucial for you to find a food that your dog likes the taste of and benefits from nutritionally. The fact is that some dogs are very sensitive to certain foods. It could be that the new food you are giving your dog has caused problems with their gastrointestinal system. Check out this article to know all about the best dog food.

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You should check all of the ingredients in each food before deciding on one in particular. It is imperative that the food you give your dog uses high-quality ingredients. This will drastically reduce the chances of a negative reaction. Avoid any foods with chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind. The more natural it is, the better it will be for your pet.

Try switching back to the old food and see what happens. This is actually one of the most common causes of sudden gas in dogs.

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2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is also possible that your dog has irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. This is a fairly common condition among these animals, especially certain breeds like bulldogs.

Some of the most common symptoms of IBS in dogs include:

  • Recurrent diarrhea
  • Lethargic or sluggish behavior
  • Constipation
  • Bloating of the stomach
  • Lack of appetite
  • Vomiting

There are certain medications that can be used to treat your dog’s IBS if this is indeed the case of their gas. Your veterinarian will be able to run tests to diagnose them with this condition. While it is not life-threatening by any means, it can cause your dog quite a bit of discomfort.

3. Parasites

Another possible explanation for your dog’s sudden gas is a parasitic infection. If your dog has any parasites that have burrowed in its intestines, they could experience severe gas. This type of infection can be fatal if it is not treated promptly.

Some of the signs of a parasitic infection in dogs include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Sudden and rapid weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Increased appetite
  • Lack of appetite
  • Coughing
  • Bloating of stomach
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If you suspect your dog has parasites, you will need to take them to the vet right away. There is a very good chance that the infection can be cleared up with the proper medication. They will first need to perform some tests to confirm the presence of parasites. Most of these infections clear up nicely without any serious complications.

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4. Human Foods

If you have started giving your dog human food, you’ll want to try stopping altogether, at least for a while. This could very well be the cause of their gas. There are certain foods that can trigger gas and other intestinal issues in dogs.

Avoid giving your dog any foods with lactose in it, including cheese and yogurt. These foods are known for causing gas and other problems with dogs. It is best to avoid giving them any dairy products whatsoever.

While they may enjoy the taste of the food, they may not enjoy the effects of it later on. It is not a good idea to give your dog a lot of people’s food anyway. This can lead to weight gain and obesity, which comes with its own set of health issues. It is possible that your dog is actually having an allergic reaction to the food you are giving it.

5. Sudden Intake of Air

A dog can develop bad gas for a short period of time if it suddenly swallows a lot of air at once. While this might sound pretty strange, it happens fairly often with these animals. This can be an indication of a respiratory disease, which may be very serious. It is also common for dogs that eat a meal just after getting some exercise. Certain breeds like pugs and bulldogs are particularly prone to this phenomenon.

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  • While all dogs have gas sometimes, a sudden case of bad gas can indicate a serious health problem that needs immediate attention.
  • If you have just switched your dog to a new food, you’ll want to rule this out as a possibility by switching them back.
  • Make sure that you get nutritious food for your dog that doesn’t have any chemical or artificial ingredients.
  • It is possible that your dog’s gas is a reaction to some human food you gave it, especially if the food contains lactose.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome is fairly common among dogs, and it can cause some pretty bad gas and bloat as well as other symptoms.
  • Your dog’s gas could also be caused by a parasitic infection, especially if the parasites have burrowed into their intestines.
  • Some dogs develop bad gas for a little bit due to sucking in a lot of air at once.