Fire Belly Toad Care Guide & Info

fire belly frog

If someone were to tell you its name before they showed them to you, we bet you’d think this is some intimidating creature. “Fire Belly” is such a hyperbole!

If you haven’t heard about them or seen them at your friendly neighborhood shop, we suggest you immediately search them on the internet.

You can come back and tell us how cute they are and how increasingly difficult it is to resist getting them home given the fact that you love amphibians more than your children (of course, we are kidding!!)

Buying pets is so easy nowadays!

Gone are the days when you had to entirely depend on pet stores and pet expos to buy some of your best and the most exotic pets in your collection or to improve your repertoire. Today, you can be sitting in the east and call for a pet from the west by merely clicking a few keys on the internet. Online retail shopping of pets has made life so easy.

However, do make sure that you are buying from a registered and legit animal retailer. You don’t want to be scammed or have a poor quality animal delivered to your home. A good breeder will make sure that you get a care sheet and information on your new pet while you are only considering a purchase.

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Meanwhile, here is everything that you need to know about the fire belly toad.

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The fire belly toad is a frog!

The fire belly toad or the Bombina Orientalis is a frog that is native to China, Korea, and Southern parts of Russia. They have a red-colored underbelly and hence the name. Because they are beautiful and easy to take care of, they are often pushed as the first pet for amphibians.

However, in spite of their excessively unusual behavior, these frogs do carry a lot of fungal and bacterial diseases and secrete certain toxins that can be mildly harmful to humans. That is why it is strongly recommended to keep their handling to the minimum. If there is a need to handle them to clean their terrarium or anything else like a visit to the vet, make sure you wash thoroughly with warm soapy water and disinfect.

Children have to be particularly volunteered while handling them and also wash after them. Yet another reason why you must not handle them too frequently is that they have hypersensitive skin.

In spite of settling in their new habitat, if you do find the following anomalies in your pet frog, consider calling the vet ASAP

  • When you see red streaks in the dropping continuously for a couple of days
  • When you begin noticing weight loss or sudden loss of appetite
  • When its joints seem swollen
  • When you see discharge from their eyes, nose, and mouth
  • When their skin look discolored or inflamed or torn inconspicuously
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Fire Belly Toad Size & lifespan

Fire bellies do not grow bigger than 3 inches in size. Their lifespan is only about 5 years, even though not many frogs reach that age.

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They are mostly active at night and require a habitat that is a combination of both land and water.

Housing your Fire Belly Toad

If you own two or three of them, a 10-gallon terrarium should work fine. Anything excess of three will require a bigger, 20-gallon terrarium. You will need to create a habitat consisting of both dry and wet because of amphibians.

Here is an easy way to create a dry and wet habitat in a single aquarium

In a glass terrarium of appropriate capacity, layer 2 to 3 inches of substrate. It could be medium-sized aquarium gravel or the readymade moss substrate that is available. Now adding more of the substrate on one side, slope up the gravel and create a raised dry area. In the subsequent pitch, you could fill filtered water, or you could keep a sizeable, heavy dish to create a wet area.

Is filtering necessary?

It is strongly recommended that you use filters inside the aquarium. This will take care of gunk that gets accumulated in the water and help in containing diseases in the frogs. If you do not have access to filters that are specially made for frogs, fish filters will also do the trick.

Fire Belly Toad requires a minimum of 80% humidity

If you like frogs for pets, you will have to monitor the humidity levels of their habitat religiously. It is a good idea to plant a hygrometer in one corner of the aquarium so that you have a fair idea if the moisture level in it drops.

How can you actively help maintain the ideal humidity?

  • Add more plants in the aquarium because then they will help retain moisture
  • Mist the aquarium two times in a day if you find the humidity going down. You can use a spray bottle with filtered water and keep it handy near the aquarium.
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Fire belly toads require a minimum temperature in the range of 72 and 78 F. A UVB light is not a great necessity if you will manage a night and day cycle with a standard fluorescent lamp. These frogs do not bask, and so UVA and UVB are redundant for them.

Water heaters? Yes!! If you live in an area where the temperature dips, then consider setting up an underwater heater. You will find aquarium heaters in all sizes. Buy one that commiserates with the size of your aquarium.

Finally, the Fire Belly Toad’s diet

Young fire bellies can be fed on smaller insects and at least once in a day as much as they can devour in a slab of 15 minutes. As they grow older, you could feed them once in two or three days. Their primary diet can consist of crickets red wiggly worms, wax worms, and their ilk. Dust the insects with calcium supplements before feeding them; this ensures that they can absorb Vitamin D from the light outside naturally.