Foods Toxic To Pet Birds

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There are certain foods that are extremely toxic to birds. 

If you have one of these pets at home, it is crucial that you get this information. The more you know about these foods, the easier it will be to take care of your bird.

1. Avocado

Avocado is one food that is off limits to pretty much every type of bird. This particular food has a certain toxin that could actually stop of your bird’s heart if they ingest it.

Even a small amount of avocado can be deadly to these animals. They usually start showing signs of illness 10-12 hours after consuming it. If your pet bird eats any of this food, you should get it to the vet immediately.

2. Chocolate

You also should never give your pet bird any amount of chocolate, as it can speed up their heart to a dangerous degree.

This food has been known to induce seizures in many different types of birds, so it is best for you to not give yours any. Dark chocolate is especially toxic to these animals, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. There are lots of other foods that are just as tasty and much safer for your bird.

3. Fruit Pits

Birds love to eat fruit, and it is usually good for them, but the pits are highly toxic. Apple seeds are also not good for these animals, as they contain cyanide.

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While it is too small of a quantity to affect humans, birds can die from ingesting it. You should never allow your bird to even chew on pits from peaches, plums or apricots.

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4. Alcohol

While it might seem pretty obvious to most people, giving your pet bird any amount of alcohol is never a good idea.

This substance is highly lethal to these animals, so even a small amount can easily kill them. It can shut down their entire body within a matter of minutes after being ingested.

5. Salt

Table salt is yet another potentially toxic food that you want to be careful about giving your bird. You should refrain from sprinkling a lot of salt on any food that you give them. Excess salt consumption can result in severe dehydration and even complete kidney failure in these animals.

6. Mushrooms

Mushrooms can cause extreme digestive upset in pet birds, so you shouldn’t give yours any of this food at all. It can even cause liver failure when consumed in even moderate quantities. It doesn’t matter how you prepare this food—it is always toxic to your bird.

7. Tomato Leaves

Believe it or not, the leaves of the tomato plant are also very dangerous for your bird to ingest. Even the vines and stems of this plant can cause a severe toxic reaction in these animals. They are also very acidic, which is not good for your bird’s digestive system. If you are going to give your bird some tomato, you need to make sure that you don’t accidentally give them any stems, vines or leaves. It doesn’t take long for the toxic reaction to occur, so you’ll want to keep this in mind.

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8. Caffeine

As much as we humans love caffeine, birds were just not meant to consume any amount of it. This is not something that you want your bird to have, as it can actually lead to a heart attack. The higher the dosage of caffeine they consume, the more likely they are to die as a result. Even repeatedly giving your pet bird small amounts of caffeine can damage its heart.

9. Dried Beans

Beans can make for an excellent treat for your pet bird, but they shouldn’t be raw. Dried beans contain something that is known as hemagglutinin, and it is lethal to most birds. You simply do not want to take any chances. If you are going to give your bird beans, make sure that they are cooked.

10. Onions

Even onions can be very harmful to birds because of its tendency to cause vomiting and other digestive issues, which can be quite serious. A tiny bit of onion from time to time probably isn’t going to hurt your bird, but you’ll need to be careful. The more of this food you give your pet bird, the more likely they are to have a severe negative reaction. Excess consumption of onions can cause a bird to develop hemolytic anemia, which is a potentially deadly respiratory disease. It leads to difficulty breathing, which usually results in death.

11. Garlic

As much as you might love garlic, it is not a food that your bird should have. There is a chemical in garlic called allicin, which can also lead to them developing anemia.

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12. Fat

A little bit of fat in your bird’s diet can be a good thing, but you don’t want to overdo it. A high fat diet is not good for pet birds. This is why most birds should not be put on an all-seed diet. You need to make a point of feeding them a balanced and nutritious diet so they get all of their basic needs met on a daily basis.


  • You should never feed your pet bird any amount of avocado, as it is very toxic to these animals.
  • Chocolate is another food that birds cannot tolerate even small amounts of, and it has been known to cause seizures.
  • Most fruit pits are very toxic to birds, so you’ll need to make sure they are removed when preparing any fruit for your pet.
  • Any amount of alcohol can cause major health problems with your bird.
  • Caffeine is something that your bird shouldn’t have because of its tendency to cause abnormal heart rhythms and even cardiac arrest.
  • Dried beans are very toxic to birds, so you’ll want to make sure to cook them first.
  • Onions and garlic are both highly poisonous to birds, so you shouldn’t give your pet bird any of these foods.
  • A high-fat diet will significantly shorten your birds life span, which is why they need a balanced overall diet.