How to Stop a Cat Fight

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If you have multiple cats in the same house, you’ll definitely want to know how to break up a catfight. 

The fact is that these animals have been known to occasionally fight with each other. It is important that you are able to break up a physical conflict between your kitties effectively.

Importance of Stopping Cat Fights

Sometimes one or both cats in a household can get seriously injured when they fight with each other. This is why it is so important that you break it up before it goes too far. The last thing you want is to take one of your kitties to the vet because you didn’t do anything to stop the fight soon enough.

Why Cats Fight with Each Other

There are plenty of explanations as to why two of your cats might start fighting with each other. When you explore some of these reasons, you’ll be able to get more insight into their behavior. It could also help you stop a fight before it gets too serious.

1. Playful Behavior

Sometimes cats fight with each other as a form of playing. While it can seem very intense, it could just be their way of spending time together. This is something that a lot of kittens tend to do with each other.

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2. One Cat Becomes Jealous of the Other

A fight between cats can also break out if one becomes very jealous of the other. Perhaps you are giving a certain cat in your house more attention than others. If this is the case, it could provoke a full-blown fight. Cats are certainly known to be jealous creatures, especially when it comes to the affections and attention of their owners.

This is actually pretty common with people who bring a new cat home. Your current cat might not take too kindly to perceived competition for your attention. The fact is that some cats are more accepting than others of new pets in the house.

3. Territorial Instincts

Cats are known to be very territorial animals, and these instincts can manifest in a variety of ways. If one of your cats feels the need to mark its territory, another cat might challenge it. This could result in a pretty fierce fight.

Some cats become very defensive of certain areas in their home that they have staked out as their own. If another cat tries to encroach on that spot, a physical conflict could start.

Ways to Stop Cat Fights in Your House

There are plenty of different approaches that you could take to stopping a catfight in your home. While not all of these methods are going to work effectively for your cat, you should still be aware of your options.

1. Give Your New Cat a Spot of its Own

If you have a new cat that seems to insist on taking over a spot that your other cat has already claimed, you’ll want to make a new cozy area for them. Make sure that you get a comfy bed for your new cat and put it in an area that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic.

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It is important that you have separate areas for your cats to relax, especially if one of them is very territorial. This should help with reducing tensions between your felines. Make sure that you also give each cat their own litter box in different parts of the house.

2. Try to Give Your Cats Equal Attention

While it can be difficult to balance out your affections with multiple cats in the same house, it is important that you try. If one of your cats gets jealous fairly easily of another one, you’ll need to make a point of balancing out your time with them.

When you start to notice one cat acting jealously, you should attempt to give them a bit more attention. This should help with reducing the chances of fighting among your cats.

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3. Slowly Introduce Your Cat to New Additions to the Household

If you are going to bring home a new cat, you’ll want to introduce them gradually to the ones you already have. This too can be a very effective way to prevent fighting. Cats tend to not do very well with sudden changes to their environment and daily routine. It is therefore important that you ease them into this particular change.

4. Use the Spray Bottle

When it comes to getting your cats to stop an undesirable behavior, giving them a few quick shots with a spray bottle filled with water can work wonders. This could be enough to startle your cats so they break up the fight and just walk away from each other.

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5. Combine Your Cat’s Scents

If you want to prevent fighting in your cats, you’ll want to consider combining their scents. This can help with reducing the tendency towards fighting and conflict among your cats. It will help your cats to consider each other as friends instead of strangers that are always at odds. Using a cat’s sense of smell to get them to behave can actually be quite effective.


  • A lot of kittens fight with each other as a form of playing, which is perfectly normal.
  • You should not allow your cats to fight if they are injuring each other in any serious way.
  • One of your cats might start a fight with another if they become territorial over a certain spot they’ve already staked out as their own.
  • Bringing a new cat home can also cause fights, as these animals are known for becoming jealous rather easily.
  • Try spraying your cats with some water when they start to fight. It might be enough to startle them and break it up.
  • Make sure that you introduce any new cats to your feline slowly so as to reduce the chances of fighting right off the bat.
  • You should attempt to give your cats more or less equal attention to prevent fighting out of jealousy.
  • Mix your cat’s scents together so they no longer regard each other as strangers.
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