How to Train a Kitten to Sleep at Night?

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If your kitten is restless and doesn’t seem to want to sleep, you will need to follow a few key tips.

A lot of young cats have issues with sleeping through the night, but there are lots of things that you can do to change this.

A Kitten’s Sleep Schedule

One of the things that you need to know about kittens is that their natural sleep schedule is all over the place. These young cats tend to sleep for very short periods of time, waking up frequently. They do not sleep for long periods of time uninterrupted like humans.

A lot of people with kittens find that their kitten’s erratic sleep schedule messes with their daily routine. Kittens tend to make noise when they stir during the night, which can be more than a little bothersome.

Training Your Kitten to Sleep at Night

If you want to train your kitten to sleep at night so that you are both on the same schedule, there are actually quite a few things that you can do.

1. Play with them Before Bed

When you are training your cat to sleep at night, you’ll want to play with them in a very physically active manner just before sleep time. This will likely tire the cat out and therefore increase the chances of it sleeping soundly through the night. Make sure that you get numerous toys that your cat will enjoy playing with.

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2. Give your cat a cozy place to sleep near you

You should have some sort of perch or platform near your bed where your cat can sleep. This will provide them with a great deal of comfort and security. Your cat is far more likely to sleep all night long without any issues when they can be close to you.

Take the time to look at some of the different perches on the market so you can get the right one for your cat. There are perches that have two sides, which you will certainly want to consider. These perches can be especially comfortable for cats of all ages and sizes.

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3. Play White Noise

Another very helpful tip to follow when training your kitten to sleep at night is to play white noise. You can download an app on your phone or tablet that lets you choose from a wide range of relaxing sounds. These sounds vary from heavy rainfall to wind chimes.

There are lots of cats that actually respond very well to being played white noise at night when they lie down. It might take a little while before you find the right noises for your kitty, but it will be worth all the effort in the end.

You might even find that this white noise will help you sleep better as well. There are even apps that allow you to combine a variety of noises for the perfect relaxing overall sound. You can also buy a sleep machine that plays these sounds, but they can be fairly expensive.

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4. Invest in an Automatic Feeder

You should seriously consider buying an automatic feeder for your cat. This device will dispense cat food at certain times so you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself. It will allow you to continue sleeping so you won’t have to get up very early to feed kitty.

Because there are so many different automatic feeders on the market, you will need to spend some time reviewing your choices. You don’t want to choose just any of these feeders, because some of them are better than others.

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5. Ignore their Vocalizing

When you hear your cat yowling and vocalizing in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t give them any attention. This will only reinforce their bad behavior, which is the last thing you want. As difficult as it may be, it is crucial for you to just try going back to sleep.

It will probably take a little while before you cat finally starts sleeping at night. There is a very good chance that you will have to put up with some temper tantrums in the meantime. Just stay in bed and don’t pay any attention to your cat at all.

6. Don’t let your cat sleep in your bed

While you might want nothing more than to cuddle up with your kitty, this is certainly not a good idea. The fact is that this will make it harder for your cat to sleep at night. This is especially true if you tend to toss and turn throughout the night. 

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The more movement there is in the bed, the harder it will be for your kitten to get a good night’s sleep. There is also the chance that you will roll over and accidentally injure your kitten.

7. Buying a Cat Bed

One of the absolute best things that you can do to get your cat to sleep at night is to buy it a comfortable bed. If your cat is extremely picky, it might reject the first one you get them. Take the time to explore these options so you can make the right decision the first time around.


  • The natural sleep habits of a kitten are not compatible with most people, so it can be very frustrating.
  • Most kittens sleep for very short periods of time, waking up constantly.
  • Make sure that you play with your cat a lot just before bed to tucker them out.
  • You’ll also need to make a point of having a comfortable spot for your cat to sleep by you.
  • It is not recommended that you allow your kitten to sleep in the same bed as you.
  • Letting your kitten sleep with you can cause it to get injured by accident.
  • An automatic feeder can make your life with a new kitten a whole lot easier.
  • If your cat start whining and vocalizing in the middle of the night to get your attention, simply ignore them.