How to Keep Your Cat out of Your Baby’s Crib

baby hugging cat

If you have a baby and a cat in the same house, it is important to keep it from getting in your child’s crib.

Even the sweetest cat is capable of unintentionally injuring a small child.

1. Get Your Cat a Bed to Observe from a Safe Distance

Putting a cat bed on a windowsill a good distance from the baby’s crib could satisfy its curiosity without feeling the need to climb in. The only reason your cat it doing this in the first place is because they are a nosey creature by nature.

Properly placed, a cat bed can provide the cat with a view of your baby from a safe distance. This way you won’t have to worry about your baby getting scratched up or injured in any way by a curious cat.

2. Train Your Cat

Some cats are more trainable than others, but you should be able to get yours to not go into your baby’s crib. This might take a while depending on how fast it catches on, so you will probably need to be patient.

cat and baby

3. Put the Crib Together in Advance

Make sure that you assemble the crib at least a couple of weeks before you take your baby home from the hospital. This will give your cat the opportunity to adjust to this new piece of furniture so it’s not such a mystery. It can make training your cat not to go in the crib a lot easier.

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You will need to make sure that you don’t have any furniture set up by the crib that your cat could jump on to get inside. Cats are known for their jumping prowess, so you need to keep this in mind. Even a small end table near the crib could be enough for your pet to gain access.

Don’t put any blankets, pillows or soft linens inside the crib before you bring your baby home. This will only teach the cat that it is a nice cozy spot to curl up in.

4. Scold Your Cat When it Climbs in

If you catch your cat climbing into the baby’s crib at any point, you need to scold it by saying “no” in a stern voice. You don’t want to yell at or hit your cat for doing this, but it needs to understand that it is unacceptable behavior. Immediately remove the cat from the crib after you do this.

cat with kid

5. Consistency is the Key

If you want to be effective in training your cat not to get in the crib, you have to be consistent. This means scolding and removing it from the crib whenever it gets in. After a while, your cat should get the message.

6. Use an Electronic Cat Deterrent

You can buy an electronic gadget online or at a local pet store that is designed to keep a cat from going into a certain space. These devices emit a high pitched squealing sound when their motion sensors are triggered.

The sound that the device emits will likely be enough to keep your cat out of the crib. It might take a couple of times, but it will quickly learn not to do this anymore. This is a perfectly safe and humane way to go about training your cat not to crawl into the baby’s crib.

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7. Set a Noise Trap

Another good way to keep your cat out of the crib is to put something inside that will make a lot of noise when the cat lands on it. It will likely jump out of the crib immediately and not return.

This could mean putting tin foil inside or just not putting a mattress down. By the time you bring the baby home, the cat will most likely avoid the crib because it knows that it doesn’t feel good to climb in.

Using this method will also let you know when the cat tries to get in the crib so you can scold it for doing so. This approach can be doubly effective, so it is definitely worth a try.

8. Keep the Door Closed

The most definitive way to ensure that your cat doesn’t get inside your baby’s crib is by simply shutting the door to the room it is in. You won’t need to keep the door open to hear you baby cry if you have a monitoring device set up.

9. Use a Clicker

A simply clicker device that is used for training cats and dogs can be highly effective for this purpose. Use the clicker when your cat jumps onto something other than the crib in the same area. You can follow this up by giving them a treat of some kind.

This is a type of positive reinforcement, and it can be very effective with a lot of cats. Just make sure that you never use the clicker when it does something you don’t want it to, as it could end up having the opposite effect.

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10. Keep Your Cat Distracted

Sometimes all it takes to keep a cat out of a crib is to distract it with fun toys. You might want to go to the pet store and buy some new toys that you cat will be excited to play with at the first opportunity.


  • Set up the crib well before you bring home your baby so your cat gets used to having it around.
  • Put something like tin foil in the crib so that your cat will know that it is not a comfortable place.
  • Scold your cat in a firm voice and remove it from the crib immediately whenever it jumps inside.
  • Be as consistent as possible when you are trying your cat not to go in the crib.
  • Reward your cat with a treat every time it jumps somewhere near the crib by not inside.
  • Do not keep any furniture near the crib that your cat could use to get inside of it.