New Caledonian Giant Gecko Care Guide

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An extraordinary lizard is just a great way to experiment on the life of reptiles. 

The New Caledonian species are known for their vast variety. The New Caledonian Giant Gecko, scientifically called the Rhachodactylus leachianus, is an excellent wonder found in the Northeast islands of Australia among them. It is extraordinary because of its size, color, and patterns.

They are common with varied shades of brown, black and grey with stripes, blotches or spots overall. They have defined certain living conditions to get comfortable and live longer. Interesting right? Let us ponder more and get to know them better. 

Basic Features and Life Span

It is one of the costliest species because of its rare nature. Its availability got reduced, however, due to increasing captivity,it is raised in number. It takes a long time for them to grow and mature and hence expensive..!! On average, the Giant Gecko can live up to 20 years and even more in captivity. They are arboreal in nature and nocturnal too. Hence, they like to be fed and taken care of during the night time.

They can grow to a maximum length of 17 inches and weigh around 220grams. There is a peculiar and unique aspect that sounds interesting..!! When these animals are threatened, they detach their tails and later regenerate them..!! 

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Housing the New Caledonian Giant Gecko

As they are arboreal animals, they tend to prefer living in tree hollow like structures. So cages with such structural arrangements will be preferred. We have to get a small cage to say about 10 – 20 gallons for the juvenile and beyond 30 gallons for the adults. The enclosures should have sufficient hiding spaces for them to live comfortably. The average temperature required within the cabinets is approximately 72 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

 During their maturing and egg production stages, the temperature can be reduced to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In any case, it should not reduce below this extent. Day and night lighting can be provided for efficient growth and different color patterns. The color pattern tends to excite us certainly..!!


As the animals generally live in a jungle habitat, they get sufficient UV light naturally. Hence, while captive breeding ensures the enclosures have adequate lighting. The lights can be attached above a mesh ceiling to provide the necessary light source. The recommended level is 5 – 6% UV tube light or an equivalent compact light whichever is preferable.

It is undoubtedly essential to synthesize Vitamin D3 sufficiently. It will suffer from Metabolic Bone Diseases when they are not given the required amount of light. You can witness the extent of excellent well being as they grow when adequate light is provided.

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New Caledonian Giant Gecko Care Guide

1. Nutrition

The Giant Gecko generally feeds on insects, mammals, and also fruits. They are omnivores and like eating live foods. Brown crickets and black crickets are highly preferred. We can also feed them with worms like the calciworms, mealworms, and waxworms.

We have to mist the interiors of the living atmosphere to provide sufficient hydration for their healthy living. Like human beings, they require protein and calcium supplements for consistent growth at different stages in life. They are available in the form of meal replacement powders to feed them easily. You can dust the insects and crickets with calcium and feed the Giant Gecko.

2. Feeding pattern

As a general practice, we will have to feed the Giant Gecko at least 4 times a week. They like and prefer eating ripen food. When fruits are placed within, they start eating it only when they are about to ripen. Gut loaded live prey are their favorite and enjoy it at any time. Pink mice and feeder roaches can be provided for the adults. When you have some food leftover, you can always refrigerate and give it to them later as and when it is desired. 

3. Handling the Giant Gecko

Each Giant Gecko is different. Some allow taming, and managing them becomes easy, and others generally do not prefer..!! Do not hold them tight anytime. Allow them to jump over and try to make them jump under your control. It will quickly calm down when you spend a lot of time. Newly born should not be handled until they are 2 – 3 months old. They take some time to get acclimatized to the habitat and temperature. So, let us allow them to make their own time to settle down at our place..!! 

4. New Caledonian Giant Gecko Breeding

Breeding is a daunting task. It takes some time for the male and female to get compatible. In some cases, they tend to lose cooperation and start harming themselves..!! Usually, smaller males get affected..!!

To prevent this from happening, we will have to keep both the males and females in separate and transparent enclosures and let them view each other. Slowly they get acquainted with the features and smells. This, in turn, will start attracting each other and help them interact later. Since this is a herculean task, Giant Geckos are certainly expensive..!! The females produce two eggs generally 6 – 10 times in a year.  

Giant Gecko Pets

They make excellent pets and are quite impressive in all their activities. To prevent the cage from excessive damage during their playful fights, you must get quality cages for long term usage. Several online traders are offering the animal and the necessary housing arrangements as well. If they feel threatened, they tend to bite. Although they are non-venomous, their bite is quite painful. So, be careful..!! Get the best one from professional breeders, learn how to handle and feed them, and then get into wild experiences..!! Scientific professionals have conducted extensive research.  

We have seen some of the most exciting and essential features of the New Caledonian Giant Gecko in detail. The housing atmosphere and the structures required within can be easily set or a perfect living condition. The nutrition needed and the feeding pattern is also easy to follow, provided you have handled them well.

 It is always interesting to experiment with such different aspects to engage our life in a better and productive manner..!! Start finding out your favorite New Caledonian Giant Gecko, house them well, and feel special with the little one at home..!! Over some time, the intimacy and bonding naturally develop. And you will get to feel them rather than witnessing it more..!! 

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