Rabbit Poo – What you need to keep an eye at

rabbit poo

If you have any rabbits at home, you will need to know what to look for when it comes to their poop.

The feces of your pet can actually tell you a lot about their overall health.

When you know what to look for, it will be much easier to care for them properly.

Do Rabbit’s Eat Their Own Poo?

Rabbits do in fact eat their own poo, and it’s actually not a bad thing. These animals eat caecotrophes, which are mushy, dark-colored grape-shaped feces. These pieces of poo provide your bunny with lots of nutritional value. You should not discourage your rabbit from eating its own poo, as it is actually good for them.

Signs of Poor Nutrition

If you notice that your rabbit is producing too many cecotrophes when defecating, you probably just need to give them more hay. It also most likely indicates that you are feeding them too many pellets on a daily basis.

The fact is that rabbits need mostly hay in their diet. You can give your furry friend pellets, but they should only make up about 10% of what they eat each day.

Malformed cecotrophes can also be a sign that your rabbit isn’t getting all the nutrients it needs on a regular basis. You will, therefore, want to consider adjusting their diet as needed.

bunny and poo

Too Many Cecotrophes

If your rabbit is producing a lot of cecotrophes, there is most likely something wrong with them. This could be caused by you giving the rabbit too many treats, specifically fruit. If you notice this with your fluffy friend, you’ll want to cut back on the fruit for a while.

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Too much lettuce can also result in a rabbit producing too many cecotrophes when defecating. They might be getting too much of a good thing, as the saying goes. Despite what many people believe, you can give a rabbit too much lettuce. The fact is that too much of any food is not good for your pet.

Sticky Butt

When a rabbit’s butt is constantly sticky with feces, there are numerous possible explanations. It could be that they aren’t on a proper diet, but they could also be sick. 

This might be caused by diarrhea, which is a common sign of illness in these animals. There are lots of things that could be wrong with your rabbit, so you’ll have to get them to the vet.

It’s also possible that you aren’t cleaning out your rabbit’s cage or hutch as often as you should. Rabbits that are living in a too-dirty cage can get a sticky butt very quickly. You need to make a point of cleaning their cage at least twice each week.

While your rabbit’s sticky butt might not seem like a bit deal, it can actually have a very adverse effect on their health. This will inevitably attract flies, which can chew at the skin around your rabbit’s rectum. This can lead to an infection, which could be fatal if not treated immediately.

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Lack of Poop

If your rabbit isn’t producing as much poop as they normally do each day, you should take them to the vet to get looked at. It is possible that your rabbit is just not getting enough fiber in their diet. These animals need a lot of fiber on a daily basis to maintain a healthy digestive system.

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There are other possible explanations that your rabbit isn’t defecating as much as they should. This could be due to stress or an intestinal blockage. The latter explanation is very serious and needs to be addressed immediately. It is possible that your rabbit ate a piece of something that was too big, and it’s clogging up their intestines.

Stringy Poo

When you notice your rabbit producing poo that looks like a string of pearls, it’s most likely because they are eating too much of their own fur. You can prevent this by simply brushing and grooming your rabbit on a regular basis.

The main reason that you don’t want your rabbit eating its own fur is because it cannot spit it up like a cat. If your rabbit ingests too much of its fur, an intestinal blockage could form. As we mentioned above, this is extremely serious and potentially life threatening.

How to Encourage Healthy Defecation

It is important that you do certain things to encourage healthy poo with your rabbit, including:

  • Keep your rabbit on a high-fiber diet that consist of 90% hay and 10% fruits, vegetables and treats.
  • Brush your rabbit regularly so that it doesn’t eat too much of its own fur.
  • If you give them any fruits or vegetables, make sure they are all cut up into small pieces they can easily digest.
  • Check for signs of illness and take your rabbit to the veterinarian at least once every year for a routine checkup.
  • Do not give vegetables to your rabbit unless it is older than six months.
  • Keep your rabbit at a healthy weight by allowing it to get plenty of exercise every single day.
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  • It is perfectly normal for rabbits to eat their own feces, and it even benefits them nutritionally.
  • If your rabbit is producing too many “cecotrophes”, there is probably something wrong with them. This is usually a sign that they need a more nutritious overall diet.
  • When you notice your rabbit defecating poo that looks like a string of pearls, it’s because they are eating too much of their own fur.
  • You can keep your rabbit from eating its fur by simply brushing them on a regular basis.
  • If your rabbit’s butt is sticky with feces, it might be because you are not cleaning their cage often enough.
  • It is crucial that you clean out your rabbit’s cage or outdoor hutch at least twice every week.
  • If your rabbit is not pooping at all or less than usual, you’ll want to get them looked at by a vet. This can suggest an intestinal blockage, which is very serious.