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Seachem has a solid reputation for producing high-quality aquarium filters, glassware, and other products.

If you keep fish at home or you are planning to, this company is worth taking a close look at. They offer some of the best supplies to keep your fish healthy over the years.

Overview of Seachem

Seachem Laboratories has been around for over thirty years, and it is one of the most trusted names in aquarium and fish care products. This company is made up of biologists and chemists that have designed some of the most innovatived products to ever hit the market.

This company’s staff all keeps their own fish and maintain aquariums in their home and/or offices. Their products are sold all over in the world in over 60 different countries. One of the things that make Seachem unique is the science behind their products.

The filters and other aquarium hardware this company offers are designed for ponds, reefs, freshwater, and saltwater. This makes Seachem’s offerings extremely versatile and well-suited to most fish owners.

Seachem Customer Support

If you have any questions or issues regarding Seachem products, this company offers a technical support number. You can visit the forums on their official website to get the answers you are looking for. There is also a form on their website that you can fill out to contact them.

Seachem Dealers

There are many different retail businesses that carry Seachem products, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Some of these businesses include Petco, Walmart,,,, and You should therefore have no issues with finding whichever products you are looking for.

Popular Seachem Products

1. Seachem Tidal Power Filters

The Tidal Power Filters that Seachem sells all have a high-performance design that is perfect for a wide range of aquariums. These filters have lots of useful features, including dual water intake, adjustable flow, a self-priming pump, self-cleaning impeller, maintenance monitor, and others.

You can count on these filters to give your fish the highest quality water possible, regardless of their specific needs. Some of the top sellers from this company include the Tidal 35, Tidal 55, Tidal 75, and Tidal 110. Each filter has its own unique science-based design and is fine-tuned for maximum performance.

2. Seachem NutriDiets Probiotics Formula

You will also find a variety of probiotic fish food products from this company. The NutriDeits Probiotics Formula line has a lot to offer. There are options for Betta, Cichlid, Goldfish, Herbivores, Marine, and Tropical.

These foods contain high-quality ingredients and are each formulated for different types of fish. This makes it easy for you to satisfy the specific nutritional requirements of your wet pet. These products contain vitamins and minerals that are very crucial for the overall health of your fish.

The probiotics in these fish foods will supplement your pet’s diet to keep them as healthy as possible. They make it easier for fish to retain the nutrients from their food while strengthening their immune system.

All of the ingredients for each fish food product are listed on the product page of the company’s website. This will allows you to see what exactly is in each one before making a final decision. There is truly an option for everyone, so you should be able to find what you need for your fish without any issues.

3. Seachem Accessories

There is also a wide range of accessories that you can buy from Seachem. This includes algae scrapers and pads, filter socks, glue, and others. These accessories can help you to maintain your aquarium so it stays in good condition over the long term.

The CoralCrete glue this company sells is perfect for securing coral to rockwork. It works in both freshwater and marine, making it highly versatile. It also fully cures when submerged within just 24 hours.

The HydroTote is another accessory that pet store owners will want to look into. It allows customers to take home their fish in a secure container, which holds up to 20 liters or 5 gallons. It can even be folded up and compressed so as to save space when not in use.

4. Medications

You can buy a number of fish medications from Seachem as well. There are medications for bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasitic infections, and viral infections. This company also offers antiseptic medications to prevent infection with your fish.

The medications for bacterial infections can treat Ich, Hole in the Head, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Dropsy, and Mouth Rot. All of these are very serious conditions that can be fatal without a swift and effective treatment.

The anti-fungal fish medications can also treat a wide range of common fish health issues, including fin rot, cloudy eye, and popeye.

Seachem’s ParaGuard medication is extremely versatile, as it is capable of treating fungal and bacterial infections, as well as viral lesions. You can use this medication to treat velvet, fin rot, Ich, and Flukes.

5. Conditioners

A good conditioner is very important for preserving the water quality in your aquarium. Seachem offers conditioners for water preparation, stress reduction, water clarification, tank cycling/bacteria, and mineral replacement.

All of these conditioner products feature highly concentrated formulas that work well and for a long time. Some of these products include Prime, Betta Basics (for Betta fish), Clarity (for water clarification), and Prime (for water preparation).


  • Seachem is an extremely reputable and well-known company that offers a variety of fish-related products.
  • This company offers numerous contact options for those who are seeking customer support, including a phone number, forums, and an email form.
  • The Tidal Power filters that Seachem offers are known for their power and efficient overall design.
  • The NutriDeits Probiotics Formula line is worth looking into if you want to keep your fish as healthy as possible.
  • There are lots of useful accessories from this company that can make maintaining your aquarium easier than ever.
  • You will find Seachem fish medications for fungal, bacterial, viral, and even parasitic infections.
  • The conditioners form Seachem are all very high quality and serve a variety of purposes.
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