How to Stop a Cat Jumping on the Counter

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If you have a kitty that won’t stop jumping on the kitchen counter, there are some simple ways to make them stop.

Even the most stubborn of cats can be tamed with a little effort.

Why Is My Cat Always Jumping on the Counter?

There are a few different reasons why cats enjoy jumping on your kitchen counters. It is a natural instinct that a lot of cats have, as annoying as it can be.

  • It’s where the people are: Most cats like being around people, and the kitchen is one of the busiest places in a person’s house. If you are preparing food on the counter, there’s a good chance that they keep jumping up to be close to you.
  • Curiosity: There is a reason that the saying “curiosity killed the cat” exists. Cats are curious creatures by nature. They might just be exploring and taking stock of the area.
  • A good view: Your cat might be jumping on the countertops to get a good view out of a nearby window. They just want to see what is going on outside.
  • Attractive aromas: There is also a chance that your cat keeps doing this because it detects some enticing scents. Cats have a very powerful sense of smell, and the kitchen is where all of the food is made.
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1. Make a Loud Noise

Next time your cat climbs up on your countertops, you can try making a loud noise. They are likely to hop right down. You can try hitting something against a metal pot to scare them off. While this doesn’t always work, it is definitely worth a try.

Another good thing to try is shaking a can full of pennies as soon as your cat jumps up. You need to do this immediately in order for it to have a lasting effect.

2. Use a Cat Deterrent Spray

You can also try applying a cat deterrent spray to your kitchen countertops. These spray products are non-toxic, so you want to have worry about them contaminating any food they might come into contact with.

The right deterrent spray could provide you with a highly effective way to keep your kitty from climbing up on the kitchen countertops. Just make sure to keep reapplying the spray on a daily basis they until they stop doing this altogether.

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3. Keep Your Countertops Clean

Another good way to make sure your kitty stays off the countertops is to keep them spotless at all times. You’ll want to clean up any mess you make after preparing food. This can go a long way towards dissuading your cat from jumping up.

Remember to use a strong cleaning solution when wiping down your countertops so that no trace of the food’s scent is left behind. As mentioned above, these animals have a very keen sense of smell.

You also need to keep any dishes on your counter or in the sink free of food debris. This can attract your cat in a big way, encouraging it to jump up. The more fastidious you are about kitchen cleanliness, the easier it will be to stop this behavior.

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4. Make Your Own Homemade Deterrent Spray

If you want to save some money, you can actually make your own cat deterrent spray at home with a couple simple ingredients. Put some water in a spray bottle and mix in a little bit of vinegar and lemon juice.

This combination of ingredients makes for a fairly abrasive smell that might keep your pet on the ground, at least in your kitchen. You shouldn’t need to spray very much on your countertops to get the desired result.

5. Put Some Tinfoil on Your Countertops

Cats are known for absolutely despising tinfoil. Whether it is the sound it makes when they step on it or the feel of it against their paws, most cats are not a fan.

You can always try putting some tinfoil around the edges of your countertops in the kitchen. This could work well when it comes to keeping them off. After they step on it the first time, it is unlikely that they will return.

6. Create a More Enticing Area for Your Cat

If your cat doesn’t have a certain area of the house they like to spend time in, they are more likely to wander. You can therefore make an effort to give them a space that is fun for them to visit. 

Try getting your cat a scratching post if they don’t already have one. You can also get them a few new toys to play with while you are preparing food in the kitchen. Cats sometimes get bored with the same old toys, so getting yours some new ones might be a good idea.

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7. Cat Deterrent Gadgets

There are a variety of electronic cat deterrent gadgets that could be effective at curbing your cat’s countertop jumping. You can buy a motion activated device that shoots out a burst of air whenever your pet hops up.

These devices are entirely humane and won’t cause your cat any harm, but rather just give it a good scare. This could be enough to keep them from jumping up again.


  • Cats jump up on countertops for numerous reasons that range from curiosity to just wanting to be around you.
  • Try to make your countertops as unappealing as possible by using a spray or even tinfoil around the edges.
  • Create a space for your cat that is more attractive than the countertops by getting a scratching post and/or some new toys.
  • Make a loud noise every time your cat jumps up on the counter.
  • Keep your countertops clean and free of any food debris so your cat doesn’t pick up on any enticing smells.
  • Buy an electronic motion activated gadget to deter your cat from getting on your kitchen countertops.
  • Be patient while you are training your cat to stay off the countertops, as it could take a while.