How to Stop your Cat Waking you up at Night

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Are you tired of your kitty waking you up at night like a broken alarm clock?

There are some surprisingly effective ways to stop this.

Why Your Cat Keeps Waking You up

There are actually a number of possible reasons that your cat keeps waking you up. This often happens because the cat is hungry. It could mean that you aren’t feeding them enough.

It is also possible that you have fed your cat after it has woken you up in the past, so it’s become a learned behavior. It only takes doing this one time for your cat to try doing this again.

Sometimes cats wake up their owners in the middle of the night because they are in distress. If your cat is in pain for some reason, it could be waking you up to get your attention.

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1. Buy an Automatic Feeder

The first thing that you can try to get your cat to stop waking you up is to buy an automatic feeder. You can set one of these devices to disperse food for your cat at a certain time. Make sure that you set it to do this just before the time your pet typically wakes you up.

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Once you have done this a few days in a row, you can start setting the device to give your cat its food a bit later. Continue to set the time later each day. If your cat starts back up with this behavior, just set the feeder a little earlier for just a couple of days.

2. Buy Some Fun Toys for Your Cat

Another highly effective way to stop your cat from waking you up at night is to get it some fun toys that will keep it occupied. There are certain puzzle toys that are made to occupy a cat for extended periods of time.

Make sure that your cat responds well to these toys before going to sleep so you know if they are actually going to work. You can also try putting out toys that have catnip inside of them. This should keep your cat out of your bedroom all night long.

3. Get Your Cat a Furry Companion

If you are really having problems with getting your pet to stop waking you, it might be a good idea to get another cat. This will give it a companion to play and spend time with while you are sleeping.

Make sure that your budget allows for another cat, as there are plenty of expenses that come with owning one. You also need to consider the overall personality of your current cat. The fact is that some cats do well with other felines in the house, while others do not.

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4. Spend Time with Your Cat at Night

You’ll want to make a point of spending some time with your cat at night before you go to bed. This could be enough to satisfy your feline friend so that it doesn’t come in to wake you up. Sometimes cats do this to their owners because they aren’t getting enough attention while they are still up.

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It is a good idea to set aside at least 15 minutes or so to play with your cat. Use some of its toys to interact with it on a daily basis. Cats get bored and crave interaction with others just like humans, so you need to keep this in mind.

5. Go Back to Sleep

You don’t want to simply do anything about your cat waking you up, but you also shouldn’t give it any attention in the moment. If you feed your cat or play with it after getting woken up, you will be reinforcing a negative behavior.

It is important that you deal with your cat waking you up before you go to bed. This will provide you with the best long term results. You don’t want to let your pet learn that it can get what it wants by disturbing your sleep.

6. Maintain a Regular Cat Care Schedule

Cats are naturally created of habit, so they like it when everything stays the same. Changing up one thing in a cat’s schedule can cause problems. This is why you should make a point of feeding your cat and interacting with it around the same time each day.

7. Remove Nearby Furniture

You should make it as difficult as possible for your cat to jump onto you in bed. This means making sure there aren’t any shelves or furniture they will make it easier for them. Keeping these things near your bed is just too tempting for some cats.

Should I Shut the Door to My Bedroom?

While shutting the door to your bedroom might keep your cat out, it can still be problematic for a number of reasons. If your cat is determined to get your attention, there’s a good chance that it will keep scratching at the door.

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You will most likely end up waking up to scratching sounds, and you might have damage to your door to deal with. This is not a good long term solution, so you should try to get down to the root of the problem.


  • A lot of cats that wake up their owners do so because they are hungry and want to be fed.
  • Invest in a device that disperses food for your cat at a certain time to avoid being woken up.
  • Play with your pet before going to bed. This can be effective if your cat keeps waking you up because it is bored.
  • You don’t want to give your cat what it wants when it wakes you up, as you are only teaching it to do it again.
  • Make every effort to maintain a regular care schedule for your cat. This means feeding and playing with it the same times each day.
  • Shutting the door to your bedroom is usually not a good long term solution.