Unique Dog Names & How to Choose One

unique dog names

For loads of pet owners out there, naming their dog carries no less significance than naming their biological child.

Therefore, they will put in equal efforts to find a unique name for their beloved pet, in an attempt to find a marvelous name that stands out from the rest.

Pointers to Come up with a Unique Name:

  • Think about the favorite vacation locations or some isolated trek that you have been to. If you think hard enough, you might get enough inspiration for a unique name from your favorite vacation spots.
  • See if your dog has a unique personality trait of its own. You can pick a name that goes well with the dog’s personality or appearance. 
  • Loads of pet owners have also taken inspiration from their favorite novels, sporting heroes, and comic books from their childhood days.
  • Explore different dog names in different countries, cultures, and even centuries. Pretty soon, you will end up with a unique dog name that you will be calling out for the next decade or so.
  • Pick a name in a foreign language. The chosen name might be common in a foreign country, but it will stand out in your country because most people don’t choose foreign names for their pets.
  • You can also revisit your history books to draw some inspiration. From famous philosophers to explorers, you can name your dog around a historical figure. Surely, the name will stand out. 

Unique Dog Names Inspired by Famous Historians

  • Goliath (a famous warrior from the Bible)
  • Homer (a poet from the Greek history)
  • Plato (a philosopher from the Greek history)
  • Brutus (a politician from the Roman Empire)
  • Solomon (a renowned king from the Bible)
  • Byron (inspired by Lord Byron, an English poet)
  • Jezebel (a princess from the Bible)
  • Venus (a Roman goddess and a planet)
  • Imelda (a saint from Spanish)

Examples of Unique Dog Names for Inspiration:

  • Moonshine
  • Beer
  • Voodoo
  • Hashtag
  • Wifi
  • Whiskey
  • Wonder Dog
  • Twinkle Star
  • Heaven
  • Autopsy

Dog Naming Tips for First Time Owners:

  • Always choose a name with no more than one or two syllables. Dog experts state that short names work well for getting the dog’s attention.
  • Choose a dog name that ends with vowels. Believe it or not; dogs respond better to sounds ending with vowels because it stimulates some neurons in their brains.
  • Make it a point to not choose a funny name. Dogs are pretty sensitive by nature. They will be able to tell that others are making fun of them from the mood and emotions of the person’s tone.
  • Scientific evidence states that dogs can hear the “s” sound better than any other sound. As a result, they respond well to it. So, you may want to choose a name along the same lines.
  • Don’t get too caught with a trending name. What may be trending today may not be in the trend a few years from now. The chances are that you may not like calling your dog with the trending name a few years from now.
  • If all family members cannot agree on a single name, write down all the shortlisted names on a piece of paper and put them in a hat. Then, pick one as the final name. 
  • If you pick a name, stick with it. Don’t make the mistake of changing the dog’s name every few months because it might confuse the hell out of your pets.

Some Fun Facts about Dog Names:

  • In comparison to female dogs, male dogs are five times more likely to get a unique name from their owners. So, male dogs are luckier in this department.
  • More than half of the dog names are of regular people because most pet owners like to name their dogs after their loved ones, themselves, or people whom they know.


Frankly speaking, it’s a lot of work to come up with a unique dog name. Practically, it’s a fun process too. The best part is that you will get a lot of advice and help along the way.

Of course, you will get inspiration from your surroundings too. So, take your sweet time to brainstorm from the hundreds of potential names out there. Most importantly, enjoy the process!

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