At What Age Do Labradors Calm Down?

At What Age Do Labradors Calm Down

When you get a new puppy, no matter the breed, there will always be a period of hyperactivity but soon you start wishing they would start to settle down and become calmer. 

 Labradors never totally calm down but they start to transition out of that hyperactivity puppy stage at about two years of age.

The Personality of a Labrador

 A Labrador is a ball of energy and a people pleaser.  They are sociable, good-natured, easy-going, and non-aggressive.  At times they might be so hyper and playful it will seem like they will never grow out of the puppy stage but they will.  Their loving personality makes them a great family dog.  They are great with children.

Labradors as Puppies

The only time that you will find a Labrador puppy calm is right as they are born until they become aware of their surroundings.  They have a passion for life and live it to the fullest.  They will chase random objects, follow you everywhere, and jump around in happiness.  It is important that when they are puppies you keep them busy.  It will stimulate them mentally and physically.  If you do not keep them busy then they will find some activities on their own and that could be a disaster.  

When Do Labradors Calm Down?

Within two to three years after their birth, some Labradors will start to calm down but a majority of them will still retrain all that energy until they enter their mature years.  You will need to learn how to control their energy.

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How to Help Labradors Calm Down

From the beginning, you need to take steps to calm your Labrador down so you will have control over your Labrador.  If you do not get control over them then there is a great chance they will become uncontrollable.  This can become a disaster.

To be able to calm your Labrador, you will need to incorporate these tips into their daily life.

  • Be in Charge:  Yes, you love your Labrador but you have to let them know who is boss.  You are their parent so if you let them get by with bad behavior, they will just stop listening to you.  You have to be able to condition your Labrador to become the best version of themselves.  If they do something bad like breaking plants or tearing something up, let them know that they should not do that.  Do not yell at them but you can scold them by saying no.  When they do something right, make sure that you reward them.  When you are in charge this means that you should be able to control them with a body harness or a leash.
  • Harness Training Tactics:  During walks, Labradors can sometimes be hard to control.  This is especially true if there is something they see that excites them.  Make sure that before you go on the walk that they have on their training harness or leash.  If they get overexcited start walking at a brisk, calm manner but do not yank on the leash.  By doing this, it will help to prevent your Labrador from doing something silly.
  • Tire Them Out:  To calm down your Labrador, the most efficient way to do this is to tire them out.  If there is a dog park, let them play there for a while, take them for a walk in the morning and/or evening, and if you like to run or jog, let them do it with you.  If they have a good workout for 30-40 minutes each day that should do the trick.  They will be ready to rest and not try to destroy your house.
  • Give Them Activities:  Give your Labrador toys that are made just for them that will require that they use their mental strength.  You can also keep them mentally active by playing hide the treats and let your dog find them, play fetch, let them have social interaction with other dogs and people.
  • Change Your Behavior:  Make sure that if you want your Labrador to be calm or to calm down, you will need to be sure you are calm yourself.  Do not use a high pitched voice or greet them in an excited voice.  This will excite your Labrador and make controlling them an even harder task.
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Calming Tips

If your Labrador is excited, make sure that you do not escalate their excitement into something chaotic or dangerous.

  • When your Labrador is overexcited make sure that you do not pretend to be a victim or play wrestle with them.  Just back off and be calm, maybe start to gently rub them and talk to them in a calm voice to get them to start to settle down.
  • When they are misbehaving or getting noisy for no apparent reason, do not reward them.
  • When they are calm, resting, or being quiet that is when you need to reward them.  It can be with kind words telling them what good dogs they are, a few pats, or a small dog treat.  When you reward them for this, it helps to teach them that it is a good thing to be quiet and calm and they will be rewarded for this type of behavior.


  • When you are calm, your Labrador will be calm also but if you are loud and excited, then the Labrador will be too.  They will match your mood.
  • Labradors are a natural energetic dog and you cannot expect your Labrador to just sit and be calm and quiet all the time.  They have to have an outlet for their energy.
  • When talking about your Labrador calming down, this means have a settled behavior and not one that is over-excited.
  • A Labrador becomes a mature adult do at the age of two years until they reach seven years of age where at that age they are considered a senior dog.
  • When scolding your Labrador learn to just say no but do not tell them they are a bad dog.
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