What Are the Best Dog Breeds for Families with Kids?

Choosing a dog when you have kids might be difficult. These article is made for people who are looking for best dog breeds for families with kids.

best dog breeds with kids jack russel

Owning a dog comes with plenty of benefits, many of which have to do with improving their humans’ health and well-being. At the same time, however, pet ownership is also a huge responsibility.

On top of providing your dog with its basic needs and a lot of affection, you must also be accountable for your canine companion’s training and actions. This can be a challenge when you’re living with other people, especially young children who are still not aware of how to properly approach animals and read their behavior.

Which Breeds Are the Best Fit for a Household with Young Children?

The good news is that dogs are also deliberately bred to showcase certain qualities and some of these breeds are designed to have a friendly and patient disposition toward children.

If your household has young family members and you’re seriously considering adopting a canine companion, here’s a list of dog breeds that can be a good fit for your home:

1. Mixed-Breed Dogs

If you’re looking for a child-friendly family pet, it would be a mistake to discount mixed-breed dogs from your list of options. Mutts, as these dogs are commonly called, have traits that reflect their parents’ characteristics. There’s a chance the mixed-breed dog you’ll adopt is not only friendly but also physically healthy.

To arrive at the best choice, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the dogs on your shortlist and get a good idea of what each candidate will be like once you bring them home. Observe how the dog is interacting with other people and animals.

Check if it’s amenable to being handled by kids, how it reacts if it is made to put on dog collars and if it tolerates the presence of cats or smaller animals well. Based on what behavior you see, you can then decide if a particular pup will be a good fit for your household.

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2. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are well-known for their intelligence and agreeable personality. Most Goldens are patient and welcoming, and they offer a perfect balance of curiosity and gentleness. This combination of traits makes the breed a favorite option among families with children.

No matter if your family likes to spend time at home or play outdoors often, a Golden Retriever can serve as a constant companion and playmate to the little ones in your brood.

3. Labrador Retrievers

best dog breeds with kids labrador

One of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, Labrador Retrievers are known for their friendliness and versatility. This breed can get along well with kids as well as other dogs and cats. They are easily trainable and perform well in different activities such as showing, obedience training, and hunting, among others.

Labradors are best paired with families that can keep up with their energy, as dogs from this breed are quite energetic and require a bit of exercise to adequately tire them out each day.

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4. Poodles

The charming poodle doesn’t just look good; it also has a gentle disposition that is well-suited to families with young kids.

Despite their dignified appearance, poodles shed very little fur compared to other dog breeds, making them an option for families whose members are prone to suffering from allergic reactions due to pet fur and dander. Take note, though, that the breed requires regular grooming to maintain its healthy appearance.

5. Newfoundlands

Nana, the dog in the story of Peter Pan, is a Newfoundland and serves as an archetype of the breed. This big dog breed is deemed a natural babysitter due to its gentleness, patience, sweetness, and protective instinct toward children.

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While the breed displays a lot of traits that make it an ideal companion for children, it should be noted that Newfies are best suited to homes with plenty of open spaces. Their thick fur also needs regular brushing, especially as this breed tends to shed with each change of the season.

6. Beagles

Compact, curious, and friendly, Beagles are an ideal pet for homes with kids. This small dog breed is brimming with curiosity and responds well to training, and its calm temperament can help even out easily excitable children.

Beagles not only make for good couch buddies; they also enjoy exploring nature and seeing new places with the members of their family.

7. French Bulldogs

On top of being cute, French Bulldogs are also easygoing and highly adaptable. They can get along well with kids due to their calm temperament, and they’re unlikely to accidentally hurt kids due to the breed’s small size. Because they’re quite compact, quiet, and low-energy, they can thrive in apartments and smaller living spaces.

best dog breeds with kids jack russel

Looking Beyond Your Preferred Dog Breed

Take note that the dog’s breed does not dictate its ultimate disposition toward the younger members of your family. Just like people, some dogs can behave in unexpected ways, and you don’t want this to happen when there’s a child involved.

Even if you’re picking a puppy from a breed that’s well known for its child-friendly qualities, it’s still important to have a standard for judging whether these traits are actually reflected in your choice of pup.

Here are some of the qualities that you might want to think of when choosing a dog for your home:

The Dog’s Temperament

Your dog’s personality can have a significant impact on how it will behave in your home. Children are often excitable and rambunctious, so you’ll want a dog that is calm, patient, and unlikely to show any signs of aggression.

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Still, having these qualities doesn’t mean that your dog should make all the adjustments when interacting with younger family members. Kids should also be taught how to approach and interact with their pets so that they can avoid injuries and enjoy hanging out with each other.

The Size of the Dog

There are certainly a lot of gentle giants in the dog world. Newfoundland dogs, for example, have a patient disposition that makes them a great fit for many families with children.

However, some of these dogs are not aware of their size and strength, and this can pose a danger to very young kids.

A small child who’s still unsteady on their feet may be easily injured by a large excited dog that simply wants to play. Given this, consider the dog’s size and strength level relative to your children’s before adopting one.

The Dog’s Energy Level

A tired dog is a happy dog. That said, dogs that tend to have a lot of unused energy or those that get bored too often can resort to destructive behavior to distract themselves. If your or your children’s energy level doesn’t match that of your pet, then you might have a hard time keeping up. However, if your family is highly active, then an energetic dog will be able to keep up with your activities and keep your kids busy.

Just because your pup’s breed is deemed to be friendly to kids doesn’t mean that your new dog doesn’t need a proper introduction to your children. Indeed, it’s a must to oversee your dog and children’s interactions from the get-go, at least until they get used to each other. This way, you can help your kids and your pet develop a lasting friendship that’s built on mutual respect and constant companionship.