Why Do Cats Sleep Between Your Legs?

Why Do Cats Sleep Between Your Legs

Cats love to curl up in a nice cozy warm place and fall asleep. You’ve probably noticed your car doing this between your legs on more than one occasion.

 There are actually a number of interesting reasons why your feline friend does this.

Reasons Your Cat Might be Sleeping Between Your Legs

1. It Makes Them Feel Safe

There is a good chance that your cat falls asleep between your legs because it makes them feel safe. This means that they feel very comfortable around you, so you can take it as a compliment. Cats still retain a lot of their wild instincts, including finding cozy spots that make them feel safe.

While it might seem like your cat has no reason to look for a safe place to lie down, it just comes down to their natural instincts. If your cat really trusts you, then they will want to be near you while sleeping. This is an instinct that serves them well in the wild, as it helps keep them safe from predators.

If your cat falls asleep between your legs, make sure that you do not wake them up abruptly. This could cause you to get pretty scratched up. When a cat is startled, it may start flailing around with its claws out. Make sure that you rouse them from their slumber gently.

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2. They are Trying to Stay Warm

Another common reason that cats curl up and fall asleep between their owner’s legs is to stay warm. If your cat is a little chilly and wants to get warm, they just might wedge themselves between your legs. We all emit some amount of body heat, especially this area.

Wild cats instinctually look for warm places to sleep, and the same goes for domesticated felines. The warmer they are, the easier it will be to get adequate rest. There is also the fact that a cat’s body temperature decreases three or four degrees while it is sleeping. The area between your legs is probably enough to help it maintain a comfortable temperature while it’s snoozing.

angry cat on laps

3. It’s Their Way of Saying “You’re Mine”

Cats are known for being highly possessive animals. They display a variety of behaviors that prove this, including getting between their owner’s legs and going to sleep. This might just be your cat’s way of laying their claim to you.

You have most likely noticed your cat rubbing up against your leg more than once. This is another way in which these animals mark their territory. It is basically them saying “Hey everyone, this is mine.”

If you have any other pets in the house, your cat is likely to exhibit this behavior at least once in a while. This is because they’ll get jealous sometimes over the attention that the other animals are receiving from you. It is therefore not a good idea to move them once they have curled up between your legs.

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These animals have glands that emit pheromones, which allow them to claim their territory. You are not able to smell the pheromones that are released, but it is a perfectly natural behavior for them.

4. They Are Stressed Out

Your cat might be falling asleep between your legs because it is stressed. They could find being close to you very comforting, which is an indication that you have a strong bond with them.

There are lots of different reasons that a cat might feel stressed. It could be due to the presence of another pet in your home, such as a large dog or even another cat. It is important that you closely monitor how your pets interact with each other. The last thing you want is for your cat to get bullied by another pet on a regular basis.

A lot of domesticated animals will instinctively go to their owners and want to be near them when they are stressed or anxious. This often happens when there is a loud storm outside, or something else that startles them.

5. They are Attracted to Your Scent

You could be unknowingly attracting your cat with some appealing scent that is on your person. This could be the soap, cologne, or perfume you use. These animals have a finely tuned sense of smell, and they are naturally curious. They might find the aroma you are giving off to be relaxing or just generally pleasing.

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Giving Your Cat a Comfortable Sleep Spot

If you want your cat to stop falling asleep between your legs, you will need to give them a highly desirable place to relax. You should try putting a piece of clothing in an area that your cat frequents in the house. The shirt will have your scent on it, which might deter it from curling up between your legs.

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There are tons of different cat beds that you can buy, so it is important to explore your options. Look for a bed that is made of a safe and comfortable material. You can even buy beds that are like sleeping bags that your cat can go inside.


  • One of the most common reasons that cats sleep between their owner’s legs is for a sense of security.
  • If your cat trusts you completely, it will want to sleep as close to you as possible.
  • It’s also possible that your cat just wants to stay warm. The body temperature of these animals drops significantly while they are sleeping.
  • Your cat might be falling asleep between your legs as a way of marking its territory.
  • Cats release certain pheromones that basically tell other cats and other animals to stay away.
  • If you have other pets in your house, your cat might be doing this because it is jealous of the attention they get from you.
  • If your cat is stressed out for some reason, they might want to sleep between your legs as a way of feeling comforted.
  • The best way to get your cat to stop this behavior is to provide them with a comfortable place to sleep.
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