Why Do Cats Suck On Blankets?

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Cats suck, bite and chew on all kinds of different things around the house.

 There are actually some fairly surprising explanations for these behaviors. While sucking seems to be something that most kittens do, it has been observed in adult cats too.

Reasons Your Cat Sucks On Blankets

The following are just a few reasons that cats suck on blankets that you should be aware of.

1. Your Cat Was Separated from Its Mother Too Soon

It is possible that your cat was separated from its mother at too young an age. It could be something that your cat is doing to feel connected to their mother in some way. All cats need to stay with their mothers for a minimum of eight weeks. If they do not, there are all sorts of problems that can develop with them.

2. They are Stressed

If your cat is stressed out, they might start sucking on a blanket as a means of comforting themselves. There are all sorts of things that cats will do when they aren’t feeling good, including sucking or biting on random things.

A cat may become stressed when they are being neglected. If you aren’t spending a lot of time with your cat, you might need to make a change. Playing with your kitty a little bit more each day can go a long way towards improving its mental health.

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If there has been a sudden change in your cat’s routine or environment, they might become very stressed. Anxiety can hit a feline hard when they are having trouble coping with this type of change. 

This can include an addition to the household (new cat or baby), or the death of a family member (person or pet). When a cat gets used to seeing the same person or animal every day, not having them around anymore can cause them to become very stressed.

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3. Your Cat Trusts You Completely

Sometimes a cat will climb onto their owner’s lap and start sucking on their blanket as a way of demonstrating trust. This means that they feel totally comfortable around you, which should be ultimately taken as a compliment.

Your cat may also suck on your shirt or some other type of fabric that is very soft. This makes them feel safe, and it is because they trust you completely.

4. They Like the Feel of the Material

The reason for your cats sucking on blankets could be that they just like the way it feels in their mouth. This is often the case when a cat chews, sucks or bites on something. If the blanket is very soft, this might be the case.

5. They Are Excited

Sucking on blankets and other things can also be an expression of excitement. Your cat might start doing this when you come home after being gone all day. There are plenty of weird things that people do when they get excited too.

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Sucking Behavior in Certain Breeds

There are certain cat breeds that are more prone to sucking on random things than others. For example, Siamese cats have a reputation for sucking on a variety of fabrics they find comfort in one way or another.

The Problem with Your Cat Sucking on Blankets

While your cat sucking on blankets can be perfectly harmless, this is not always the case. The material of the blanket is very important. If your cat is sucking on a wool blanket, they could ingest small pieces of the material.

If your cat ingests enough wool or other blanket material at once, they could develop intestinal blockage. This can be life-threatening, so it is important that you address it right away. If you notice that your kitty has swallowed some wool from the blanket, you should get it to the vet right away. They will likely want to run some tests to determine if there is an immediate threat to your cat’s wellbeing.

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How to Keep Your Cat from Sucking on Blankets

There are plenty of different things you can do to keep your cat from sucking on blankets. It is important that you explore some of these options.

1. Keep Their Stress Level Under Control

It is important that you do everything possible to keep your cat’s stress level under control at all times. This means trying to not disrupt your cat’s everyday routine suddenly in any major way. If you are going to bring home a new baby or another pet, you should introduce them to your cat slowly.

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2. Store Your Blankets in Cabinets

You should also consider keeping your blankets in cabinets where your cat cannot get to them. This will remove the temptation altogether.

3. Spend More Time with Them

Sometimes all it takes to keep your cat from sucking on blankets and other things is to just spend more time with them. Your cat could be doing this as a response to boredom or lack of stimulation. If this is the case, you will definitely want to play with them more often. When you start doing this, they might not be so quick to chew, suck and bite on random things like blankets.


  • A lot of cats that are torn from their mother at too young an age end up doing things like sucking on blankets.
  • A cat needs to stay with its mother for the first eight weeks of its life for proper bonding.
  • Your cat could be sucking on blankets as a way of soothing itself because it feels stressed for some reason.
  • A sudden change in the household or your cat’s routine can cause them to become very stressed.
  • It’s also possible that your cat is sucking on blankets because it likes the feel of the material.
  • The problem with your cat sucking on blankets is that they could ingest some of the material, which might cause an intestinal obstruction.
  • If you notice your cat consumes any wool, you’ll want to get them medical attention right away.
  • Make sure that you keep all of your blankets tucked away in cabinets so your cat is not even tempted to suck on them.