Every mouse that ever existed loves to eat treats. When it comes to the species as a whole, no one can say that mice were on a diet.

It doesn’t matter what kind of snack is as long as it is delicious and can be digested by their intestinal system.

Your mouse and its snacks

Mice and most rodents are scavenger animals, which means that they are used to eating all kinds of different foods, whether they are healthy or not. Mice can eat far more than just pellets, fruits, and veggies. They’re able to eat most kinds of cooked meat, many different types of cheeses, milk, and cream. If you ever need to give your mouse a big protein boost, chop up a hard-boiled egg and place a piece of it in their food. There’s nothing that a mouse will not eat, but we don’t want to give them food that will be bad for them. Nowadays, many treats have been created by animal food manufacturers that are both healthy and delicious.

Snacks to give your Pet Mouse

1. Fruits

Mice, just like the majority of all other animals, love to recruit. Their high sugar content turns mice into rabid fans who will eat as much as they can until they can no longer eat. So, you can see your mouse the vast majority of fruits except for us a few. When you go to feed your mouse a fruit snack, give them only a tablespoon at most. Also, fruit as a snack should not be an everyday snack. 

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You should only serve fruit to a mouse at most two times a week. If you feed a mouse too much fruit, they can become obese because food is far more calorically dense than pellets. Also, they can develop serious insulin issues. The most popular fruits to give to mice as a snack are: 

Apples, pears, 

pet mouse eat fruit

2. Vegetables

While we humans never think of vegetables as a snack, mice love to eat vegetables because of their varied flavors and a high amount of fiber. Mice consider vegetables to be delicious, and they cannot get enough of them. One popular type of vegetable is the sweet potato because it has high sugar content. Its sugar content is similar to that of fruit, especially if it is cooked. Other vegetables that mice love to eat are – tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and small amounts of cooked potato.

3. Protein snacks

Despite their tiny size, mice need plenty of protein so they can have energy throughout the day. A diet that is high in protein enables them to use their muscles without tiring out quickly and solves maze puzzles and play with other interactive toys. If you have a pregnant Mouse, she will need extra protein in her diet as well. She’ll also need protein after she has given birth, and she is exhausted. Here are some great protein sources that could be a healthy treat for your mouse. Sliced boiled egg, firm cheeses like Swiss, cheddar, parmesan, and shredded and cooked chicken.

4. Packaged Mouse treats

Animal food companies create all kinds of different treats for mice, depending on their needs. If your mouse is healthy and normal, they can eat any type of treat. If your mouse is pregnant, they will need extra protein and vitamins, and a sick mouse can consume a liquid treat to make eating easier. Here’s what you should look for when purchasing mouse snacks:

  • Crunchiness – mice love to eat foods are crunchy because they love using their teeth to break apart hard foods
  • Fruit-based – as we said above, fruit has a lot of sugar which appeals to mice
  • Fortified – extra vitamins and minerals are always a plus in a mouse’s diet. Vitamins should be water-soluble so they can pee out any extra intake
  • All-natural or healthy- additives and preservatives will wreak havoc on a mouse’s digestive system. Although many mice can survive on garbage, if your mouse is used to a healthy diet, then the extra additives cause nausea and stomach problems
  • Nuts – because of the number of micronutrients as well as fat in nuts, they are perfect snack by themselves. But many food company manufacturers also place nuts in their mouse treats.
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5. Other miscellaneous foods

Mice are able to eat any food they can find. Because they have been raised to be scavengers that can live in practically any environment. So they’re able to eat the following foods without any negative repercussions, as long as these foods are kept to small portions and are only fed to mice occasionally:

  • Bacon bits – beware of sodium
  • Cooked pasta and sauce, 
  • Small bits of bread
  • Shredded wheat
  • Granola
  • Raisins
  • Pieces of fish
  • Fast food like fries
  • Hot dog sausages
  • Pickled food – if they like this

What should I never give to my mouse as a snack?

Just because mice are the scavengers of the animal kingdom, does not mean that they can survive everything that they eat. In every civilization, dead mice were a common sight because their bodies couldn’t handle certain foods. So, you cannot provide any of these foods as a snack to a mouse: chocolate, raw pork or beef, walnuts, onions, garlic, corn, citrus fruits, lettuce, wheat, old food, rotted food, and stale water that has been sitting out. 

If you ever wonder if a food can be served to a mouse, just remember that their intestines are sensitive, and they can easily be poisoned because of their small size. 


  • There are many types of foods that can be fed to mice as treats
  • Certain foods that are cooked can be fed to mice, like chicken, sweet potatoes, and potato
  • Mice cannot be fed raw pork, chicken, or beef
  • The best types of treats for mice are ones that do not have many additives or preservatives, have nuts as a source of protein, and are extra crunchy. 
  • Never fed your mouse chocolate, onion, garlic, citrus fruits, or the many other food that we have listed above
  • The diet of your mouse is the main factor between a short life and a long life
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