Mice love to eat fruit, and since tomato is a fruit, you may be wondering if your mouse will also like to eat tomatoes?

Yes, the bottom line is that mice love to eat tomatoes, and they will eat them wherever they can. Tomatoes are delicious. The mice will even eat the leaves. 

Can mice eat tomatoes?

Fruit is a very popular food among mice. In fact, among all of the rodents in the rodent family, the fruit is widely eaten wherever and whenever rodents can find it. When a mouse eats fruit, it will not stop eating until they are full. They would like to eat fruit all day long, but many mouse health experts say that fruits are a food that should only be fed to mice a once in a while. Since there’s a lot of sugar in fruit, it is best not to give the mouse too much. It could cause their blood sugar to crash or cause the mouse to develop insulin problems if they eat it over a long time.

Mice and tomato farms

And because the tomato is a fruit, mice love to eat it as well. Many old-time farmers have battled dozens of mice to keep their tomato crops healthy and unearned. Mice are the main reason why there are at least a few cats living on every farm in America. Cats are still the only successful way to get rid of a mouse infestation. Even people who are starting home gardens that have never seen a mouse before in their home will find mice trying to eat their tomato plants. 

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Resistant to nightshade plants

Rodents do not normally suffer effects when they eat the food from the nightshade family. This is different from gerbils and hamsters, who cannot eat many foods in the nightshade family. If they do, they will experience extreme irritation of the stomach lining, and their intestines will become irritated as well. But mice do not share the same effect.

mouse eat tomato

How to serve your mouse tomatoes

Even though tomatoes don’t have a particularly sweet taste, they still have a lot of sugar. There are quite a few sugar carbohydrates in a tomato, to see evidence of this just look at a jar of pasta sauce. It is not as much of a candy bar, but people who are on a low carb diet still have to watch for tomatoes. So you must be cautious when you give your mouse a serving of tomatoes. 

Since there is fruit sugar in a tomato, you don’t want to feed them too much. The perfect serving size is about 1 or 2 tablespoons of chopped tomato Flash. The serving size does not count the liquid feed hope inside the tomato, just the actual red fleshy part. You can also cut your mouse a single slice of tomato.

It is also common for mice and rats to eat the stems and leaves of the tomato plant. Although they would rather eat the actual tomato fruit, which is full of delicious juice, if there is no more fruit available, they will eat the stems and leaves of a tomato plant, especially if they are starving.

Since there are many types of different tomatoes, you may be wondering what kind of tomatoes are mice more prone to eat. But the answer is that pretty much every type of tomato appeals to a mouse they like cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, and many others.

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If a mouse is starving and come upon a partially moldy tomato, they will eat around the mold and only eat the flashy red part that still has juice inside. But this type of scavenging is more like a final resort. If there is any other food in the area emails will not eat the moldy tomato

What nutrients are in a tomato?

Because tomatoes have much less fruit sugar than other fruits, it is almost a perfect health food for mice and for humans. 

There is quite a high amount of antioxidants in a tomato, all of which are great for a mouse’s health. Antioxidants can fight off cancer and strengthen their immune systems, and it can maintain the health of their eyesight and keep their fur looking shiny and new.

A study conducted with tomatoes and mice that the nutrient lycopene, which is found in tomatoes, lowers the amount of information in a mouse’s body. Because the inflammation in the body has been lowered, they also have a lower risk of fatty liver disease and liver cancer.

What other fruits can I give my pet mouse?

There are quite a lot of foods that you can give your pet mouse to happily snack on if you are out of tomatoes. Lots of fruit that you find at the supermarket can be given to mice. A healthy diet for a mouse depends on a wide variety of fruits, as well as vegetables, so that your mouse can meet all of its nutritional needs. Here are just some of the fruits that mice can eat. 

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Melons
  • Pears
  • Berries
  • Plums
  • Peache
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Never give your mouse any citrus fruits like lemons, limes, or oranges. These fruits will cause extreme distress to a mouse’s intestinal systems, and they will get diarrhea and start to vomit, which will cause them to dehydrate. 


  • Mice love to eat tomatoes
  • They can even eat the leaves and the stems
  • Mice are a plague on farms that grow tomatoes
  • Farmers have several cats on their farms to help them deal with the mice problem
  • Tomatoes are a fruit
  • Since tomatoes have a bit of sugar in them, you shouldn’t feed too much to your mouse in one serving
  • The antioxidants in a tomato help fight off cancer
  • Mice are known to eat rotting food, but if there is healthy food available, they will eat it instead. 
  • Eating tomatoes helps reduce the inflammation 
  • If you feed your mouse citrus fruits, they could become very sick.
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