Cats are known to exhibit all sorts of odd behaviors when interacting with each other. If you have more than one cat at home, you’ve probably seen them get into slapping matches.

 There are multiple reasons why this might occur, and it’s important for you to know what they are.

Reasons Your Cats Slap Each Other

There is an explanation for most everything a cat does, including their slapping fights with other felines. There are numerous possible reasons that your cats do this with each other.

1. They Want Attention/Playtime

It is certainly possible that your cats are slapping each other simply because they want attention. If one cat wants to get their owner’s attention, they might begin playfully batting their paws at another cat in the house. It might also be their way of trying to initiate a play session with the other feline.

There is no question that cats are playful creatures, and this can cause all sorts of behavior to manifest. These slapping battles could be nothing more than friendly roughhousing among two energetic animals. It is important that your cat gets enough playtime each day in order to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

2. They Are Fighting

You also have to consider the possibility that this behavior is pure aggression, which can be a problem with multiple cats under the same roof. There are certain signs that indicate aggressive fighting among felines, such as hissing and growling vocalizations. If your cats are making these noises at each other, they are probably not getting along.

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Another sign of true aggression with cats is when their claws come out. If your cats are slapping each other with their claws sheathed, it’s probably just harmless fun. But when they have their claws out, one or both animals can sustain serious injuries.

If you see your cats fighting each other aggressively, you should not try to pick them with. Instead, you’ll want to try breaking up their fight by squirting them with some water. You can also try using a broom to separate them. If you get between the two fighting cats, you’ll only get scratched up.

cat slapping another cat

3. A Show of Dominance

When one cat starts slapping another, it is often a show of their dominance. This is basically the cat’s way of letting the other one know who is in charge. While this is natural behavior, it’s not something that you should allow. You don’t want to make one of your cats think it is okay to bully the others.

4. Illness

A significant and sudden increase in aggressive slapping could indicate a serious illness. There are many different conditions that could cause this, including bacterial infections.

If you’ve noticed your cat becoming more aggressive lately, you should have them looked at by your veterinarian. They should be able to tell you if there is some underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed.

Slapping at People

You might notice your cat slapping at new people who come into your home. It is normal for some cats to act this way towards people they are unfamiliar with. It is their way of challenging them and establishing their dominance. While you should make an effort to curb this behavior, it is nothing to be too concerned about.

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There’s also a chance that your cat is slapping someone in your home because they are wearing a shiny piece of jewelry. Most cats simply cannot resist the allure of a shiny dangling object.

A cat slapping a person can also be their way of trying to instigate playtime. As long as their claws are not, you don’t have to be worried at all.

Slapping Inanimate Objects

It’s also common to see a domesticated cat batting their paws at inanimate objects around the house. As strange as it might seem, this too is also perfectly normal. This is most likely just your cat exploring its environment and being the curious little creature that it is.

Most cats will slap an object just once before deciding to move on or investigate further; it all depends on the nature of the object. This is why you need to be careful about keeping valuable and/or fragile items in places where your cat can easily knock them over. A cat is much more likely to slap at something if it is hanging or dangling from something.

cat fight

How to Keep Your Cats from Slapping Each Other

As we stated above, you should make a conscious effort to keep your cats from slapping each other. While the reason behind this behavior might be harmless, it can quickly escalate into a full blown aggressive brawl.

1. Distract Them

One of the best ways to keep your cat’s from slapping each other is to distract them with something enticing. This could be some catnip or a fun toy.

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2. Make a Loud Noise

A loud noise will most likely startle your cats just enough to get them to stop what they are doing. Try shaking a metal can with loose change in it.

3. Use a Spray Bottle

Spraying your cats with a spray bottle filled with water can also work very well. Most cats absolutely hate getting wet, so this method can be quite effective.


  • Cats will often begin slapping each other as a way of getting attention or instigating playtime.
  • If your cats are slapping each other with their claws out, they are fighting aggressively.
  • Do not attempt to separate your cats with your hands if they are fighting with claws out.
  • One cat might start slapping another as a way of showing its dominance in the household.
  • In some cases, a serious illness can cause a spike in aggressive behavior.
  • If your cat slaps at people, it’s probably because they want to play or see that they’re wearing a piece of shiny jewelry.
  • Cats slapping inanimate objects is a normal part of their curious nature.
  • When your cats start slapping each other, try making a loud noise.
  • You can also try distracting your cats by throwing a fun toy in front of them.
  • A spray bottle usually works well for separating two cats that are fighting.
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