7 Aquarium Decorations & Accessories

aquarium castle

Aquarium decorations and accessories can only be limited by your imagination; however, as you try to get the perfect cosmetic look, consider spacing and the number of fish that you want to put in your tank.

Overcrowding will most definitely lead to the growth of toxins and some fish might get hurt due to little swimming space. 

So what are some of the benefits of incorporating creative aquarium decorations and accessories in your fish tank? The first and most obvious one is beauty, you must have visited hospitals and noticed the little aquariums in the doctor’s office, and it must have been appealing to the eye with the beautifully colored leather corals. 

Some aquariums utilize both the fresh and plastic plants that are low maintenance and cannot be easily destroyed by fish. Creative Aquarium decorations also tend to hide the less appealing parts of the tank, for example, they could be used to skillfully hide the filter. We will, therefore, look at some of the creative aquarium decorations that are going to turn your fish tank into a fish home. 

Top 7 Aquarium Decorations

1. Decorative rocks 

aquarium rocks

So aquarium rocks are available in different types, we have the slate, the lava rocks, quartz, shale and basalt rocks. The above mentioned will not affect your freshwater aquarium negatively, but if you get overexcited and use rocks such as the dolomite, limestone, and marble be prepared to deal with high calcium and salt content in your fish tank. 

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Getting a rock from the pet store does not qualify it for cleanliness because they must have acquired some good amount of dust. You should, therefore, clean the rock to get rid of bacteria and debris, and refrain from using rocks that you have picked from outside, as you don’t know whether they will crumble, besides some rocks do feature sharp edges. 

If you lack the time to search for natural occurring rocks for your aquarium then you can easily purchase an artificial rock that will just be as functional as the natural rocks. Besides, a rock in your fish tank imitates the fish’s natural environment and they can use them to hide or even scrap off algae from them. 

2. Aquarium wood

aquarium wood

Aquarium wood is more functional than it is decorative, and not every wood that you find in the bush is convenient for your aquarium, so you might want to do some research before integrating one into your fish tank. The most commonly used wood in an aquarium is the driftwood, which are normally the remains of bushes and trees. 

Driftwood, when incorporated with other aquarium plants, will enhance the outlook of the aquarium, even more, important is that fish may use the wood to spawn; some fish will lay their eggs directly on the wood and others will hide in them especially the fry and shrimps. Algae have also been known to make a home at the surface of the driftwood. 

Some of the safe types of wood are the Sumatran Driftwood, the Redmoor root wood, the Bogwood, the Mopani wood, the Cholla, and Tigerwood among others. 

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3. Aquarium decorative plants 

aquarium decorative plants

The reason why people add live plants in their aquarium is because fish can feed on them. However, if you don’t have fish that will thrive by feeding on aquarium plants then you can adopt the artificial plants. The latter does come in a variety of bright colors that add to a fish tank’s cosmetic look. 

Real plants will help filter your aquarium water, control CO2 levels and create a beneficial biofilm. Artificial plants, on the other hand, don’t need trimming, will never die, and are not at the risk of developing diseases, so the choice is yours but be warned that they also come with some downsides. Like the artificial plants will not help oxygenate your aquarium water and the real plants are at risk of developing disease. 

4. Warship Cave Aquarium Decorations 

warship aquarium

Aquarium decorations should be safe and not affect the PH of the water; the warship cave aquarium decoration features a plastic material that is not toxic to the fish. Fish tank decorations tend to exude a natural feel and come in a number of hues and shades. The warship is algae free and can be adopted in both the salt and freshwaters. 

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5. Aquarium castle decorations 

aquarium castle

Since aquarium decorations come in plenty, the most important thing is to ensure that you get one that is made of non-toxic materials. An aquarium castle decoration can bring out the fairy tale outlook of the medieval era. And the exciting features that come with the decorative features will not only excite your aquarium dwellers but will also appeal to the eyes of your guests.

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The aquarium castles come in different sizes, and some feature hiding spots that would be great for your fish, fry, and shrimps. Others come with a waterfall design and can be combined with other different castles. 

6. Sunken Submarine

sunken submarine

The sunken submarines more or less resemble a submarine wreck and are usually made of non-toxic resin material. Apart from the hiding stones and plants, a sunken submarine will provide alternative hiding for your fish, fry and shrimps. The good thing with these types of aquarium décor is that they do not need maintenance and are pretty easy to clean. 

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7. Corals 

aquarium corals

Corals can be integrated into the aquarium that bears fish and they can also be used in a coral only aquarium. When choosing coral for your fish tank be informed that there are the grown corals and the artificial corals. Grown corals can be dangerous and have the ability to produce toxins in the tank, Palytoxin is an example of such type of coral that when released can lead to the burning of the skin and eyes. 

The toxin is also dangerous when it comes into contact with your throat and lungs, since the grown corals need a lot of care in handling and maintenance, you can always take the load off your back and invest in an artificial coral that features a variety of colors and come in different designs.

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