Do Rabbits Eat Carrots?

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Rabbits have a reputation for eating carrots, but there are some surprising things about this animal’s diet you probably didn’t know.

 If you own a rabbit or you are planning to get one soon, you will need this information. It is imperative that you know what your bunny does and does not eat.

Are Carrots Bad for Rabbits?

While carrots are not toxic to rabbits, they can pose a threat to their health. Giving your rabbit too much of this food can lead to obesity and even tooth decay. This is due to the fairly high amount of sugar in this vegetable.

There is also a good amount of carbohydrates in carrots, which rabbits don’t need very much of at all. Even a slight surplus of carbs in a rabbit’s diet can result in rapid weight gain, which definitely puts their health at risk in a number of ways.

Do Rabbits Like the Taste of Carrots?

Many rabbits seem to love the taste of carrots. That being said, not all of these animals are exactly the same. Some rabbits take to certain food more than others. It is important to keep in mind that most rabbits do not eat carrots naturally in the wild. 

They might, however, eat this vegetable if they happen across it. Rabbits are quite an annoying pest for vegetable farmers, as they can devour a lot of food in a small amount of time. This vegetable isn’t part of their natural diet though.

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It is very possible that what rabbits really love about carrots is their texture. These animals are big chewers, so it’s not surprising that they love gnawing on this particular food. The rough texture of carrots likely appeals to their natural instincts.

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The Origin of the Carrot Myth

There is an interesting back story as to why rabbits are known for eating carrots, despite them not being a part of their natural diet.

Just about everyone is familiar with Bugs Bunny, the famously elusive and clever Warner Brothers animated character. This cartoon rabbit’s affinity for carrots was actually based on a movie character played by Clark Gable in the 1930s. 

The director of an animation at Warner Brothers decided to give Bugs Bunny a carrot to chew on based on Gable’s character in a movie called “It Happened One Night”, in which he would always have a cigar in his mouth. There is a distinct similarity between the way both characters speak.

Nutritional Benefits of Carrots

There are a number of nutritional benefits associated with carrots that can benefit your rabbit’s health, including:

  • Antioxidants: The antioxidant properties that carrots contain can help to keep your rabbit’s immune system strong. This makes it less likely that they will become ill over time.
  • Good for digestion: The fairly high fiber content in carrots makes them good for your rabbit’s digestive system. These animals need a high-fiber diet to stay healthy.
  • Beneficial for skin: There are certain vitamins and minerals in carrots that are very good for your rabbit’s skin. These nutrients can even help with preventing a number of nasty skin conditions.
  • Helps with maintaining weight: Giving your rabbit the occasional carrot to eat can help with maintaining their weight. An obese rabbit can quickly develop a lot of very serious health problems.
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Tips for Giving Your Rabbit Carrots

There are a few tips that you’ll want to keep in mind before giving your rabbit any carrots.

1. Practice Moderation

You should only give your rabbit a couple of carrot tops each week at the most. While vegetables like this one can be beneficial to your pet’s health, they shouldn’t make up for more than 5-10% of their total diet.

The fact is that giving your rabbit too many carrots, or any other food for that matter, can lead to excessive weight gain. This can cause a variety of additional health problems that could shorten their life. 

This particular vegetable contains a decent amount of sugar, which is not good for these animals in large quantities.

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2. Give Them Carrot Tops

Rabbits tend to enjoy eating the tops of carrots, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. They love the actual carrot as well as the vegetation that sprouts from it. This will provide them with the full nutritional value that carrots have to offer.

3. Don’t Try to Force Them to Eat

You should never try to force your rabbit to eat carrots just because you think these animals are supposed to eat them. This will only aggravate your pet and chip away at the bond you have formed with it.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Rabbit

When you give your rabbit a carrot top for the first time, you’ll want to keep an eye on them. If you notice any digestive issues after they eat the carrot, you shouldn’t give them this vegetable again. It is also possible that you just gave them too much at once.

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Should I Give My Rabbit Carrots?

There are in fact a number of nutritional benefits that your rabbit can enjoy from the occasional piece of carrot. Just make sure that you don’t give them too much, as this can actually have a negative impact on their overall health.


  • Carrots are not inherently toxic to rabbits, but they do contain a decent amount of carbs and sugar.
  • This vegetable is not a natural part of a rabbit’s diet, but it will usually eat them when given the chance.
  • It is not recommended that you give your bunny more than one or two carrot tops per week.
  • Lots of rabbits enjoy the taste of carrots, as well as the rough texture due to their natural pension for chewing.
  • This vegetable contains a good amount of fiber, which can help with regulating your bunny’s digestive system.
  • Carrots are also a good source of various vitamins and minerals that can help maintain your rabbit’s skin health.
  • Make sure that you monitor your rabbit closely after giving them a piece of carrot for the first time.
  • You should stick to giving your rabbit carrot tops instead of whole carrots to eat all at once.