How Long Do Parakeets live on Average?

two parakeets

We see that you have parakeets in the cage outside in your foyer and you are pretty much amused with all the chattering!

The colorful bird plumage is already a striking contrast with your interiors and look at how they are sweetly playing on the porch!!

If you have got yourself a parakeet or better still a pair of them, you have done a good thing. These are one of the best options for a first-time bird owner and they will keep you company and in good stead for some years at least.

That brings us to the point of the average life expectancy of a parakeet

There are three different parakeet species

  1. Budgerigar parakeet or the commonly called budgie. They are native to Australia and commonly bred and kept as pets here in America. Budgies have an expected lifespan of five to ten years on an average
  2. Monk Parakeet which lives for about 15 to 20 years and 
  3. The plain parakeet that has an average life expectancy of 15 years on the highest side. 

As a proud owner, it is your bidding that you make sure that these wonderful words live their lives to the maximum capacity as also try and exceed their life expectancy.

green parakeet

Parakeets are very easy to maintain:

Having said this, there is, of course, a lot of things that you may want to meet to take care of your feathered friends. Here is how to care for them, what they need to be fed, how and where to house them and what you must do in case they fall sick.

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Parakeets are social birds that love to interact with each other as much as they love to interact with humans. That is why breeders will often recommend that you house a pair of them at least together in the cage. This way they always have company. 

The only drawback is that if you interact with them less on a daily basis, there is a chance that they will interact very well with their kith and may not have any time or inclination for you. But not to worry, you can set this right by spending more time with them.

The bottom line is that they love the interaction and unless you can commit to giving them your time and energy, try to postpone getting them home unless you can promise good commitment. 

Parakeets can be taught to talk! 

You have no idea how colorful and fun your days can become once you train your parakeets to talk. You may have to clutch your stomach and may end up laughing your head out on some days! 

green parakeett

What to feed:

You must not bring up your parakeets on bird feed primarily. You will need to do little hard work in procuring fresh food and fruits and vegetables, chop them into bite-sized pieces, especially fresh greens and feed them. 

Their cages have to be airy and have a lot of space:

If you are buying a cage for them, desist buying it in brass or zinc as they can develop toxicity to them and die earlier than their time. The stainless steel cage is the best one for them. Go for the largest size that you can accommodate in your house. They love to fly and move about in their enclosures and the cage must have length and height allowance to afford them this luxury. Never house the parakeets in claustrophobic cages and one too many. They can become sick and/or die.

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The cage must have a perch at least, some toys, preferably with sound and mirrors, a little ladder, bells, wind chimes anything that will stimulate the bird’s brain and keeps it busy and occupied. The horizontal bar on the cages is a great fun idea because they love climbing.

What exactly should a parakeet’s feed consist of?

We have had a lot of questions like this and we have been carefully answering as also clarifying. Most people think that like most birds, parakeets need to be fed strictly on seeds alone.

Now, this is far from right. In fact, it is the other way round. A complete seed diet will endanger the parakeet that will most definitely end up with either vitamin deficiency or they will be very prone to bacterial infection from a high seed diet. 

A parakeet needs to be given

  • Pellets
  • Seeds of mixed varieties
  • Fresh fruits cut into bite sizes
  • Fresh vegetables including greens that are washed and chopped 
  • Cuttlebone 
  • Mineral blocks
  • Other sources of calcium as per your vet’s advice.

Vet visits are a must:

To make sure that your pet parakeets live long, regular vet’s visits are a sine quo non. There is no escaping because these birds are not hardy enough to survive without their care and your attention. Do not venture out to buy parakeets, for Jesus’s sake if you will not be able to carve our time often for a mandatory visit to the avian vet

Parakeets are naturally prone to developing tumors, body mites, all sorts of bacterial infections (you name it and they will be prone to it!) and a wide range of nutrition deficiencies. 

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Parakeets are a poor eater and that is one more reason why you must be able to provide them with the best quality of feed. Keeping abreast of what else there is to make sure that they are comfortable is a great step forward in making your pet more welcome and to share many more years in your home. 

A great owner, an airy and spacy cage, good quality food, care and nourishment, frequent interaction and regular vet care mean that they should easily meet their life expectancy. Sometimes, they will make you lucky by exceeding it. How special you must feel then!!

Now that you know everything about how to take care of them, please walk into the pet store en route and reward yourself with a lovely colorful pair that you have been eyeing for a day! Good luck!!