What is a Koi Betta? – Information

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Koi Betta fish are truly unique in a number of ways, and they are highly sought after as pets. If you want to add a splash of color to your aquarium, this is an excellent choice.

 Before you decide whether or not to get one of these fish, you need to learn about them as much as possible.

What is a Koi Betta Fish?

The Koi Betta is basically just a marbled betta that was selectively bred for a specific color pattern. This was achieved by carefully manipulating the animal’s DNA sequence. While these fish are marble bettas, not all marble bettas can be classified as koi.

Physical Traits

These fish have areas with bright orange or yellow, as well as areas with no pigment whatsoever. Some of them also have splotches of black and red. Fully matured adults can grow up to three inches long.


One of the great things about these fish is that they are very peaceful and don’t really have any behavioral issues, even when they are kept with other types of fish. This makes them easy to care for, even for those who don’t have much experience. You won’t have to worry about them bullying or nipping at other fish like traditional bettas.

Koi Betta Care Guide

1. Tank Setup

If you are going to keep just one of these fish, the minimum tank size is 4-5 gallons. Make sure that you have plenty of plants at the bottom that these fish can hide among if they feel so inclined. While they tend to spend most of their time in the top part of the tank, they do like to dip down lower sometimes.

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2. Water Conditions

You’ll want to keep the water in your koi betta’s tank within a range of 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These fish are very sensitive to changes in temperature. You will also need to invest in a good heater that will keep the water above room temperature at all times.

The water in this fish’s tank should also have a pH of 6.0 to 8.0, as it tends to thrive in water that is more on the acidic side. This will intimate their natural environment, which is crucial for keeping them healthy over the long term. If you are keeping these fish in a big tank, there should be one area where the water moves slowly.

3. Koi Betta Tank Mates

It is never a good idea to keep to male koi bettas in the same tank together, as they will likely begin fighting immediately. In fact, there is a good chance that only one of them will survive in the first day or two.

You can keep a male with females, which is actually the ideal arrangement. These fish tend to do very well when they are kept together, provided you don’t have more than one male in the same tank. You should never try putting these fish together with other species.

4. Koi Betta Food

You should ideally only give your koi betta live food like brine shrimp, glassworms, tubifex, and plankton. These fish can, however, eat flakes or pellets, as well as frozen foods. Fresh live food is best for them, as they will gobble it right up and get lots of nutritional value from it. The foods mentioned above all have lots of protein, which these fish need to stay healthy.

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Common Health Problems

There are quite a few different diseases and health issues that can affect bettas, and it is crucial that you are fully aware of them. Fin and tail rot is a common disease among these fish that causes the fish’s tail and fins to rot away. There are, however, certain antibiotic medications that can treat it effectively most of the time.

Columnaris is another condition that your fish might develop at some point. It is caused by bacteria and result in fraying of the fins, as well as ulcers on the skin and even lesions. You can usually avoid this problem by properly treating any open wounds that your fish has so that bacteria doesn’t form.

dropsy is a condition that many bettas develop, and it can be fairly serious. This is a bacterial infection that usually develops as a result of a dirty aquarium. You will, therefore, need to make a point of keeping the tank as clean as possible all of the time. The most common sign of this condition is a swollen abdomen.

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Koi Betta Breeding

If you want to breed koi betta fish, you will need to have a separate tank that has a minimum 10 gallon capacity. You’ll need to keep the water at a pH of 7.0 and a temperature of 80 degrees. Once the eggs have been laid and dropped into the bubble nest, it is important that you take the female out immediately. You’ll also need to take the male out after a couple of days, as it will eat its offspring if given the opportunity.

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Koi Betta Price

It can be relatively difficult to find koi betta fish for sale, and they tend to be fairly expensive. You can buy a female for around $15, whereas males tend to be a bit more expensive.


  • The koi betta fish is a direct result of selective breeding.
  • These fish have an orange-red coloration with areas yellow and even black. Parts of their body have no pigment whatsoever, giving them a very unique overall appearance.
  • They have a very peaceful nature, provided they are not kept with other betta males or different species.
  • If you are going to keep one of these fish, you will need a tank that is 4 gallons minimum.
  • A strict water temperature range of 78 to 80 degrees is necessary for keeping these fish healthy on a daily basis.
  • Most fish cannot be kept with koi bettas, though you might be able to keep snails.
  • A diet consisting mostly of live food like brine shrimp, plankton, and glass worms is ideal for these fish.
  • Breeding these bettas is fairly easy, but you have to closely monitor the temperature and pH of the water in the breeding tank each day.