It is important that you provide your guinea pig with lots of fun toys to play with. 

Since there are so many options to choose from, you’ll need to be aware of some. The right toys can keep your pig happy and healthy for years to come.

1. Balls

A simple plastic or rubber ball can be enough to keep your guinea pig occupied and happy for hours on end. These animals love to roll balls around their cage and even climb on top of them. There are balls you can get that are designed for the purpose of housing treats.

Putting a treat ball inside of your guinea pig’s cage will be sure to keep it stimulated. If you want to get a ball for your pig, it should be a little less than three inches across.

2. Tunnels

There are also a lot of different tunnels that are designed specifically for guinea pigs. These tunnels are made of all sorts of materials, including plastic and even grass. Your pig will definitely appreciate having a dark place to hide out. 

Depending on the material of the tunnel, they can also chew on it safely. This will help with keeping their teeth at a healthy length.

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3. Stairs

You should also consider putting a cute little set of stairs in your guinea pig’s cage. These animals love to walk up and down stairs, and this gives them a safe way to do so. You will have quite a few stair options to choose from, so it is important that you explore them before buying anything.

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4. Swings

A swing can provide your fluffy friend with hours of entertainment as well. They will love to go back and forth in their comfy little swing. Just make sure that the swing you get is durable and will hold up well over the years. This is a classic guinea pig toy that your pet will be sure to adore.

5. Activity Log

There are wood logs that you can buy for your guinea pig’s cage that can help keep them occupied. These logs will give your hamster something to chew on and hide in. These are cheap toys that your fluffy friend will be sure to get lots of enjoyment out of.

6. Barrel Rollers

A barrel roller will allow your guinea pig to roll around a toy while trying to get the treat inside. There are plenty of these toys that store treats, which will help keep your pet occupied for hours on end. They typically have wooden bars, which your pig can also chew on.

7. Hanging Toys

Consider getting your guinea pig a string with numerous chewable toys on it. You will be able to hang the string from the ceiling of the cage. A lot of these toys are made to look like various fruits, including grapes, orange slices, and more.

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8. Bells

Believe it or not, a simple bell hanging from the ceiling of your guinea pig’s cage can provide them with lots of entertainment. Just keep in mind that you might have to deal with a lot of annoying sounds. You should try to find a bell isn’t too noisy so it doesn’t drive you and your family crazy.

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9. Hammock

A hammock is another great toy that you should think about getting for your guinea pig. This will provide your pet with a cozy little spot to curl up in and roll around on. Don’t be surprised if you notice them taking the occasional nap in it. 

Just make sure that the hammock is made out of a durable material that is going to last a while. You also need to find one that you can securely fix from one wall of the cage to another so it is completely stable.

 10. Apple Sticks

The apple sticks that you can buy in pet stores as well as on the internet for guinea pigs are also worth considering. These sticks will give your pig a tasty toy to chew on, and they tend to last a long time. There are sticks that come in other flavors as well, so you’ll want to keep that in mind.

Make sure that any edible sticks you get for your guinea pig are safe for them. You don’t want to buy anything that wasn’t meant for these animals.

Tips for Buying Guinea Pig Toys

There are some basic tips that you’ll want to follow when buying toys for your pig, including:

  • Explore your options online to find the best toys and get discounts.
  • Only buy toys that made of durable materials so they last a while.
  • If your guinea pig doesn’t seem to enjoy a certain toy, you should remove it from its cage.
  • Pay attention to your pig’s behavior to find out which toys it might enjoy most.
  • Never force your guinea pig to play with any toys.
  • Buy colorful toys, as they tend to appeal to these animals.
  • Toys that look like food are always good.
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  • Guinea pigs tend to love balls, as they can roll them around and have fun for hours.
  • A tunnel will give your pig a fun little place to hide out once in a while.
  • You should also think about getting a staircase for your pig to go up and down on.
  • Swings can provide your pet with hours of entertainment.
  • An activity log gives your pig a place to hide and something yummy to chew on.
  • There are also barrel rollers, which gives your pig something to roll around and chew on.
  • A bell is another great choice for any guinea pig cage.
  • Get your pig a hammock so it has a nice relaxing place to rest.
  • Before you buy any toys for your guinea pig, explore your options online.
  • Focus on toys that are brightly colored, as they are more likely to appeal to your pet.
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