Having an adopted reptile can mean so much responsibility!

You need to make sure the enclosures are clean, the water is refilled clean every single day, the temperature and the humidity is all correct, and the food! Did we say food?

Running out of stock of your reptile’s favorite foods can be so stressing.

It’s almost equivalent to a mini heart attack. Your reptile loves it so much, and you have not even a handful to give it! How so depressing!!

Reptile pets like the beardie, other lizards, and the Iguana, crickets will constitute the main part of their nutrition. These pets are insectivores and can consume any insects. They derive their primary nutrition from them. Some other pets can be fed crickets as a healthy and optional snack. 

Vets around the world will recommend gut-loaded crickets for the pets:

Gut loading of cricket means that rearing of crickets on the high-quality feed so that they, in turn, become high nutrition feed for animals higher up in the food chain.

bearded dragon cricket 2

Yes, yes crickets can be bought online too:

If you always thought that the live feed for your aww so cute dragons and other reptiles could be bought only at your local store, brace yourself for the biggest revelation of your life. Crickets that are of very superior quality can be shipped directly at your doorstep! 

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Wow! And you thought you would have to go shoveling in your snow boots to buy your pet’s favorite snack?

Almost all the retailing websites have a tie-up with crickets growing and packaging farms, and you can check out the positive reviews that are all over the internet. 

Some of the customers that we interviewed before zeroing in on the best places to shop for them online have gone so far even to accept that the quality of live crickets is ten times better than the ones that they locally source from their pet stores. 

Crickets stay at least 8 to 10 days!

That is a lot of days, mainly because of the locally bought one’s maximum stay for 3 or 4 days. When you buy locally, you can always expect to buy smaller quantities, and by the time they are giving up on themselves, they are probably chomped up by your pets. 

But the online model will work better and also be economical if you order a minimum quantity of say 200 or 250 live crickets. Now even if your beardie chomps up to say 50 on a clear day, you will finish it in 6 days on the highest side. Buying online and finding none of them are dead can give you such a high!

Go for Amazon:

There is a reason why we say Amazon will work for you. The suppliers on the online retailing website are very well verified, and customer support is awesomely good.  Also, you always have the benefit of choosing anyone from a long list. You can be spoilt for choice on it. 

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The reviews of the places will give you a fair idea of what to expect in terms of quality, date of delivery, efficient packaging, et al. 

1. Josh’s frogs:

 This pet dealer’s website is a treat to the eye. If you are a pet person and you love reptiles, you are going to love this place. Log on to their website and read the fantastic reviews that the customers leave behind. They deliver across the country and at best rates. 

The website offers genuine offers and comes out with a clearance sale often. It is the best time to cash in to update your stock of live feed or other pet! 

The website has got accolades for being a company that does a regular follow-up with the customers, regularly tracking the live insect packages, and also attending calls from the customers and giving out satisfactory answers. 

The packaging is brilliant. They use a high-quality cardboard box that is well ventilated and has water for the insects too. Hundreds of packages leave the website every day and all without a single dead cricket inside! That is quite a feat.

The crickets from this place stay longer and most outlive store-bought by ten long days!!

2. The Critter Depot

This is yet another favorite site. The critter depot is known for delivering and yet again well-known for delivering its promises. For an impressive start, the shipping charges for the crickets are entirely on the supplier. We are not even joking!

And in case the package has a significant number of dead insects (crickets in this instance), the companies guarantee to reship the difference and once again for free!

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The crickets as also other feeder insects are correctly raised, in the best of temperature and humidity conditions with warm freshwater and are gut loaded with the best of nourishment. 

This is so important because only gut-loaded crickets will provide your pet reptiles with the right kind of nourishment, which will, in turn, let it play about and not lie around with lethargy. Who will like his pet to laze around aimlessly and while away its active time?

Why you should feed your lizards and other pet reptiles with live crickets:

1.    Feeding live insects such as live crickets, super worms and fly larvae, for instance, the black soldier fly larvae will help in giving your reptile great nourishment. Give it to them as a complete meal in itself or as a snack and watch your pet kick away boredom and/or lethargy

2.    Catching live insects provides your reptile with a satisfying predator-prey impulse, which is very important for animals that are bred in captivity. It increases their happiness and yours too. It improves their life span and gives you immense satisfaction in providing it with the best of foods that you can afford. 

So, the next time you are running low on live crickets, you do not have to go a mile, open the browser, and go click-click-click!!

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