If you were a reptile enthusiast like us and were making notes every time that you heard something about them, you could also make this list in a jiffy.

It makes it easier than the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles recognizes 21 different species of snakes in North America that are venomous. Fourteen out of the 21 are rattlesnakes!

Now, before you press the panic button or hysterically go into a frenzy, here are four reminders that will make you feel good:

  1. Venomous snakes are not always lethal
  2. Lethal and toxic snakes are never directly or indirectly a threat in big numbers:
  3. The US has the least incidence of death due to snake bite:
  4. Finally, the most significant push of hope is that anti-venom that is an excellent antidote to the poison from Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouth and Copperheads

The fact remains that as per records at the emergency and trauma care pan US, snake bites qualify for the least number of cases. The death resulting from snake bites is countable on your digits. 

10 Venomous North American Snakes

1. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

If you see an eight feet thick snake with a black, well defined and sharp diamond pattern with a yellow border, run because of chances that it is not just the biggest and the most venomous snake in America but also the world. The weight can be a whopping 35 pounds, and its one-inch huge fang can throw out 450 mg of poison. By the way, 150mg of poison is enough to kill a human. 

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The venom contains some peptides that quickly travel in the blood and lead to the cardiac arrest of the victim. The fatality rate is dangerously pegged at 30 percent. 

2. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

This one is not as massive as the Eastern rattlesnake, but you cannot underestimate because the fatalities from this one are on a close trail at 25 percent. The snake is brownish, and the diamond pattern has a cream outline to it. 

The venom of this quick-acting snake is less toxic, but it spews double the amount of it. 800 mg in one squirt! The venom causes almost immediate muscular deterioration and creates massive internal bleeding. The fatality rate is pegged at 20 percent. This snake at 7 feet and 15 pounds are dubbed the most aggressive of all rattlers.

3. Coral snakes

Coral snake

There are two variations, but because they are very similar to each other, they will be treated as one entry on this list. The eastern and the western coral snakes are known to have the most potent neuro-tonic venom, but fortunately for all of us, they are nocturnal reptiles, and they do not like to come out or hunt in the day. They are also very averse to attacking humans unless, of course, they disturb them or destroy their habitat. 

This explains why there is only one death in the last 40 years. There is no antidote for its venom, and the effect and contraindication of its bite can begin manifesting a little while later. Hospitalization is immediately recommended. 

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4. Copperhead Snake

Copperhead Snake

This snake is a stunner. Belonging to the pet viper family of snakes, which has a right presence on our list, it is a modestly sized snake that ranges from 36 to 48 inches maximum and weighs only less than a pound. The venom from a copperhead is rarely fatal, and only one in 10000 bites result in death. The poison can be painful, though. 

The anti-venin used is famed for contraindications, and that is why not recommended. The snake can camouflage with its surroundings, often making humans step on it unknowingly. The first strike is never with venom, but the ensuing one will cent percent be. 

5. Cottonmouth Snake

Cottonmouth Snake

This dangerous snake has potent venom, but the good news is that it hardly leads to the death of humans. The snake can be termed highly aggressive. The snake is semi-aquatic, and as long as it is in water, it will not strike you at all. If on land, and you touch it or bother it, or if it feels threatened, it will strike. However, anti-venin’s work well. 

6. Yellow-bellied sea snake

Yellow bellied sea snake

If there is an award or recognition for the most potent venom, the yellow-bellied snake will take it hands down. The only 0.67mg of its venom is enough to knock a human dead in less than 3 seconds. The good news is that it is an aquatic snake and rarely washes ashore as it adapts poorly. No fatalities ever recorded, thank god!

7. Timber rattlesnake

Timber rattlesnake

This is considered to be the third most dangerous snake. It can grow to a massive length of 6 feet and weigh a whopping 10 pounds. Its venom is hemorrhagic and considered very potent. Its large size, long fangs, and ability to deliver a large amount of poison in one single bite makes it understandably the most life-threatening snake in the north of America.

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8. Mojave rattlesnake

Mojave rattlesnake 2

This is not the biggest or the most omnipresent snake. But its venom is said to be one of the worst in the world. It strikes its prey with neurotoxic and hemorrhagic venom and disengages only to track back and devour it when it succumbs to the venom. It is very aggressive towards humans. The effect of the poison is fully evident after 24 hours, by which time it is too late. 

9. Tiger Rattlesnake

Tiger Rattlesnake

Vertical stripes that resemble the mammal can be gut-wrenching when face to face. It has a small face but no mean thing this! Its venom is very potent, but it squirts very little venom with its bite. 

10. Prairie Rattlesnake

Prairie Rattlesnake

The snake is last on the list for the reason that it is practically less dangerous compared to the other nine entries. However, its venom contains potent neurotransmitters that can affect the heart muscles in no time.

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