While the outside world poses many threats to a cat, it doesn’t stop a lot of these animals from wanting their freedom.

Keeping your cat indoors all the time could cause it to experience severe anxiety.

Does Your Cat Have the Urge to Roam?

A lot of cats are perfectly content to stay indoors all day and night, while others have a strong urge to roam free outside some of the time. While you might want to keep your pet safe, it might come with a price.

If you have noticed that your cat keeps trying to get outside, it’s probably because their primal instincts have kicked in. Your cat wants to spend some of its time outdoors, which is perfectly natural.

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Your Cat is a Natural Born Predator

It is true that there are numerous threats to cats outside, including hawks, snakes, and other creatures of the night. Your cat, however, has claws to defend itself from predators. Cats are actually pretty tough animals when you get right down to it.

The main reason that a lot of cats want to go outside is because they want to hunt for mice and other animals. This is a natural instinct that goes back thousands of years. This instinct is stronger in some cats than others though.

If your cat really has the urge to get outside, it is probably okay to let it to do sometimes. This is a lot different from putting a cat outdoors even though it clearly wants to stay inside.

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Letting your cat outside from time to time will allow it to run around freely and get plenty of exercise, which is important. Regular physical activity will reduce the chances of your cat becoming obese, which comes with its own set of health problems.

The more exercise your cat gets on a daily basis, the less likely it is to be restless and manifest annoying behaviors inside. You won’t have to deal with the cat yowling and scratching all the time.

Consult Your Veterinarian

It is a good idea to make an appointment with your veterinarian before you start letting your cat out to roam. Your vet will be able to give you a better sense of whether or not this is something that is going to be good for your pet.

You shouldn’t make a decision until you have gotten all of the relevant information from a veterinarian. They will likely ask you how your cat spends most of its time. This is just one thing that they will take into consideration before making an official recommendation.

Get Your Cat Microchipped

If you haven’t already gotten your cat microchipped, it is especially important if it is going to be outdoors part time. This way if your cat gets lost, it can be returned home safely after a quick scan.

You can take your cat to the vet to get a microchip embedded under their skin. This is a harmless procedure that is extremely common and virtually risk-free. It provides anyone who might find your lost kitty with an easy way of getting it back to you.

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Don’t Trim Your Cat’s Claws Too Short

It is very important that you allow your cat’s claws to grow at least somewhat long if you will be letting it spend some time outside. This will provide your pet with an effective way to defend itself against predators.

If your cat’s claws are too short, they might not be able to fight back against predators that they might encounter outdoors.

Let Your Cat Out During the Day

There is no question that nighttime is a lot more dangerous for a cat due to all of the nocturnal predators that are out hunting. By doing this your car will be able to roam around and hunt without being in as much danger.

Once your cat gets used to being outdoors during the day, you might want to try letting them out at night. This is obviously going to be something that you’ll have to decide as the animal’s owner, but you should really think about it.

By allowing your cat to go out during the daytime first, you will provide with a smooth transition period to its new dual lifestyle. Some cats actually enjoy being out in the daytime as opposed to at night, but this is usually not the case.

Walking Your Cat

If your cat wants to get outside but you don’t want it wandering around alone, there is an alternative. There are harness devices that you can purchase for cats. While it might take some training, it can be a nice happy medium.

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A lot of people actually take their cats for walks for this reason. It provides your kitty with daily exercise, which is important for their overall health. Some cats are more amenable to being walked than others, but you shouldn’t expect it to be easy at first.

The Backyard

If you have a house with a fenced in backyard, you might want to let your cat out in it at night. This will let your pet get its fill of the outdoors without the risk of it getting lost or running away. There is still the chance of a predator coming along, but it’s a bit safer than just letting it run out the front door.


  • You should only consider letting your cat outside if it clearly has the urge to roam.
  • See your veterinarian so you can find out what they recommend for your cat.
  • Letting your cat outside some of the time can provide it with exercise on a regular basis, which is good for its overall health.
  • If you do let your cat go outside, make sure that its claws are long enough to where it can defend itself from predators.
  • Consider having your cat microchipped before letting it wander outside.
  • See if your cat is willing to go for walks on a harness outside.
  • Let your can go wandering around the backyard at night to satisfy its wanderlust.
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