Cat Yowling: What Does It Mean?

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When your cat starts yowling, it is important that you know what it might mean. 

There are ways that you can tell what your cat is trying to tell you from the sounds it makes. This is a very common vocalization among cats, and some of the reasons behind it might surprise you.

Reasons Your Cat is Yowling

It is crucial that you get a better understanding of why your cat is making those yowling noises. It could be due to a serious issue that needs to be addressed right away.

1. They Are Trying to Get Your Attention

A cat’s cries for attention can manifest in a lot of different ways. They might start yowling or making other sounds. These animals are definitely known for craving their owner’s attention, and sometimes they can get rather impatient.

There is no question that cats can be extremely jealous creatures. It is important that you introduce any new cats or other pets into the household gradually. The last thing you want is to overwhelm your kitty with a big sudden change to their environment. This could also result in your cats fighting, which can lead to one or both of them getting injured.

2. Your Cat Wants to be Fed

It’s also possible that your cat is yowling and carrying on because it wants to be fed. If they are hungry, they might begin yowling and looking up at you with an intense stare. This could be an indication that you are late feeding them.

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All you have to do is just take a look at your cat’s food bowl to see if this is the case. If they already have lots to eat, there is probably some other reason for their yowling. Cats that have diabetes or hyperthyroidism might be hungry even after they have eaten through.

3. Boredom

Sometimes a bored cat will make a big fuss, yowling and making all sorts of other noises. This is essentially a cry for attention, and you shouldn’t simply ignore it. Be honest with yourself—you could probably spend a little more time playing with your cat each day.

The fact is that cats need to stay stimulated, both mentally and physically. These animals can get bored just like humans if they don’t get enough interaction with their owners. Boredom in cats can also manifest in worse ways, such as self-harming.

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4. They Are in Pain

If your cat is in pain due to a medical condition or injury they sustained, they might start yowling. This noise is often indicative of discomfort, and there are lots of potential causes. It could be anything from arthritis to a cut on one of their paws.

It is important that you look your cat over thoroughly for injuries if they keep yowling. Just because you don’t find any wounds on their body doesn’t mean they aren’t in pain. There are some types of pain that don’t show on the outside.

5. Behavioral Problems

Cats that were not socialized properly at an early age have a tendency to act out in all sorts of annoying ways. This can present in many ways, including yowling and loud meowing noises. If your cat has behavioral problems, it is crucial that you start training them right away.

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While it is always easier to train cats while they are still young, you can certainly do this with adult cats. You may need to consult with an animal behaviorist to get this problem under control, depending on how serious it is.

6. Cognitive Issues

While cognitive issues are far more common in older cats, they can become an issue for these animals at any age. An older cat that is slowly becoming increasingly senile might yowl and make other sounds at random times.

Unfortunately, there usually isn’t a whole lot that you can do about cognitive issues with your cat. There may be certain treatments that can help, but you will have to consult your vet. A problem with your cat’s brain is very serious and will most likely just continue to worsen over time.

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7. They Are Stressed

Lots of different things can cause a cat to become stressed. These animals can begin to feel very anxious when there is some sort of change to their daily routine. This could be anything from moving to a new house to a new baby. Any sudden disruption of your cat’s familiar routine can produce a stress reaction.

What to Do About Your Cat’s Yowling

You should never attempt to punish your cat for yowling, but rather try to figure out the root cause. This will make it a lot easier for you to put a stop to this behavior. If you think your cat is bored or stressed, try spending more time with it on a daily basis.

When to See the Veterinarian

While a cat’s yowling can be a part of their normal behavior, it might require a trip to the vet. If you think that your cat might be ill or in pain, you’ll want to get them looked at by the vet right away. The sooner you do this, the better off your kitty is going to be.

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  • There is a good chance that your cat is yowling to get your attention. This is something these animals do when they are jealous of another pet in the household.
  • If your cat is hungry and it is past their feeding time, they might start yowling and look up at your expectantly.
  • A bored cat tends to manifest all sorts of odd behaviors, including yowling.
  • If you think that your cat may be bored, you should try spending more time playing with them each day.
  • It’s also possible that your cat is yowling because it is in pain from an illness or injury is sustained.
  • Cats that have cognitive issues due to old age sometimes yowl randomly.
  • You should never try to punish your cats for yowling, as this will likely make things worse.
  • If your cat’s yowling persists despite your best efforts, you should take them to the vet to get checked out.
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