Every little girl’s dream is to have a horse all their own. They can frolic and play with it all day long, every day after school and on the weekends.

 Convincing your parents is much harder than it seems. You will have to show that you are responsible enough to maintain a horse all by yourself.

Requirements to Consider Before Asking

First, there are some important things you will need to have to even have a horse in your home. You must have a house with a large backyard. Horses require a lot of room to move and a lot of land for grass to grow so they can eat. If you live in an apartment or a simple suburban home, you will be out of luck. Although, if you plan to buy the hay and grass and walk your horse along the streets, then you won’t need as much space.

You must be within 20 mi of a horse certified veterinarian. When your horse gets sick, you should be able to contact a vet that can perform procedures on them and diagnose them.

The third requirement you must have is you must be able to pay for the horses’ food. Even if you have a large backyard with enough hay for your horse to eat, you will need to pay for salt licks, extra vegetables, extra fruits, water, and a water trough. You also need all of the tools that the horse needs, like hairbrushes, shampoo horseshoes, saddles, a stirrup, a reign, and so many other pieces of equipment. You may want to save up an extra year to pay for all these expenses.

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How to Butter Your Parents Before Asking

First, you will have to be on your best behavior all year. There cannot be any slip-ups, you can’t defy them, ignore what they say, or be rude. If you want your horse, you have to be a perfect little angel. You have to get good grades, do all of your chores, he’s helpless you can’t around the house, and be kind to all of your siblings if you have any.

If you have pets already, you should take care of them as thoroughly as possible. Feed them when I need to be fed, brush them, play with them, create a bed for them, and train them to sleep there. No parent will give their child a horse if they won’t even take care of a dog or cat.

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How to Convince Your Parents Getting a Horse Is a Good Idea

Now is the time to ask. You’ve been perfect all year, you have done all your chores and beyond without being asked, looked after all your siblings, and tamed your pets, and showed everyone how much you could do.

Before you ask them, you could prime your parents by suggesting an outing where you all can care for and ride horses for a few hours. They’ll be able to see the majestic horses in action and even interact with them on a personal level. Taking them to a first-hand experience with horses will aid you in your endeavor to acquire a horse. When you argue your case of why you should get a horse when you’re at home, they’ll have these memories to draw on and think about.

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When you are trying to convince them, here are some things not to do.

  • Do not get mad no matter how many times they say no.
  •  if you get mad, they will shut down the conversation
  • Instead of ignoring what they say, address then like this, “I understand your concern but” and then turn their concern into a positive thought.
  • Show them all the research you’ve done to prepare for your new horse.
  • Assure them that you are the one who will be taking care of the horse, not them
  • Suggest getting a new horse or a foal instead of a full-grown horse. People are always more comfortable with baby animals.

Alternative Strategies If They Say No

Let’s be real; there is a good chance that your parents will say no to getting you your own horse. If they do, so it is not a good idea to be mad at them and never speak to them. Even if you don’t get your own horse, they may be comfortable with a different arrangement. 

You could ask to volunteer at a shelter where they take care of horses. Shelters need volunteers to help them with the animals all the time. There’s always a shortage of volunteers. You could arrange for them to drop you off and pick you up at the shelter a few times a week.

If your love of horses is so great that you would do anything for them, you can ask your parents to help you switch schools so you can go to a store with equestrian program those in the equestrian program take care of and ride horses daily and have to dedicate their many hours to their school’s horses.

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What to Do If They Say Yes

Congratulations, you are truly the master of persuasion if you’re able to convince your parents to get you a horse. It would be best if you now prepared for your horse’s arrival. There are a number of things you have to do now. 

You must prepare a sheltered sleeping area for your horse so that they can retire in peace and safety every night. 

You must acquire all the hay and grasses they need in order to eat. The average 1000 pound horse eats 20 pounds of hay per day.

Wherever you are planning to feed them, set up a salt lick and a water trough, so they can easily reach all of their foods.

Buy a saddle that fits both the horse and you.

Register your new horse at the horse veterinarian so you can be ready and on file in case something goes wrong.


  • It is very tough to convince your parents to buy you a horse
  • First of all, you must be on your best behavior and take care of your animals as best as you can.
  • Take them horse riding so they can experience your love of horses.
  • Do not get mad if they say no.
  • Find alternative ways to frequently be in contact with horses, even if the horse is not your own private horse.
  • If they say yes, prepare your backyard for your new horse.
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