Budgies make a variety of sounds as a way of expressing their different moods and desires.

In fact, they are some of the most vocal birds in the entire world.

If you own budgies or want to get one, you’ll definitely want to learn about these sounds.

Different Sounds Budgies Can Make

1. Singing

A lot of people love the signing of budgie parakeets, as it is very melodious and pleasant overall. These songs are made up of a series of whistles, chirps and trills. This gives their songs a nice variety, so you’ll probably never get tired of listening to it. Singing is a sign that your budgie is at ease and comfortable. It might not sing for a little while after you take it home, as it is still adjusting to its new environment.

2. Chattering

It is fairly common for budgies to make chattering sounds, which are often a way of attracting the opposite sex for mating purposes. This can also be an indication that your bird is feeling very relaxed, which you should take as a compliment. These sounds aren’t too shrill, so they won’t grate on your nerves.

budgie scream

3. Chirping

There is a good chance that you will hear your budgie chirping from time to time. These sounds are your bird’s way of saying that there are no immediate threats. Parakeets and many other types of birds chirp to the rest of their flock to communicate this.

Some budgies also chirp as a way of getting food or water. There is also a good chance that your bird will sometimes do this just because it wants your attention. While it can be difficult to distinguish these chirping sounds at first, in time you will start to learn.

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If your budgie is feeling particularly stressed for some reason, their chirping will go from pleasant and fairly quiet to loud and shrill.

4. Scream

Sometimes budgie parakeets start screaming, which can be startling to say the least. Anyone who owns one of these parakeets knows just how alarming these sounds can be, especially if it wakes you up.

Screaming is a bird’s way of trying to call attention to itself because it is in distress. This could be because it is scared or even injured. It is one of the more useful vocalizations a bird is capable of, especially in the wild.

You will be able to minimize screaming with your bird by keeping its cage covered while it is sleeping. This will provide it with a sense of comfort, making these awful sounds far less likely to occur.

This is not the kind of sound you want to ignore, because it could mean that your bird is actually in danger. If you have a cat in the house, your bird might start screaming if it gets too close to its cage. It is important that you keep a close eye on your kitty while you are home. You cannot always count on your budgie to tell you when it is in danger, but it usually will.

Some budgies scream to express distress, while others emit more of a screeching sound. The important takeaway here is that this is a very negative vocalization. If your bird starts screaming a lot, you might not be paying enough attention to it. These birds need plenty of direct contact and interaction with their owners each day.

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5. Hissing

You might occasionally notice your bird emitting what sounds like a hissing noise, and no, it’s not because it is part snake. These hissing sounds typically indicate that your bird feels threatened or has become suddenly agitated. 

If it starts hissing while you are holding it, you should put it back in its cage right away. This is a pretty clear sign that your bird doesn’t want to be held and/or petted anymore. It is possible that your bird is actually doing this because you or your kids are being a bit too rough with it. This is why it is so important that you teach your kids how to properly handle the bird.

budgies talk on branch

6. Grinding

Budgies sometimes grind their beaks as they drift off to dreamland, which can produce a sound that is fairly loud. This can be problematic if it starts doing this while you are also trying to get to sleep. Beak grinding isn’t usually something that you need to be concerned with. In fact, it can help prevent beak overgrowth, so trimming is not necessary.

7. Clicking

Clicking sounds are also fairly common among budgie parakeets. This is a very strong indication that your bird is extremely happy and content. They might do this while perched on your shoulder or from their cage.

8. Tweeting

While budgies cannot use social media, they are still able to tweet. This is one long call that is typically used as a way of getting your attention. If you want to comfort your bird, you can call back to them with the same noise (or as close as you can manage). There is a chance that they will keep doing it for a while, especially if you reciprocate.

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  • If you hear your budgie parakeet start to sing, it most likely means that it is relaxed and feeling at ease.
  • Chattering sounds can also be an indication that your bird is feeling good, or trying to woo a member of the opposite sex for mating.
  • A chirping noise is your bird’s way of telling everyone in the household that there are no threats and everything is A-okay.
  • If your bird starts screaming, you will want to take notice. This means that your bird is seriously distressed over something.
  • Screaming can be an indication that a bird is in danger, but it can also be a cry for attention.
  • Hissing is usually something that birds do when they start to become irritated or agitated. If your bird hisses while you are holding it, calmly put it back in its cage right away.
  • Some budgies grind their beaks just before drifting off to sleep, which can be fairly loud and annoying.
  • Tweeting sounds are also typically a call for attention and not a reason for immediate concern.
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