No, Collies are not considered to be hypoallergenic dogs. The amount of fur that they have and the amount that they shed can be disastrous for a person who has allergies. 

Very few dogs that are of the collie breed are hypoallergenic because this type of dog has hair that easily gathers dirt and pollen.

Are Collies Hypoallergenic?

Collies are beautiful, majestic, and playful dogs that are delighted to have, if you can handle taking care of them and their fur. Unfortunately, even if you are a collie lover, there’s no way that this dog is hypoallergenic. This disappoints many people who love this breed of animal. They’re very playful and attentive dogs who enjoy a lot of attention.

These dogs have medium to very long hair. The fur easily attaches itself to any surface the dog runs around. This is especially true when you come home and see fur everywhere.

They have two different types of coats, a short coat, and a long coat. Because of this fortified thickness, anything that causes a person to have allergies could be stuck within this double layer of fur. 

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Do They Shed a Lot?

Yes, Collies are known for shedding their fur everywhere they go. Even most well maintenance and cared for collie leave fur on furniture, clothes, and people. Their hair is extremely long so it can easily break off.

If someone owns a collie, they now have a new second job in their life. It is brushing the collie’s fur and maintaining its cleanliness. It may not surprise you when we say the collies go through many brushes and combs. When you brush a collie, you have to pull out all the hair from the brush after each use.

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Why Are They Not Considered Hypoallergenic?

When a dog is considered to be hypoallergenic, it is because they do not shed a lot of fur. This is first and foremost one of the main reasons why someone who has allergies cannot have a dog. 

In fact, because of the thickness of their hair as well as the length it grows to, many breeds of collie dogs are not hypoallergenic. 

Their hair is extremely thin and can easily pick up pollen as well as dirt and dander. 

What if Their Owner Cut Their Hair?

Cutting the hair of a Collie won’t do much to help someone who has allergies. Someone who has allergies are extremely sensitive to the environment around them. This includes pollen, grass, dirt, different smells, and dander. A Collie’s fur is far too much of a magnet for all of these different triggers. Even if it was cut to half of its length, the hair is still extremely thin and easily picks up anything in the air.

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If you are thinking for shaving a collie’s hair, then we must warn you to never do this. A collie dog has two coats of fur, a short fur that is closer to their skin a long fur that is wavy and sticks out farther. It is because they have two coats that they should never be shaved. While their hair will grow back, the shortcut will be irreversibly damaged and will not grow back correctly. 

Fur that has been shaved could be especially bad for your collie is they live in a cold environment. The double coat that they have is to protect against cold weather and snow. If you shave your collie, then your dog will not be properly insulated and it could develop hypothermia if it is left outside for too long.

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What Alternative Dogs Are Hypoallergenic?

You may not be able to take care of a collie dog, but there are many other types of hypoallergenic dogs available too sensitive people. It is not only small toy dogs that are hypoallergenic. There re awesome medium and large sized dogs and some even have thick fur. 

Here are a few dogs that you may want to research if you are looking for a collie replacement. But there are dogs that can suit anyone’s need. They no longer have to be alone when they come back from work.

  • The Afghan Hound – faster than a speeding bullet, and with far more energy, the Afghan Hound is an amazing dog that can be your companion for years to come. These dogs are tall and extremely furry. They are fiercely independent but are great to cuddle with at night.
  • The Samoyed dog – these fluffy cotton ball dogs are made for freezing temperatures. Their amazing fur coats their entire body and grows especially full around their face. But their fur is not like most dog’s fur as it is clumped together and similar to wool. In case you’re wondering, it is not a good idea is to also save the shave their fur.
  • The Foton De Tulear – the dog is much smaller than a friend, but it is just as beautiful. It has very long hair that grows to several inches in length. These dogs are always full of energy and need to be in wide-open environments. It’s also a good idea if they stay at the house and go to a dog park.
  • A poodle – another dog with clumpy wool-like fur, the poodle is great for people who can’t live with animals and a closed environment. This is also a big dog if you like to go hiking or biking up mountains. If they are able to keep up with their owner pretty much all the time.
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  • Collie dogs are not hypoallergenic
  • They have far too much fur.
  • The fur of a Collie dog comes in two sections, the short thick hair and the long thin hair
  • The fur of a collie dog is very thin and can easily hold a lot of pollen, dust, and other substances that cause allergic reactions. 
  • There are several other tall and or long-haired dogs that are hypoallergenic.
  • You cannot shave a collie dog or their fur will never grow back correctly.
  • However, you are able to trim the outer hair of your dog. You can do this by getting scissors and other tools at a pet shop.
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