Great Danes are powerful and loyal dogs who are a pleasure to care for. However, they are not hypoallergenic, so people with severe allergies should avoid these dogs as pets.

 Great Danes are short-haired dogs, and they do not shed a lot of fur.

Are Great Danes Hypoallergenic? 

No, Great Danes are not dogs that are hypoallergenic. They produce too much dander, so having this dog near someone who has severe allergies will cause their allergy to trigger. These dogs don’t shed a lot of fur because they have very short hair, but dander still lives in their fur and skin.

It is because they produce more dander than other dogs that they are non-hypoallergenic. Pet dander is a substance found on the skin and fur of cats and dogs. When people have are allergic to cats are dogs, this is the substance that they are allergic to.

There is no way to reduce or lessen the amount of dander and animal produces. It is part of their skin and fur. Sometimes, rushing a dog’s fur regularly and bathing them does help reduce the amount of dander on the dog.

Characteristic of a Great Dane

Great Danes are one of the mighitest breeds of dogs. They are extremely muscular dogs that are filled with energy. The Great Dane is an excellent dog to take camping or hiking.

If any person has a Great Dane, they should expect this dog to draw a lot. Good things house very deep gels, and the sides of their face usually hang lower than their jaw. It is from this hanging skin where their drool falls to the floor.

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The average weight of the Great Dane is around a hundred pounds, but they can be bigger if they are fed more food, or they receive more exercise than normal. This breed of dog, on average, weigh around 120 lb for females. But the male Great Dane can rise to 200 lb.

It is odd, but the Great Dane, which is one of the biggest dogs, has a very short life span compared to medium and small dogs. The average lifespan of a Great Dane is only nine years. But a corgi or a poodle will live to around 15 or 16 years. A healthy diet and a life free from violence may allow a Great Dane to live longer than average.

great dane blue puppy

Advice for People with Mild Allergies

Because Great Danes are not hypoallergenic, they’re not good dog breed for people who have extreme allergies. But if a person once a Great Dane and they only suffer from mild or seasonal allergies, they may be able to adopt this dog.

Great Danes do not shed a lot of fur, and they are short-haired dogs, so this can help reduce any pet dander in the home. Brushing this dog frequently can help reduce the amount of fur that ends up on their furniture, but therefore does not shed very much in the first place.

Bathing Great Danes is a monumental task because these dogs are so large and strong. If your Great Dane does not like water, bathing them will be the most difficult part of your week. But bathing can reduce the amount of pet dander in their fur and on their skin.

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How to Bathe a Great Dane

If you receive your Great Dane as a puppy, get them used to water during their young age. The older a dog becomes, the more difficult it will be to get them used to bath time.

When it is time to bathe a Great Dane, it is best to do it outside so you will have extra room to move. Place the Great Dane on a leash and tie them to a sturdy bar or rail. If you can, fill up a few buckets of water with warm water or let the water stand in the Sun for an hour to warm up. Nobody, humans, or dogs, likes to be doused with cold water. Pour the water over Great Dane and make sure their entire body is soaked.

Take the dog shampoo and use your hand to leather it up and mix it into their fur. Do not let the shampoo touch their anus or their eyes or mouth. Don’t be afraid to use your nails to scratch them while you wash their fur. It could be soothing to them. Be sure to wash their tail and their feet.

Rinse the dogs thoroughly and completely. Do not let any shampoo stay on their skin. If it is a cold day, then they can be towel-dried. But if it is a hot summer day, let them frolic in your backyard and air dry.

great dane in a forest

Alternative Dogs that Are Hypoallergenic

Powerful, intelligent, and loyal, Great Danes are amazing dogs to have. People who suffer from severe allergies cannot have this breed of dog in their home, but there are many other large dogs that they can call their new furry friend.

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Here are a few great hypoallergenic alternative dogs:

  • The Giant Schnauzer is an energetic and strong dog that was bred to help farmers hurting cattle and sheep. Their height is around two feet tall, and they weigh about 70 lb.
  • The Mountain Cur is a short-haired dog that a lot of hunters use as an assistant. This dog is great to take hiking and camping because they’re very quiet and patient. Unlike the Great Dane, they live about 15 years. This breed of dog originated from the United States.
  • The Samoyed is a large dog that looks like a fluffball. What their double coat and thick insulation, this breed of dog was made for the ice and snow. They are extremely friendly and love playing around with other dogs.


  • The Great Dane is not a hypoallergenic dog
  • People who suffer from severe allergies should not have these dogs as a pet, but mild sufferers may be able to own them
  • They have extremely short for that does not shed very much
  • Making your great Dane take a bath is difficult and tiring
  • The Great Dane originates from Germany.
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