No, basset hounds are not hypoallergenic. They have very short hair, but it is not enough to put them on the list of hypoallergenic dogs. 

Their hair is very thick and rough, so this means that it does not shed easily. Not even brushing their hair can make their fur detach from their skin.

Are Basset Hounds Hypoallergenic?

Because of their size and the length of their fur, many people think that the Basset Hound is hypoallergenic. However, this is not true. The Basset Hound is not hypoallergenic. However, since they have such unbelievably short fur, a person who suffers from allergies may be able to have a basset hound as a pet.

All they must do is take proper care of their fur and brush them often. People who do have allergies can have a basset hound as their dog in many cases. Basset hounds are not known as dogs who shed a lot and leave hair all over the house.

Brushing the hair of a Basset Hounds may cause a few strands of fur to fall off, but don’t expect mountains of hair off the brush whenever you brush this type of dog. 

The basset hound should also be bathed so that dirt and dander do not stay on their body. Basset hounds are great companions because they are very good at tracking, extremely friendly and reliable, and do not take up much space. However, they do weigh quite a lot for such a small dog.

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Do Basset Hounds Shed a Lot?

No, unless a Basset Hound is sick or is not getting enough vitamins, the owner of a Basset Hound should not see piles of fur around their blankets oral over furniture. On the plus side, their fur is very short and thick, so it rarely falls off their body. It is not even likely to fall off even if you roughly pet them or try to grab onto it. Thick short hair that insulates the body is typical for breeds that used to be working dogs.

Why are Basset Hounds Not Considered Hypoallergenic?

There are two reasons why basset hounds are not considered hypoallergenic. The first reason has nothing to do with the dogs. It is people who misunderstand the word hypoallergenic and what it means. When animals are hypoallergenic, they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction or allergies in a person.

It does not mean that the animal will never cause an allergic reaction. Some people have such severe cases of allergies come out that they could not have any type of animal in their home, even hypoallergenic ones.

The second reason basset hounds are not considered good for people who have allergies is that their fur can become quite dirty even though it is very short.

How Do I Care for a Basset Hounds Fur?

The fur of a Basset Hound does not require a lot of maintenance. The level of brushing that you perform on a basset hound should correspond to your allergies’ severity. If you are sitting and your eyes water the second your dog jumps up on the couch, then your Hound must be brushed. But if you can lay four hours near your dog without the tickle in your nose, then their hair does not have to be maintained.

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You should brush them at least once a day to remove any excess hair if there is any at all. Bathe them at least once a week to remove dirt and keep them clean and healthy. When you bathe them, spend extra time cleaning their stomachs and legs, as these parts of their body are usually the dirtiest.

basset hound in a grass

What Do Basset Hounds Look Like?

Stocky, heavy, and bread to have extremely floppy ears, the Basset Hound looks like an old man with a wrinkly face. The sides of their mouth, or their gels, drop lower than there chin, and they have great big ears that can extend far below their face.

They usually have brown and white coloring, as their body is white, and their tail and head are brown. They have extremely stubby legs, and sometimes their belly flops onto the floor.

List of Hypoallergenic Dogs

If a person with allergies cannot stand to be around a basset hound for more than a minute, that means that the Hound affects their allergies. But, if they still want a dog, then there are many dogs that they can choose from. The dogs in this list are all hypoallergenic and tend not to activate the allergies of their owners. However, there is no real way to know if a dog will or will not exacerbate your allergies. You will have to spend time with them in person and see.

Three types of dogs are hypoallergenic. They are the short hair dogs, the long-haired dogs, and the nearly hairless dogs. There are all so many types of cats that are hypoallergenic as well.

  • Scottish Terriers – these tiny black dogs are full of life and love. Their fur doesn’t shed too much, and they tend to be clean dogs.
  • The Brussels Griffon – if you like dogs that look like they just got into a fight, the Brussels Griffon can be your tiny rough-housing companion. This dog is Belgium and is known for having they’re lower jaws and fangs stick out slightly.
  • The Samoyed dog – Majestic, fluffy, and able to survive in cold temperatures, list dog was built for the forest and the woods. They are great to have if you are a person who hikes and bikes a lot.
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  • Basset hounds are not hypoallergenic
  • Because of their short fur, some people may be able to keep them anyway even if they are allergic
  • The fur of the Basset Hound does not shed easily.
  • Many people misunderstand the word hypoallergenic
  • Despite how short their fur is, basset hounds can become quite dirty.
  • It is necessary to bathe a basset hound once a week
  • Their hair can be brushed every day if needed
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