Are Poodles Hypoallergenic? Do They Shed a Lot?

Are Poodles hypoallergenic Do they shed a lot

No, to be on the safer side, we should regard the poodle as a non-hypoallergenic breed.

 Many people believe that they are safe for people with allergies, but it depends on the person and how they’re allergies are triggered by poodles. But they do in the shed in small amounts.

Are Poodles Hypoallergenic?

The poodle is one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds around the world. They are especially popular among women because of their poofy hair. However, they are not a good dog breed to have if you are someone who has allergies. The poodle is a non-hypoallergenic breed, and poodles in every size should not be thought of as safe for people with allergies.

Characteristic of a Poodle

Although the specific dog breeds required to create the poodle are lost to time, they originated from the areas around the borders between France and Germany. Poodles have been around the European continent for a long time, and they were beloved pets of royalty. Their hair used to be far longer and almost human-like.

Poodles are extremely intelligent, and they love to be around other dogs and human beings. But when they first meet either human or another dog, they tend to stay away from them until they can properly evaluate them and feel safe. They are easily trainable, and they can perform many different tricks and tasks. 

On average, poodles can live to be 14 years old if they do not experience kidney failure. Over ¼ of all poodles die from problems with their kidneys. A miniature poodle can grow to about 10in in height. But a medium size poodle can grow up to 16 to 18in in height.

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Health Problems

Poodles are quite cute, but unfortunately, they suffer from many different types of diseases. Since they are larger dogs, they suffer from hip dysplasia and arthritis. But poodles are prone to developing cancer, gastric issues, tracheal collapse, and they can also develop severe infections in the ear canal.

Do They Shed a Lot?

Whether they are a miniature poodle, a toy poodle, or a medium-sized poodle, the poodle family breed all share the same shedding treats. They do not shed very much, even though they are incredibly fluffy dogs. Their fur tends to curl, which keeps it from being damaged like other types of fur.

Dog owners who have poodles don’t have to clean their furniture and bedding because the fur does not shed off readily.

Why Aren’t They Hypoallergenic

Who does are not hypoallergenic because they produce too much pet dander. For those who do not know what dander is, it is a compound created by an animal’s skin or their fur. All animals produce some level of pet dander, and there is no way to increase or decrease the amount of dander they create. It completely depends on the type of animal they are and the type of breed.

So when an animal is labeled as not hypoallergenic, it means that they produce much less than der than other animals. It does not mean that they don’t produce any dander at all. No animal is completely 100% hypoallergenic.

Many people believe that poodles are non-hypoallergenic, but this is only partly true. Poodle dogs are a different breed, and some people with bad allergies may react negatively to them, while people with the same level allergies may not be triggered at all. It really depends on the person and how they react to the poodle.

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Advice for People With Mild Allergies

Although the poodle breed is categorized as a non-hypoallergenic dog, it completely depends on the person and their allergies. Everything above, some people react positively to the poodle on their fur, and some people react negatively and cannot be in the same room with them.

This is why there are many websites that have conflicting information about if a poodle is hypoallergenic or not. If you are considering getting a poodle as a pet, you must first spend time with them to see if you can handle their dander. They do not shed much, so there first should not be an issue if you have mild allergies.

If you can have a poodle as a pet, be sure to brush them every day. They will need a different brush because their fur is curly and poofy. Brushing them also catches any loose or weak strands of fur that might fall out. 

Because these dogs are prone to getting infections in their ears, do not allow excess water to fall into the air when they’re taking a bath. You may want to put earplugs in their ears to keep their ears dry.

Alternative Dogs that Are Hypoallergenic

If you are someone who cannot handle the dander and fur of a poodle, there are many other different large dogs that are hypoallergenic. They won’t produce much dander so your allergies will not be triggered 

Here are a few hypoallergenic dogs:

● The Tibetan Terrier – these hairy furballs are hypoallergenic, which is good because they’re so darn cute. They come from the mountains of Tibet, and they have a thick double coat that does not shed

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● The Labradoodle – a perfect breed between a Labrador and a poodle, they are unique an extremely friendly. Although the labradoodle is very hairy, they don’t shed much, but they do like to be brushed often. The Labradoodle is an excellent dog if you have young children.

● The West Highland white terrier – sometimes big things come in small sizes, and that’s definitely what is terrier dog is. They have tons of energy, and they’re extremely curious. If you’re someone who is mildly active, you can take this dog running and to the nearby dog park.


● It is difficult to say if a poodle is hypoallergenic, so it is best to assume that they are not.

● The fur of the poodle causes extremely different reactions in different people.

● Poodles are prone to ear infections and cancer

● Despite their curly fur, they do not shed very much

● When giving poodles a bath, do not let waterfall in their ear

● A fourth of all poodles die from issues with your kidneys

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