Aussiedoodle is a designer breed of mixing poodle and Australian Shepherd.

Sometimes they are called Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodle. There are certain things that only Ausiedoodle owners will understand.

These dogs have a unique personality that is unlike any other breed. 

10 Facts Only Aussiedoodle People Understand

1. Separation Anxiety is Very Real

Aussiedoodles are definitely known for needing to be around their family at all times. This means that separation anxiety can be a problem. It is also what makes this particular breed so loyal and devoted.

Anyone who owns one of these dogs is used to a very warm greeting whenever they come home. These dogs tend to stay close to their owners, lying at their feet and following them around at all times.

Aussiedoodle running

2. Jumping for Joy

Another defining characteristic of this breed is jumping—a lot. These dogs are always bouncing around with happiness and energy. It is this playful demeanor that makes them such a popular breed.

It is not uncommon for these dogs to jump over low fences. This is why it is so important to keep a watchful eye on them. They have a fearless demeanor that can get them into trouble at times. While it is definitely endearing, it can also be a real pain to deal with.

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3. Sharing is Caring

This breed has earned a reputation for sharing, especially when it comes to toys. They are always bringing their owners toys in an effort to start a game of fetch or tug of war. 

Ausiedoodles can, however, be apprehensive about giving up something once they get a hold of it. You might have to struggle to get their favorite toy away from them, but it is worth the effort for some fun playtime with your pet.

Aussiedoodle in snow

4. A Rude Awakening

Most Aussiedoodle owners have woken up to find their beloved pet resting peacefully on their face at least once. They just have a thing for waking up their owners in the strangest and most irritating ways, but you can’t help but love them.

These dogs love to sleep close to their owners whenever possible. If you are planning to get one, you can expect them to crawl into bed with you on a regular basis.

5. You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Aussiedoodles are happiest when they are given something to do. This is precisely why this breed is so easy to train, even when they are older. These dogs love doing tricks and being given commands.

In fact, this is one of the most un-stubborn breeds you will ever come across. They need to stay occupied to be truly happy. This is due to the fact that these dogs were originally bred to watch over and herd livestock.

6. Grooming is a Full-Time Job

Any Aussiedoodle owner will tell you that grooming their pet is necessary and frequent. These dogs tend to have shaggy coats that need a lot of brushing. If you don’t stay on top of this each day, you are just asking for trouble.

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While some Aussiedoodles have short coats that don’t require a ton of grooming, this is not typically the case. Anyone who is even thinking about taking in one of these dogs should be prepared to do some serious brushing.

7. Swimming is a Favorite Activity

You’ll never have to convince these dogs to dive head first into water. They are natural swimmers and love to splash around for hours when given the opportunity. 

It’s not uncommon for these dogs to position themselves in the path of a hose or sprinkler. This can make for some hilarious stories, which just adds to the fun of annoying one of these dogs.

8. They are Natural Caretakers

An Aussiedoodle can just tell when you aren’t feeling very well, and they’ll stay by your side until you feel better. They have very good instincts when it comes to picking up on a negative shift in a person’s overall state.

These dogs are commonly used for therapy purposes for those who are sick or on the mend. They give off a natural aura of positivity that can be highly beneficial to many people.

9. They Drip Everywhere

Dripping is a perfectly normal part of being an Aussiedoodle. It is practically impossible for them to drink from their bowl without soaking the floor afterward.

Those who own these dogs spend quite a bit of time cleaning up water on the floor due to this messy habit. This is mostly due to the long hair around their mouths, which soaks up water and promptly disperses it all over the floor.

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10. Shedding is not a Small Issue

Shedding is a big problem with most Aussiedoodles, as they usually have fairly long coats. This is why proper grooming on a regular basis is so important.

If you are going to own one of these dogs, you better have a good vacuum along with one of those pet hair rollers. Their hair gets everywhere, but you can minimize this issue with plenty of baths and brushing.


  • Ausiedoodles tend to have problems with separation anxiety because of their constant need for attention.
  • Jumping and bouncing is a common occurrence with this breed. It can be charming and irritating at the same time.
  • These dogs love to share their toys and anything else they get a hold of with the people they love.
  • It is fairly common for these dogs to climb into bed and wake up their owners in the most annoying way possible.
  • You can easily teach an Aussiedoodle tricks, even when it is no longer a puppy.
  • Grooming is very important with this breed due to their long coats.
  • You will have no issues with getting these dogs to go swimming, as they usually can’t get enough of it.
  • When you are sick or not feeling well, you can trust these dogs to stay by your side.
  • Ausiedoodles drip everywhere they walk after taking a drink.
  • Shedding can be an overwhelming problem unless you are good about grooming them on a daily basis.
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