How to Overcome Your Fear of Riding Horses

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We all have fears and some of us are afraid of riding horses. Let’s find out where is it coming from and how to overcome it.

Where Does Your Fear Come From?

You have to know where your anxiety comes from to establish the reasons you have a fear of horses. 

1. You Were Once Attacked

If you have a real fear of horses because a horse once attacked you or you were once riding a horse, and it bucked up into the air and threw you off of its back, then you are not afraid of horses. You are scared of their anger. The fear of a horse’s anger is genuine because horses are their beings, and they do not like it when their will is challenged, or another will is forced upon them. If a horse attacked you, the horse might have been known to be aggressive or dominating. There are quite a few horses that owners are never quite able to tame.

2. They Are Unknown to You

You can be afraid of horses because you have never had any contact with them before. So, when you are finally in their presence, they seem like wild animals. This kind of fear is the easiest to fix. You need to spend as much time as you can with different types of horses. If you are able, you should spend as much time in the day with a horse. Don’t just try to ride them, but also feed them, brush them, play with them, and get to know your horse on an individual level. 

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3. You Can’t Control Them

One primary reason some people don’t like riding horses is that they are not entirely in control of what the horse does. And this is true. The horse is its being, and you cannot control it. A loss of control makes people very uncomfortable, and so they start to fear the horse and think of them as dangerous.

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Horses

The main step to overcoming your fear of horses is to spend time with him. If a horse personally accosted you, then don’t spend time with that horse. Find a gentler horse with whom you can connect.

1. Start Small

Many people even start their exposure training with smaller horses. You can spend time with the miniature horse, or a horse that is a foal. These animals are not as strong or broad as regular-sized horses, so you may not be as frightened of them.

2. You Can’t Control Everything

If your primary problem with horses is that you cannot control them and what they do, you will have to take steps to let that fair go. Riding a horse doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to dominate over them. When you are riding, you and your horse are now partners, and you two will feed off each other.

3. Private Classes

If you decide to face your fear of horses because you want to ride them again, we recommend taking a private class on how to ride horses. But you will only take the beginner class. You should take a class even if you are someone who already knows how to ride a horse. Before attending the first class, you can contact the instructor and explain your situation. Tell them that you are experienced in riding horses already, however, you went through a situation with a horse, and now you are afraid to ride again. Horses instructors are exceptionally patient people because their entire career is all about taking care of horses, who are notoriously nervous and anxious. With time and training, they can help you become comfortable with horses again.

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The First Few Times You Ride Again

When you finally do decide to get back on the horse, whether it is through your own decision or the decision of your trainer, there are a few things you should prepare for.

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The Fear Isn’t Gone

First, the very first time that you are planning to ride a horse again, you should be prepared to still be afraid. Fear does not go away magically when the time comes to face it. It is entirely reasonable for you to expect to not get on the horse at all. It doesn’t mean that you are weak-willed. It means that this fear you have might be just a bit stronger.

Every Step Counts

Instead of planning on riding the horse, you could plan to just sit on top of the horse. You don’t have to go anywhere. Just spend at least 10 minutes sitting on top of the horse in the saddle. This may seem like you’re completing your goal, but every step counts when facing your fear.

A Gentle Nature

The second part you must watch out for when you were getting back to riding horses is you must have a docile and gentle horse as your first ride. Horses that have a gentle nature are not prone to aggression and do not readily absorb their rider’s nervousness.

Become Best Friends

Before you even decide to ride a horse, it would be a good idea to spend time with the horse that you are planning to write again. You can walk beside it and walking among the grounds. You can also feed your horse hay and fruits. By taking your time and becoming friends with a specific horse, it will increase the exposure you get to a single horse, and you can learn the horse’s personality. Your horse will get to know you better too. It will see that you are an affectionate human who cares about it. Horses are brilliant creatures, and they know when a human doesn’t care about them. It could be in the human actions, or the humans in patients, or how little they spend time with them. But horses know what affection is and is not.

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  •  There are several reasons people fear horses
  • They could have had a negative experience, they could be completely unfamiliar to them, or they don’t like to give up control
  • You must learn that horses are beings to become friends with, not animals to be dominated
  • You can take private classes and be under the supervision of a tutor with a trained horse
  • Don’t just ride a horse, spend time with them, and learn to love them.
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