Pac Man Frog Care guide & prices

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Commonly and fondly called the horned frog, scientifically, the Ceratophyrs Ornata is a fantastic pet.

It is very forgiving, easy to care for, and they are readily available pets. The Pac Man Frogs are named after a popular video game, possibly because they are interesting too. There are specific exciting facts about them and their activities. They do not like being cuddled and should never be handled.

 Then, how do we grow them? What do they eat? How are they priced, and why are they so special?

 Before purchasing any pet and growing them in captivity, we will have to know about every aspect that relates to the pet. It will ensure sound health and a longer life span. Without any further delay, let us get started with everything you need to know about Pac Man Frog. 

Pac Man Frog’s Habitat

The Pac Mac Frogs like living in a glass terrarium or an aquarium for increased comfort levels. It protects them from intense heat entering the system and ensures the living environment is cool always. They grow up to 6 inches long and the same in width as well. So, a 10-gallon aquarium will be suitable for their entire life span. Non-conventional enclosures and wooden boxes are generally not preferred due to visual destruction. Glass tanks with a dry portion and a micro pond is their favorite spot for survival. 

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The substrate has to be damp. Humus rich topsoil or a plantation soil will be ideal. It is not moist enough; you can always go ask your oven to help you. Put one batch of soil; bake it within the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about half an hour, and the substrate is ready for your little one..!! Keep changing the batch of soil for every 14 days. Moisture is the key concept here. Use dechlorinated water or naturally hygienic bottled water.

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Sand is not the right choice here! The Pac Man frogs uniquely grab food with their tongue is folded over within the mouth. When they see prey, they lower their bottom jaw letting the tongue flip outside and reach the prey. If they seize prey coated with sand, it is undoubtedly going to infect their gut by all means.

Pac Man Frog Feeding Patterns

The Pac Mac frogs are crazy about food. They are carnivores and eat anything they grab. However, they ensure it fits into their mouths, as well. The standard food items fed to them are earthworms, silkworms, crickets, hornworms, super worms, roaches, and wax worms. They also feed on mice and nightcrawlers. In the wild, the Pac Man frogs are found to eat other amphibians, small birds, and even reptiles. Hence, don’t you think captivity should provide a varied meal?

It is essential to schedule a meal plan for them. Feed “pinky” mice only to adult Pac Man frogs once every two to three weeks. Ensure you feed only mice; else, your pet is just going to become obese..!! Also, as they start liking it, they are going to compel you to get rodents only and avoid eating invertebrates. They are high in individualism that the Pac Man frogs go even on a hunger strike for many weeks. Feed them with forceps or serve it in a plate; else, you are going to get hurt as they give a painful bite.

Baby Pacman Frogs need to be fed daily. They can eat almost 3 – 5 crickets or any other equivalent insect. Adults can be fed in the same way, however 2 – 3 times a week. Provide calcium supplements once a week to boost their health. Pre killed food is considered best, especially for juveniles. Live prey can be very dangerous. If the prey bites back, it is going to make a permanent mark on your pet frog. It can create trauma, and the Pac Man frog can neglect to eat that prey item forever.

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Pac Man Frog’s Health Issues

Healthy Pac Man Frog can always stay active with clear eyes and healthy skin. They eat regularly cooperating the feeding patterns and remain healthy as well. When they are unwell, they seem sluggish with skin lesions and swollen abdomen. There will be a considerable loss of appetite, distressed breathing, and feeble leg movements.

They can get affected due to chemical intoxication when they are exposed to pesticides or detergents. When they consume a lot of hard-shelled insects, they get affected due to intestinal obstruction. Skin problems come as a result of bacterial or fungal infections. 

Pac Man Frog Price

Pac Man Frogs are available in pet stores and even online too. They are available in varied price ranges from $14 to $80. On average, baby cost around $24, mid-aged around $59, and adults around $79. You can opt to buy males or females. You can conveniently purchase it online. 

Choose the gender and age, add it to your cart, pay online, and get your favorite Pac Man Frog at your doorstep. They are known in different names, so be cautious while purchasing. Some of the common names are Ornate Horned Frog, Argentine horned frog, South American horned frog, and Ornate Pacman frog. Before purchasing, ensure you pack yourself with adequate knowledge about amphibians.  

We have discussed varied parameters related to the cute Pac Man Frogs. They require a moist living environment, “pinky” mice, and a variety of insects to feed on. They are not disturbing, dangerous, or harmful but are adorable and loving pets. It is excellent fun to watch them every day. 

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You develop a strong bonding that helps you stay calm and happy as they are for a lifetime. Every food item that you need to feed is always available at ordinary pet stores or even online. Get started, purchase one unusual pet like this for yourself, and stay engaged with happy memories forever!